It is possible to increase the penis

It is possible to increase the penis size, without going through all the nasty consequences? An urgent question of all men on Earth! So, if there is a magic way that will actually increase your penis size quickly and as it is possible to avoid the health problems (how much you have to spend effort)? To try to understand this in detail.

the increase in member

"Stronger than the sword"

When the increase of the penis, the side effects can use as positive and negative tone. Obviously the positive – what they are trying to achieve, using the cream at home, is the increase in the size of the maternity of the body. The negative effects at the same if you apply the cream can vary from dryness of the skin, the strong irritation and the appearance of the rash.

How to enlarge penis and what ways can this be done?

The options are:

  1. With the help of an extender.
  2. Various options of creams.
  3. Hydraulic pump.
  4. Vacuum pump water.
  5. The Manual technique.
  6. Tablets (other types of medicines).
  7. With the help of a surgical operation.
  8. Massage (t. h. home).
  9. Suspension load.
  10. The tip of the penis.

Safety of manufacturers, with the help of all of the listed intimate of tools that can increase the penis up to 5 cm. In the most daring advertisements this number tends to infinity. But what is truth and what is really worth fearing man, and what the cons are to be expected, and that if you can "win" the blind taste?

It is important to. Experts believe that to really increase the length and width of the penis, is possible through surgery. All other methods no more than a trick of manufacturers of special tools and the notorious placebo effect.

The analysis of the "brick by brick"

To answer the question about the possibility of penis enlargement, you should walk about the most important issues of concern to the men.

Myths and facts:

-When it starts to increase the penis?

With 10-12 years of age, initially, it increases the size of the length, and then in volume.

-The size of the penis at rest, which is normal?

From 5 to 12 cm, but when situations of stress and in the cold it can decrease.

-Is it really possible to increase the size of the penis, using ointments, tablets, creams and PR.?

There is facts confirmed by experts, that, to use the cream, water pump, an extender of the home penis has increased in size impressive.

-How is it possible to enlarge penis?

With the help of a very unpleasant operation, in which by means of several cuts of putting out a hidden part of the penis. During 6 months. will need to use the extender.

-The size of the penis with age decreases?

Yes, gradually reproductive organ decreases.

-The weight of men and the length of your penis are interconnected?

The higher the weight of men and bulky dimensions at the waist and on the hips, on the penis smaller.

-Increase of the vacuum pump of the royal house?

If successful, the increase in the "new" size can withstand no more than a day. However, when the application of the pump of many disadvantages: it breaks the blood vessels in the penis, bruising or deformity of the penis.

-What is the application of exercises?

As well as the penis is not composed of muscle tissue, and of the corpora cavernosa, no exercise will not lead to an increase of its size.

how to enlarge penis

So, most of the it professionals in their opinion: the increase of the penis in a few centimeters is practically impossible, especially at home. The size is given of the nature, and in most cases, increase the member wish to those that the penis of statistics of the normal.

Less result

Despite the fact that doctors are advised to increase the size of the member, only, when normally it is not possible to perform the physiological functions (urination), followers dubious ways of increase many. What are the "surprises" await those who dare to take advantage of the fact, or another popular method?

Let's see with more details:

  1. Extender. More complaints to apply an extender silicone with a tie. When the fixing of the head of the penis, often due to the low elasticity occurs the compression of the head and stop the flow of blood. Can damage the blood vessels, the emergence of sites, the emergence of a red-brown tAga.
  2. Ointments, creams. There are a variety of types of media recommended for the penis enlargement. Use at home, making the penis at different times and for different periods. It is often an allergic reaction to the components of the tool, therefore, select their need for care.
  3. Hydraulic pump (water pump). The application can cause the appearance of crowoodtcow or abscesses, hematomas in the body of a member. When you use the hydro pump to the house for a few people it is possible to avoid them.
  4. Massage. When there is excess pressure on the member and the overtraining can observe bruising, movement errors can cause damage to the penis.
  5. The tablets. The supplements have a few side effects, but they are, almost always, the couple with extanderem or fanfare. Hormonal medication, to increase the penis size, only assigns a physician, regardless of taking them in the house can cause a lot of problems, the more "harmless" are nausea, allergies and poisoning. All the rest of it does not bring tangible results, but the cons are many.
  6. Massage for the size practically does not work, a member may not "grow" a few inches only characteristic of the movements. And here's unskillful handling can damage the penis.
  7. Suspension of loads. How to enlarge penis with the help of the weighting and how much is the increase? Currently, this method practically do not like, as well as the high risk of trauma.
  8. The tip of the penis. They can really increase the penis, and if skillful wearing a mouthpiece have less side effects.

The Real way to increase the member remains a surgical operation. However, the doctors on the subject, saying that if they knew of a safe and effective way to increase the size, there is a lot of time would be for billionaires.


The desire to increase the size of the penis up to the infinite can leave bruising, scarring, color change, swelling, pain during erection or violation of function and the more their pockets. About 1-2 cm of growth (that is, real numbers) are worth, is questionable. But, while the world remains the cult of "great friend" and the advertisers in all the senses will be caring this principle in mind, the men will try different ways, despite of the possible negative outcomes, how many is not worth.