Vitamins for men, and to improve your power

The male is more healthy can lead to sexual life during the entire life. The ability to perform the sexual act is called power. This word is translated from Latin as "opportunity". In a broader sense, the criteria of power are the voltages of the penis, duration of sexual intercourse and normal libido. The reduction of power painful for me to see hair male conceit and reflects on his relationship with the opposite sex.

The reasons for the decrease in male libido

In the sexual performance of men of great influence to your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and the environment. And if one of those points, "failure", which may appear disturbances in sex, loss of erection, impotence. To solve the problem of reduced power output possible with the help of vitamins for men. But there are vitamins to improve power, and how to select them correctly?

The reasons for the decrease in male libido

The weakening of libido can be temporary or permanent. Lead to the loss of male power can factors:

  • Poor diet, with a predominance of fats and carbohydrates,
  • Bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs,
  • Bad environment,
  • Heredity,
  • The long abstinence,
  • The stress,
  • Мнительность,
  • A sedentary lifestyle,
  • Disease.

<and>Temporary reduction in sexual activity occurs due to fatigue or stress, and here come to the fore the psychological factors.</and> Constant problems with the power - the problem is more serious and requires diagnosis and treatment. The decrease in sexual activity can appear as young men and adult men. But most of the times they experience men with more than 60 years.

Vitamins to enhance your power

<and>Are what we eat.</and> you've Thought some time about this expression? Our body is a complex structure, and if she leave at least one item, so, that suffer with this entire system. The lack of vitamins and trace elements reflected in the health of the internal organs, appearance and good mood. The sexual health of men and their ability to conceive a healthy child also depends on how and what it feeds on.


Which vitamins are necessary to improve male potency?

  • <and>Vitamin c</and> helps strengthen the immune system and has beneficial effect on vessels: it makes them more elastic and resistant, reducing the permeability of the vascular wall. A sufficient amount Of vitamin c in the body, it is important for the filling of blood from the tissues of the penis. Ascorbic acid performs барьерную the resource, preventing the penetration into the body of pathogenic bacteria and infections.
  • <and>Vitamin D</and> responsible for the production of the male hormone, testosterone, responsible for the attraction of men and power. The lack of vitamin D, which is known to occur in the winter months, it can worsen the erection.
  • <and>Vitamin And</and> improves the reproductive function of the male, increases power and improves immunity.
  • Of particular importance to men represent vitamins <and>group</e>, especially<and> B6, and B12</and>. They are responsible for the good functioning of the nervous system, involved in the manufacturing of the male organ and improves erection.
  • <and>Vitamin And</and> responsible for the regeneration of cells, and also for a good circulation of blood in the penis body. It reduces capillary permeability and improves the condition of the blood vessels.

For the proper functioning of all systems and the proper absorption of vitamins that the body needs minerals. The most necessary to men - the zinc and the selenium. Zinc is indispensable component in the production of testosterone. When the deficit may occur decreased sexual desire and the degradation of erection. The lack of selenium has a negative impact on the quality of sperm and can cause male infertility.

When should I take supplementation of vitamins and minerals?

<and>Poor and monotonous diet leads to beriberi, and decreased male libido.</and> Therefore, to replenish your stock help complex vitamins, adapted to male physiology. Indications for its acquisition occur when the men appear difficulties with the achievement of a normal erection, when occurs the premature ejaculation or decreased libido sexual.

<and>Vitamins need men, women, and children in the period of autumn-winter.</and> take them, and you can prevention purposes. Some vitamin complexes developed especially for men that want to conceive a healthy child. The planning pregnancy, women must resemble the responsibility of not only the woman but the man. After all, from its physical condition on 50% depends on the health still not born a man.

After 40 years of metabolic processes in the body of men, slowing down, therefore, in this period, it is important to meet the need of the organism in vitamins and minerals. It is scientifically proven that men, leading an active lifestyle and conscious energy, the number of chronic diseases and problems with the power significantly less than their colleagues, the start up case is left to chance.

Who are contraindicated vitamins?

<and>vitamin complex: incorrect use can damage the health not the least of which medicines.</and> Therefore, before you buy, and the ingestion of any medicine check the manual of instructions. With care should take vitamins people prone to allergies. The vitamin E in abundance dangerous when cardiosclerosis and other diseases of the heart.

Drug action that is based on the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, it is not recommended to take when the cardiovascular diseases and increase of HELL. Some vitamins can harm men with diseases of the liver, kidneys and stomach. Taking vitamins, do not forget to dosage of the medication. Good has to be in the right measure.