How to increase potency in men natural ways

Many times, many men of different ages, they complain of a loss of power. Patients with these problems mainly with shame to consult with your doctor, therefore, engage in self-medication, using a variety of drugs that increase the potency, right now, for example, "Viagra" results in an erection already after half an hour after eating). However, it is worth to know about how to improve potency in men natural ways. Higher power naturally implies not only actions aimed at the recovery of sexual function, but and well-being of the whole organism, the state, which directly affects the sexual function of a man.


The factors that cause erectile dysfunction

Violation of work of the organs of the reproductive system appear among men, regardless of age. Today, many young people are faced with a nuisance, and are looking for a way, that increases the power. The reason for this may be hidden in the following:

  • mechanical damage to the genital area;
  • long stay in situations of stress, the prolongation of depression, emotional experiences;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • pathological processes of the organs of the urinary system;
  • bad habits;
  • the poor diet;
  • disturbances in the hormonal level;
  • get enough sleep;
  • the excess work.

The pace of modern life has a negative effect on erectile function. But it's not worth going into a panic – the modern medicine offers a variety of ways to improve erection – drugs to improve the potency, innovative medical procedures and revenue folk. Each of the forms of help, to a certain extent. Therefore, to apply them in conjunction with one another. To resolve the problem it takes a lot of time and effort.

Recommendations to improve erection

The essence of natural methods that can help improve reproductive function in men, consists in the strengthening of the general state of the organism. After all, this depends on erectile function.

Violation of the power can be general or limited. Irrespective of erection problems are observed in the short or long time period, a man worth consulting a doctor as soon as possible.

To increase the power, you can use the following suggestions:

  1. Of the utmost importance to the coordinated work of the whole organism has a balanced diet. Products should contain phosphorus, zinc, vitamins c, E, selenium. Every day, the body must come the daily of these substances. This is possible if the diet of the men, are products that increase the potency, garlic, beans, pea, carrot, chocolate product, eggs, honey, nuts of any kind. These products contain a high level of essential micronutrients, required for the power. A balanced diet helps to normalize the hormones of the men, which is also important to increase the power.
  2. Regularly exercises that activate the blood circulation in the organs of the urinary system and trains lobkovo-kopchikovyye muscles. After a week of daily exercises, the result will be visible.
  3. Bring back to normal your weight, because excess pounds pose a direct threat to the power. This is due to the fact that excess weight reduces the amount of testosterone and increases the level of female hormones (estrogens). This situation not only adds substantially to the power, but also negatively affects the general state of health of the man. The excess weight causes diabetes and problems with the cardiovascular system, which also negatively affects the power and the general state of the organism. To know if you have the obese man, you should measure your waist, if it is above 94 cm, so this indicates a problem.
  4. Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco smoking, and the ingestion of drugs. These bad habits cause a dysfunction of the genital system male. The rejection of these habits significantly increases the power.
  5. Lead an active lifestyle, to practice sports. The men, whose activity is related with styles of professions, more likely to dysfunction of power. The representatives of such professions you can correct this situation through Kegel exercises, which strengthen lobkovo-kopchikovyye muscle tissues. This particular gym is very convenient for those who do not have the time to practice sports, because they can perform in the workplace.
  6. Delete the psychological load, stress, emotional disturbances. Especially have a negative impact on the erection of the rides due to an unfortunate sexual experience, the uncertainty in trust. If alone, cannot get rid of the complex of a sexual nature, it is best to consult a professional (psychologist).
  7. To create the best conditions for sleep. He has to go in the dark and in silence. Daily sleep duration should be at least 8 hours. Complete sleep and rest improves the power.
  8. Lead regular sexual life. Any prolonged period of abstinence from sex affects negatively the power of a man. The sex influences the general state of health of man and prevents the appearance of impotence. Sexual relations at least once per week significantly reduces the occurrence of prostate cancer.
  9. To take measures of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to regular to the biomaterial for the realization of the respective examinations. If you develop symptoms of pathological process, you should consult a qualified technician.

Top 5 ways how to increase potency in men natural ways

Experts in the field of medicine highlight some simple ways of how to increase the power. They are the following:

  1. In the daily diet should be present vegetables and red meat.
  2. Regularly, taking a hot bath with the addition of мумие.
  3. Take a bath of contrast to the genitals.
  4. Every day, eat nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cedar nuts and т. д.).
  5. Each day drink a glass of tomato juice and a little red wine.

