How to enlarge penis with the help of baking soda

In today's world many men became painfully worry, due to the small size of your penis. Someone begins to think that his penis is not large enough after the viewing of pornographic movies, someone by chance saw the sexual organ of a neighbor in a public bathroom, and someone about it, only said the companion.

It should be understood that a standard, non-unified, as well as there is no scale that can be assigned dick to small, medium or large sets. Definitely known, that horny penis whose length is less than 8 cm is the deviation from the norm. Length of 12 to 16 inches is considered to be medium, and if the member has the length, complex, caused in the same place and all questions about "how increase the penis" you should not worry about.

how to increase the penis soda

In justice, it is worth noting that the pleasure delivered to a woman the size of a member, has the latest value, it is much more important to be able to use their tools. One way or another, seek to increase the member of all-time was too much, and today there are a dozen ways to do this, as at home, and with the help of doctors receptions.

Ways of penis enlargement

To enlarge penis is possible with the help of special additives, a-weighted, vacuum pumps air. Not less popular massages, special surgery, special ointments, and gels. Not all the ways, but increasingly popular in the recent times, it becomes the use for these purposes the normal sodium bicarbonate.

The soda is good because it is easy to access, has no contraindications, revenue of applications do not require special preparations or some sort of specific techniques.

There are several ways to increase penis with the help of baking soda in the house. One of the ways to give a momentary effect, which is more suitable for the realization of a sexual act. Another option requires a long period of use, but the effect of giving more stable and of long duration.

In the first place, it is worth saying that, in general, soda has a positive impact on the human body and helps to strengthen the immune system. It is already known for a long time, that the well-being and self-confidence positively affect the degree of excitation and the duration of the sexual act.

Therefore, apply to soda in terms of well-being, simultaneously, helps to improve power.

However, the coolant not only able to amplify the power, but also increase the dimension of dignity.

In the short term the increase of the penis soda

The first method involves the short-term effects, which is perfect before the meeting. The comments on the internet you can be assured that through this method I speak of a few hours can increase from 2 to 3 cm, in addition, the erection will become much stronger. Then, the man will be able to hit your loved one not only in size, but the elasticity of the penis.

a can of soda for penis enlargement

The essence of the method is very simple. A teaspoon of soda need to dissolve in a glass of water, and once you miss it, a member for 10 to 15 minutes. The procedure should go an hour before sexual intercourse, to the reservoir could act. This recipe does not require constant use and can be applicable only when required. There's no information on that, therefore, the sodium bicarbonate applied hundreds of years ago, and the recipe to enhance the penis with the help of soda came to us through the ages.

In the long term, the rise of the penis soda

This method promises a more lasting effect, that is, it allows you to increase the sexual organ of a meeting with a girl, and on a continuous basis. But you must understand that to get results of high is possible only after a long procedure. In this case, the sodium is used as a scrub and need to rub the penis.

Of course, this must be done on clean skin, it is best to immediately after taking a shower or bath, when the skin is steamed and better assimilates the substances. Before you start the procedure, the penis should get wet, although some practices say that the best thing is to lubricate the massage oil. This will make the process more enjoyable and safe. After that, the sodium bicarbonate should be slow movements to rub the penis.

Someone said that the best thing is to do with their hands, others recommend the use of a soft sponge so as not to hurt the delicate skin on the penis. Massaging need to produce about five minutes and wait two or three minutes, after which the sodium bicarbonate can be washed. To perform the procedure is necessary, several times per week over two to three months. Only after that you can count on for any effect.

Safety precautions

To use or not to use sodium bicarbonate to increase the member must decide each man personally. Someone says that the technique really helps, someone says no. The doctors do not recommend the use of soda, as well as during procedures that it can enter the mucosa and cause a burning sensation.

Some men write comments, that, sometimes, after smearing can occur redness and discomfort. This may explain the sensitivity of the individual to the soda, as well as excessive rubbing, because when prolonged, physical contact with the delicate skin of the member can be damaged, and considering the refrigerant can cause redness, and the armbar sensations.

Before you use soda, you should check your sensitivity to it. This will help you see if it is possible to use it or refrain from a particular method. It must be said that in pharmacies sold special spray on the base of soda, which stud member and thus rubbed the penis. It is important that you do not need experience with the dosage of soda in the water, and in addition, the concentration of soda is not so high to cause some kind of negative reaction.

The increase I speak is the dream of many men and many women would not refuse to see from your partner's bigger penis size standard. However, as was said above, not always the size matters and if in bed, the man experiences discomfort, then it is worth pre-search for other stimuli, and to revise its approach to sex, and if this does not work, then be accepted by a penis enlargement with the help of sodium.

the increase in member

The best option would be an appeal to the doctors, but if, for some reason, a shy man, so soda will be one of the most effective and safe methods of penis enlargement at home, in addition, its cost is not so high that, even in the absence of results need to be concerned with spending in vain money.