How to enlarge penis without surgery

How to enlarge penis without surgery? This is a question that do men on the internet on specialized sites or even being a doctor.

the penis enlargement without surgery

It is possible to, about which we will talk later, examined the main methods and techniques.

Cream or pill – what to choose

In relation to the safe and effective pills those who buy or even in a pharmacy or a vendor. For this, you don't need a prescription, but consult in the matter of selection of drugs – the condition for the correct choice.

In based on the tools of lie medicinal herbs – as a whole they cause the blood flow to the sexual organ. Already on that account, the member becomes thicker and longer – it is necessary to choose those effects that have already proven with the positive side of yourself.

The main thing – do not take the medicine, based on the suggestion of friends or a traveler, it must choose the physician, based on the results of the inspection, laboratory tests.

Local media

Apply special gels and ointments. These drugs can be divided into 3 groups in effect for the duration of the effect:

  • short-term;
  • long term;
  • used as an auxiliary tool.

The use of loads

And how to enlarge penis without surgery? Use the old and proven method of hanging to the penis load. With all its economy, the source has a scientific justification, and even the doctors believe effective compared to enhance virility.

According to medical research – 2 years to be used on the penis to load, or even by applying the extender can be at 2 cm. increase the penis.

It is used daily for several hours – this is strange, but it gives visible results. As negative this kind of method of increase – decrease sensitivity of the penis, not excluded, and the failure in the functioning of internal organs and systems.

Vacuum pump

Thus, the penis enlargement without surgery maybe at home and with the aid of a special device vacuum pump protons.

The increase in a member is based on the principle of influence on the genital organs of low pressure – the blood pressure especially the body and elongates the length and the side.

In addition, during 10-15 mines. occur not only the enlargement of the penis size, but and the recovery of the erection – this practice demonstrates to enter, just before the sexual intercourse. In addition to increasing fertile for the body value, the method allows to increase the sensitivity.

Home remedies and recipes

Not every man will accept to yourself apply to write the above techniques to increase their dignity – they are painful and bothersome, costly.

Because you can resort to the help of the funds, and revenues from the arsenal of folk medicine:

special tools for penis enlargement
  1. The herb thyme – tired of calculation of 20 a glass of boiling water and insist hour, morning and evening, take half a glass. The course of the reception, and month.
  2. Alcohol tincture of garlic – 25 drops take three times a day, the course of at least 3 months. The important thing in this case, the race pre-equal proportions of vegetable oil – which increases the effect, and do not leave burn of the GASTROINTESTINAL lining.
  3. The mixture of fruits of hawthorn and ginseng root, the leaf of the ginkgo tree – all components take in equal parts. Next in the cup of boiling water, take 1 St. l. the mix and, onStOAV a couple of hours, rubbing it on the penis.
  4. The decoction from the seed of artemisia bitter – a glass of the seeds of the tired liter of water boiled for 15 mines. on low heat and insist a couple of hours. After that, strain through the cheesecloth – are of 50 ml. 2 to 4 times a day. The course of phytotherapy month.
  5. The mixture of the milk, the butter, with the addition of finely porublan integrated asparagus, turnip seeds, and carrots – cooked in a low fire until the complete desolation. Take 1 St. l. three times a day, the course of 1-2 months.

Each man takes the revenue taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, the portability of a vegetable component.

But the essence of each one is represented by the revenue – the increase in blood flow in the genital region and, consequently, an increase in the length/thickness of the reproductive organ.

Men to observe the positive side of revenue data – the availability and price of raw materials, the simplicity and the efficiency, in addition to the well-being of the whole organism. It is true, the first positive results would become manifest through 2-3 months, and even after a couple of years.

Exercises to enlarge the penis

You can increase the penis with easy exercises – it is quite possible. A man in the house can do this exercise alone, without having to resort to outside help.

The massage can practice your sexy partner. As doctors say – the last option is much more efficient, because the sexual arousal in this case, will more strong.

The technique of execution is the following:

  1. Pre-heat the member warm, but not hot.
  2. Pat it dry gently with a soft, well absorbent of moisture with a towel, and then lubricate massage cream or gel.
  3. With the help of massage and gentle movements to call the erection.
  4. Next press the authority and release – repeat so several times. Ideally start with 5-7 passinglIvani, each time increasing the number.
  5. After you press the authority of the entire palm of your hand and move it from the base to the head of the member, and down – allows you to establish a process of strengthening blood circulation.

Practice this exercise it is worth all the days, but not more than 15 mines. or even before the advent of unpleasant, painful sensations. It is important to note that the practice data of exercise is best in the morning, and when the erection is not more than 50%.


Massage spend, from the mid-fertile body, as with the application of petroleum jelly or other lubricant special, and without no reason.

exercises for the penis

If the lubrication does not apply – the practice of massage movements not to exceed the time of 5 10 mine., and it is not possible to conduct a practice of more than 150 movements. Gradually increase the time of massage up to 20 minutes, and the number of movements, but not more than 200 movements.