Vacuum pump water, how to use

Vacuum water pump for the penis is not only an intimate toy that allows You to make a penis larger and thicker. It is also a subject that can help improve the quality of your intimate life, to help align the penis, when you bend, get rid of premature ejaculation... but a vacuum pump to be able to use correctly, and only in this case You get a good result, that will stay with You forever!

How to correctly use the water pumps of vacuum to the penis.

vacuum increase member

The first thing that You should know before using any type of pump, the penis should be relaxed, not excited state and, preferably, heated. To do this, You can take a hot shower (bath) for several minutes, or heat the penis independently with the help of massage movements. But keep in mind that the process of warm-up of the penis should not turn into a masturbation. To warm up the penis apply on the member to lubricant and massage movements from the base up to the head RUB lubricant, lightly pulling the stick in different directions, when you get to the head.

We, sometimes, ask me if it's worth to warm up the penis warming ointment, for example, such as we use when the pain in the back. Not worth the effort. It is enough to warm up the penis under the warm water.

After the penis warm you can use the pump.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement can be of various sizes and options of the discharge of the vacuum. In our online store, a wide range of vacuum pumps and air before each buyer, the question is: what kind of pump should I choose?

Of course, as in any product on the market, the price depends on the quality. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Some pumps can be equipped with optional equipment, for example vibro system, additional o-rings, retaining rings erection and t. d. but not menie the principle of operation of all the air pumps to the penis. Therefore, select the pump, You will enjoy the joy and not it is important as a fundamental factor in the choice that you use. Even if You just like the color bomb is already an important factor, that You wake up to stimulate the use of it.

Vacuum water pump for the penis is enough for a fascinating toy. In the first place fascinating is, that the result of it is visible immediately. In bottles, many pompe there is a scale division, and at each new procedure, You will notice that the penis becomes more. Also, after the procedure, You visually will see the difference "Before" and "After". It is clear that this effect can not not please the eye, and, certainly, many men of each session they want to achieve even better results. But remember that a procedure should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes. If You want to win more, the best result, so make the most of a session over a couple of hours, but again, not more than 15 to 20 minutes.

How to not get hurt vacuum penis pump

Many men think mistakenly that the more pressure they create inside of the pump, the greater and faster the result, they will receive. But this is false!

Vacuum water pump for the penis is not a magic wand, and the process of increase of cells in which it is necessary to spend time. Therefore, make sure, during use, to create this pressure within the pump of protons, under which the penis wakes up to be in tension, but without the starting point of the pain effect. The pain, in this case, it is a sign that You're overdoing it and need to drop a little pressure.

Through some time, You will feel that the pressure within the pump slightly reduced. This is normal. Simply increase a bit the pressure and do several times for the procedure, support is the pressure at which the penis is in ontJantOhm state, but without pain. Literally the following procedure, and in each round the procedure, You will notice that the size of the penis becomes more, and You can also create a strong pressure within the pump.

instruments for the enlargement of the penis

At the end of the procedure, do massage movements massage of the penis for several minutes. Best to do this, use grease or special oil (ointment, cream, gel, lubricant,... for penis enlargement).