How to enlarge penis

All the magic of the drug, which shows the propaganda, at best, will make you poorer, worse, damaging to your health. The only way to increase the member to do the operation, but it is unlikely that it is worth the sacrifice.

What is the normal size

The normal size of a penis in erection — 10-18 cm, as the majority. The average length — 13,12 cm. Dispersion is large, and is not given to the thickness and shape. Pathologically, small bodies (less than 7.5 cm when erect) are extremely rare. So that, very probably, the man dreams of, to add inches, are worried about nothing.

how to enlarge penis

From 92 people, who complained a little member, and returned to the university of Cairo, the owner is a really short body, was not a. That is, 92 is perfectly normal, the guy decided that they are small sexual organs, when it was not so. The men who really small existing members, only their number is not so great as it seems own men.

How to enlarge penis with the help of operations

The size of the penis does not influence the urination and erection. So, usually, any operation of increase of a member, is only beauty and not recommend anything, in addition to the plastic surgery clinic. Initially, such interventions have been developed for men, that presents difficulty urinating due to injury or birth defects.

You operations of serious complications:

  1. The infection.
  2. The formation of scars.
  3. Impotence.
  4. The loss of sensitivity.

So resorting to it in extreme cases: when you do not want more, and when there are health problems. There are several techniques that change the dimensions of the member.


This intervention, which cross-linking between the penis and the bone. The sexual organ is not close to the bone, the erection seems long, because it does not prevent a lot.

About the operation, we should not feed illusions. A member will not be more nor twice, nor in a year and a half. No surgeon, if he is diligent, will not say exactly how much it will increase the penis. It all depends on the anatomical characteristics of each patient, but a growth of more than 3 cm or the luck, or the myth. Therefore, the result of such an intervention satisfied with only 35% of the patients.

Even with good operation may appear undesirable side effects. Due to severing of the ligament to change the elevation angle of the penis when erect, and part of the pubic skin, along with hair, robe — turn on the skin of the base of the member. It is better not to submit, is not what it seems.

The operation of thickening member

To make the cock thicker, using multiple implants of silicone or from its own tissues of the patient. Is a controversial procedure, that also many contraindications.

With the help of accidents to the penis are also thicker. The patient has to take the adipose tissue and the part of a member. As a result the body swells and becomes wider. But not for long: the method lot of nasty consequences. The most common type — the adipose tissue starts to change unevenly under the skin. Eventually, in some places, groups are formed, while other failures. Fix the shape and appearance can be only through surgical intervention.

How to enlarge penis without surgery

surgery of increase of a member

There is no "domestic" methods, which would help to make the sexual organ more and more thick. All that it promises the infinite growth, is a marketing ploy or even a direct mistake. Here's what exactly does not work:

  1. The tablets. Pills for penis enlargement — this the dietary supplements from a mixture of vitamins, herbs, extracts and rare ingredients of hormones. None of these tools do not change the size of a member. In addition, they are not registered as medicines, and, therefore, their production and no one controls. Therefore, it is not known what, in fact, in the tablet (well, if nothing else).
  2. Creams, lotions. Composition have the same that the supplementation of just a form of presentation different. Due to a local irritation or swelling can appear a temporary effect of the increase, but it is unpleasant and dangerous: similar cosmetics also do not check.
  3. The hellish mixture. Advertising attracting to questionable sites and offers compose something of balm "Asterisk", and sodium bicarbonate or other no less bizarre ingredients. In any proportions nor offered to mix parts, we do not recommend to apply the result to the penis, as a matter of fact, never more.
  4. Pumps. Mechanical impact on the penis is called the tide of blood and a little swelling, therefore, for some time, the member seem more. But this passes quickly, and if you use pumps, many times, can damage the tissue of the penis, so that it deforms or have erection problems.
  5. Exercise. The technique of "Jelking" — is a self-massage from the base of the member in the head with a latency of ejaculation. As other DIY methods of enlargement exercises that there is no evidence of work, and there are complications: the pain and the strain.

There are still non-surgical method of applying an extender, modest efficiency, which has confirmed a little bit of research. A few months apply an extender can increase the penis by 1-3 cm. But these studies are very small and are not conclusive to the efficiency of the technique. In addition, independent of the increase is not recommended: this can damage the blood vessels, the narrowing of the urethra, priapism.

What to do if the member seems to be little

No matter how much repeat, that the size is not everything, men continue to worry.

The most interesting is that in surveys of women in 85% of cases like dimensions partner. Men of the same length and the circumference of the member satisfied with only 55% of the cases.

When you do not go out not to think about the dimensions, try to do at least what is available to you.

Real possibility to increase your penis — to reduce what is around him. It is true, this only pertains to men with excessive weight. Sometimes it is enough to lose weight into the surrounding tissue stopped hiding the sexual organs. Continuous press on the average of a member it looks better from the abdomen over a large.

small dick

An easier way to put in order the vegetation, if it is very violent. For example, with the adjuster.

And remember: what they show in porn — the result of casting and shooting features. Of that suffer by often imaginary problem, pay attention to physical health, the power and technique of sex.