How to increase the size of your penis?

Most men, about 75% of the offer ordinary the standard size of the penis, so that is about 12 to 18 inches in the state erection. However, research has shown that, in spite of these, many of the still not satisfied with the size of your sexual organ and want to grow it. To the doctors many times, they have to intimidate their patients, from the thought of augmentation surgery.

Why is this so?

how to enlarge your penis

The reasons, therefore, it may be too much, and every man with his compelling opportunity to consult with your doctor or start taking drugs. It is, of course, major organs in the body — is certainly a source of pride. On the beach, in the a sauna or steam bath, where there is an opportunity to share in the whole of the in glory, everyone in the world wants to catch the looks of surprise from the women and envy of men. Did someone honestly believes that the increase in your penis, you you you you you need in in the first place, so in addition to self-confidence. Led to believe that it is the size of a large associated with power, aggression and male sexuality. It is for this reason that, in apparently, long and thick penis inspires a man a sense of confidence and trust in the on the other, and, perhaps, even superior to the other.

The techniques of penis enlargement

The reasons, in fact, it can be a lot, but all of them finally, they touch on a simple question: "how is it possible to enlarge a penis?". To answer this question, however, is problematic, because, at present, there is a very technical, each in their own way, effective, and can lead to the results are different. Among the most popular of which, of course, is the surgical in the operation, as well as the receipt of multiple medications, according to the the manufacturers can increase the size of your penis without the intervention of a physician.

The operation

Everyone knows that surgery is not always the with the security of, and is associated with a number of problems, which are then operations of all time. This is especially true if you operate, and you have a body is important. No one is questioning that today medicine can offer you patients the most modern, expert, and the most recent one on the computer, but the risk will always remain. The doctor tries to in the first place he is convinced that a patient's need for surgery to increase on the grounds that it is the fact that the size is not the most important thing. In fact, many of the women also talked about the therefore, surgical intervention is advisable. However, if you you have decided, then you need to be prepared for the long-term the period of recovery, which rushes in is not a good thing, but you are going to say the expert. In general, there is a view that the surgical procedure can be this is only useful if the patient has any of the physical the deformity of the penis, which needs to be corrected. With the increase of the penis is a serious and responsible, so you should take care to think about several of the time. Although the effect is generally obtained is quite good, but at that price...


the increase in the member

Currently, the pharmaceutical market is simply to crowded drugs that promise to the man to rise from the body, quickly and easily operations. All of these tools will work for some of a scheme to influence the impact on the erectile tissues of the penis that is stretched out, filled with blood, which in some way contributes to an increase in the visible. However, there is a view that this is, above all, it has an impact on the probability of the a subconscious level, so that after a long period of time of the receipt or not medications a man begins to think of the sexual organ, became a true more. The increase in size, there is, of course, but it is not too large, as is the case with after the surgery, but all in all it is a lot easier and safer.

The one you choose is up to you. Here you will never remember that the impact on any one part of the body including the sex a member is not always safe, so before you do anything else, you should seek the advice of an expert.