The methods of penis enlargement at home

Increase membership in the house – simple and affordable option for all men. Thanks to the practices it is possible to not only make the sexual organ longer and thicker, but and to resolve or avoid problems in the functioning of the reproductive system.

the increase in a member of the house of

The benefits of the home to increase

To comply strictly with all the rules of procedures, so no harm to the body the home methods do not bring

The increase in the male member in the house is held men is quite common, as well as access to the doctors that are resolved only drive. Such methods have their positive side. These include:

  1. The cost-benefit relationship. Home remedies do not require a large expenditure of money contrary medical methods. This causes the increase of the penis that is accessible to all men.
  2. The simplicity. Do not need any special skills to extension of the member. Enough to familiarize yourself with the rules of execution of a particular procedure, looking at the video tutorials, and strictly follow them.
  3. Without the need of creating conditions for the increase. Many techniques can be done at any time and in any place. A special preparation is needed.
  4. Security. To comply strictly with all the rules of procedures, so no harm to the body of the home methods will not.
Attention! The methods of penis enlargement has a less. The effects are observed over time. It is necessary to have patience, to achieve the desired result.

Despite the fact that the methods refer to penis enlargement, it is worth pre-consult a specialist.

The methods that best refrain

There are several methods to increase the member of pets at home, it is better to fold. (Otherwise, there is a high risk of developing complications.

Attention! Many methods are based on assumptions of men and do not have any confirmation of its effectiveness. Only a doctor can pick up a real tactic of penis enlargement.


The main negative to the action of drugs is a violation of the hormonal balance

The majority of tablets to help in lengthening the male sex organ, have in its composition of hormones and biologically active substances. These tools generally have a large number of contraindications and side effects.

The use of hormonal medication can help to increase the size of the member, exclusively in adolescence. In the period of puberty the body are still growing and developing. After the completion of growth, such pills do not can.

The main negative to the action of drugs is a violation of the hormonal balance. This, in turn, leads to a plethora of side effects. Refers to it:

  1. Failure in erectile function.
  2. Violation of workplace sexual glands.
  3. Reducing the working efficiency.
  4. The deterioration in emotional state.
  5. The occurrence of pathologies with somatic.

Also hormonal tools that can adversely affect the functioning of the liver and kidneys, as well as create a greater burden on these organs.

Suspension of loads

the increase in a member of the house revenue

The other method, which may not be used to increase the size of penis, it is the suspension of cargo to the penis. The technique was used in ancient times african tribes. The boys still in the infancy of suspended loads in the body of the penis.

With time, the weight of the load increase. This method allows you to pull the penis in a few centimeters. But as a result of such procedures member becomes thinner, and interrupted the erectile function. Therefore, the suspension practice is not worth.

Effective techniques of increasing the size of the sexual organ

Increase membership in the house – simple and affordable option for all men

There are several methods that are able to increase the dignity of the male in both length and width. They also favorably affect the work of the sex organs, increases erection, increase the power.


Massage – a method to increase the penis size. The procedure not only helps to lengthen the body, but also to achieve the following effects:

  1. To normalize the circulation of blood in the reproductive system.
  2. Strengthen erections.
  3. The problem of early ejaculation.
  4. Increase the body's resistance to intimacy.
  5. To increase the power.
  6. Control the erection.

The massage is performed through different techniques. Which one to choose, deciding the man himself. It is advisable to consult a doctor. Increase the male sexual organ it is possible to 5 cm long and 3 cm thick.

Attention! Only regular and continuous, the completion of the massage helps to achieve maximum effect. We recommend massaging the member of each day. Positive changes occur after only one month of execution of the massage.


The technique of Nyc is a device of massage of the penis. Due to the method of carrying out the procedure called "milking". The technique produces a pleasing effect, increasing the size of the penis, and normalizing power.

Before you run the technique of body heat. To do this, use different methods. You can simply applying something hot, but not burning. Then, the penis, lead in a semi-erigere state.

Is performed Jelqing one of two ways:

  1. Treat body lubrication, holding his body with two fingers, creating a ring. Move the hands from the base to the head, a bit that pulls the penis. When the fingers should not contact with the head. Starting the year with 40 repetitions, gradually increasing the amount, but more than 200.
  2. Uncto liquid do not use. Member to bend across the palm, shrink in 10 seconds and move away to the front and side. Compress very much in need of, but not had any painful sensations.

Comments about the technique of Nyc positive. The men say that it is possible to increase the size of the penis in a few inches, but the run massaging should be examined regularly for a long time.


Through the exercises it is possible to extend the dignity and make it thicker

Fitness for penis enlargement at home helps to normalize the flow of blood to the penis, to intensify the growth of the tissues of the body. Through the exercises it is possible not only lengthen the dignity, but also make it thicker.

Are effective the following exercises:

  • Tighten the bracelet to the head with your hand and pulling the stick upwards, to the right and to the left. Each time it is necessary to lock the position for 10 seconds.
  • Tighten bracelet penis with the palm slowly raise the hand up. Reaching the maximum amplitude, to stay longer in a few seconds, after which it is also slow to omit a member.
  • Tighten the bracelet body and set in motion in different directions.
Attention! The exercise should not bring pain. If you feel pain, the lesson should cease immediately.

The reception of broths and infusions

Folk methods of penis enlargement represent the reception of tools in the form of infusions and broths of herbs. They are used by men very rarely. Animals drugs work thanks to the presence of tannin in the composition of the plants. Increase the size of the manhood only grass are not able to, but the means to their base, create favorable conditions for the growth and normalize the power.

The men use the infusion of thyme. For this, 100 g of plant beer, a glass of water to the boil, leave to cool. Received medicine drink for two sessions, morning and evening before eating.

Good effect on sexual function recipe based on garlic. 200 g of plants were crushed, add 200 ml alcohol, mix well, and give to infuse for 10 days. Accept means 2 times a day, 25 drops.

The application of sodium bicarbonate

Before you use the popular tool to increase the penis takes a hot shower for the steam and cleaning the skin

Folk methods do not end only the acquisition of broths and infusions based on medicinal plants. To the increase of the penis in house, the men can apply the normal food the baking soda. The product is available in every home, therefore, this method is available to all.

Before you use the popular tool to increase the penis takes a hot shower for the steam and cleaning the skin. After washing the skin clean with a dry cloth. Grease member on the entire length of the oil, and sprinkle with soda in small amount. For a few minutes body massaged with the aid of a sponge and wash the baking soda with water.

After this procedure, the male dignity should increase a few millimeters. But the effect of the soda temporary, the penis returns to its original state after a few hours.

The penis enlargement at home is possible, but without prior medical consultation and resort to methods undesirable.