Popular methods of increasing their power

In folk medicine, is rich in recipes, how to quickly increase the power. However, it is important to remember that they can't be abused.

An effective way to improve power is the daily consumption of three cloves of garlic raw.

Pumpkin seeds also has a positive effect on the male reproductive system. They are used in any way.

Help the method to improve male potency are appliques of honey and the use of the product itself, in its pure form. The honey can be mixed with the same amount of chopped walnuts and the juice of medicinal plants of aloe vera and take one tablespoon per day. The pre-mixture to insist in a period of one month. To strengthen erections can be swallowed is a tool of the milk. After a week of regular reception of a mixture of men, there would be increased erection.

Gorchichniki, feet, men, significantly improve the erection. This may explain the fact that the mustard activates the circulation of blood in the vessels, ranging from the feet to the organs of the urinary system. And also Gorchichnik can be applied to the belly and hold it for 10 minutes (if you want to burn, then Gorchichnik you can retire sooner). Since this method is quite aggressive, so it can't be used many times.

Greater output power can reach even an extra way for the application of juice of stinging nettle. For its preparation is the shredded dried leaves of plants, pour boiling water, add a tablespoon of honey and leave for some time. Take the broth for about an hour before sexual intercourse.

Effectively stimulate the power possible with the ice in a gauze заворачивается ice, then scrolling the screen. The ice pack is applied for 2 minutes to several areas immediately to the head, then, to the heart, and then to the region scrotum.

Be able to increase the potency in men, it can be with the help of carrot feast. A quarter cup of such party prior to food intake contributes to the healing process. In addition to the carrot festival the same action has the juice of cabbage. Daily-use of rid the man of erection problems.

Exercises to improve erectile function

Avoid erection problems can help special exercises, which improves the tone pubic muscle and, consequently, to the power. An active lifestyle and practice sports are very useful to improve the physical strength, but the gain of power only occurs when used regularly, you perform special exercises.

Exercises that elevate the power:

  • "The big step". The man occupies the original position – to become erect and lower the hands along the body. The exercise consists in the execution of the steps of the high-raised knees, however, your need to maximize the lift, holding the belly.
  • "Keep a stone". Similar to the original position, but with knees slightly bent. The man needs to tighten the buttocks and, simultaneously, bending the knees. This time the man should feel between your buttocks firmly stuck to the stone. After that, you should go back to the starting position and relax.
  • "The bridge". Initial position – lying on back, knees bent, feet touch the ground, hands are along the body. The exercise consists of lifting and lowering of the pelvis.
  • "Muscles power". This is the best exercise to gain erection. The original position is the same as in the previous exercise, but legs slightly apart. The man should alternately stretch and relax lobkovo-kopchikovyye the muscle. During the correct execution of this exercise, the impression is of impaired urination.
  • "Rotation". Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. The man needs to rotate the pelvis during 10 minutes each side.
  • "The bicycle". Initial position – lying on his back. The exercise consists in carrying out rotary movements feet, simulating a ride on his bike.
  • "Kegel Exercises". The training of the pelvic floor muscles for better admission of blood to the penis. The exercise consists in the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the retention of tense in a state so intensely, as it happens. Can be performed standing, sitting or lying down.

Daily execution of these simple exercises help to improve potency in men.


Preventive measures to increase the power

Not to think of how to improve the potency in men is necessary, first of all, eliminate the factors that cause deterioration of erection. For this reason, experts recommend that you comply with the following guidelines:

  • keep track of your emotional state;
  • discuss with the second half of all the exciting moments on the sexual life. This will solve all the problems of sex, which has improves the effect on the power;
  • regularly comply with the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • do not abuse the use of medications that increase the erection.

By following these recommendations, the power will not decrease, but only up.

Modern medicine offers a myriad of ways of how to recover the power – repairing medications, injections, вакуумно-constructive correction and т. д. However, the gain of power should be integrated – application of tablets for increasing power combined with the application of the people methods. Do not forget about your diet – you should eat foods that increase the potency. It is, essentially, to speed up the process of recovery of men's health and self-confidence.