The truth about the operation to increase virility

Ligamentum – genital plastic surgery, surgery for penis enlargement in length, in which is suppressed the higher the support of your package (Ligamentun suspensorium, or ligament) and extends a hidden part cavernous bodies. plays an Important role in rehabilitation for a period, in and of itself, the intervention is inefficient, which do not use pulling of the device (an extender, grabatum). To achieve a result after ligamentum'll need quite a lot of time and patience.

surgery of increase of a member


Aesthetic focus Ligamentum acquired not too long ago. Such operations were previously treated as complementary to the treatment of different anatomical pathologies of the member. Today the ligamentum resort perfectly healthy men dissatisfied with the size of his sexual organ. In the official medicine, this state is called "penile dysmorphophobia," and the informal – "the syndrome of the locker room". That is, the man is shy and undress, when outsiders because of the appearance of your member, it makes up for this mass complex, may not engage in full-fledged intimate relationships. But some, and when absolutely normal penis want to enlarge it with the aim of improving your sex life, increase self-esteem.

In addition to reasons of aesthetic indications of ligamentum are the following pathology:

  • Epispadia (dividing wall of the urethra);
  • Hypospadias (anatomically the position of the urethra);
  • Cavernous fibrosis and the consequences of injury of the member;
  • Peyronie's disease (acquired with the deformity of a limb);
  • Hidden ("buried", "the magnificent") of the penis – abnormality of anatomical, when the member removed the external cover, that hides in the subcutaneous fat and the skin of the scrotum;
  • Webbed penis connected to the scrotum skin bridge, interfere of erection);
  • Micropenis (less than 12 cm in erection).
Aesthetic causes are taken into consideration since the patient mentally healthy and have a lot of experience in sexual relationships – that is, fully conscious, what he wants from operation.

These include mechanical damage in the operated area, problems of skin and urological pathology, a small coronary groove (not by that will capture the extender). If the member in erection 18 cm, the doctors do not recommend to perform ligamentum – the result in this case, with a high probability of not meeting the expectations.

The progress of the operation and the results

Pre-patient urology examination, gives all the required set of analysis. Shortly before the operational measure of total area of scratches and disinfected. For the relief of pain applies a general or epidural (local option for pain relief, where the anesthetic is injected in the epidural space of the spinal column through a catheter) anesthesia.

ligamentum can pass through the suprapubic or scrotal access. The first method is technically easier for the doctor, but traumatica for the patient, therefore, the majority of clinics offer the second option. The seam will be noticeable already after a month, the sexual life can live after disappearing the discomfort.

surgery of increase of a member of the result

Phases ligamentum (percutaneous access):

  1. Member rises to the top, exactly of the amendment, the scrotum is done the cutting, opened fabric.
  2. The assistant holds incision open with the aid of dilators.
  3. With the index finger doctor enters the column of the scrotum, getting to the periosteum lonna joint.
  4. Of the tissues surrounding stands out and the layers is suppressed ligament.
  5. Member pulled, is fixed in the new position.
  6. The wound disinfected and sutured. On the night it remains drain.

As a result of an operation opens the angle between the hidden part of the member, and belly – ligament no longer maintains the penis inside. He moves forward, which gives the opportunity to move freely to stretch to cavernous body. Ligamentum allows you to mobilize from 3 to 6 cm hidden the trunk of the penis. The result will be visible immediately (stretching is more noticeable when the guarantee of a member to the pubis at a right angle). On the following day, the patient may notice an increase in the size of 1-1,5 cm. the Continuous increase occurs due to the mechanical traction through the exercises and to use the instrument.

The end result depends on individual characteristics of the patient:

  • The size of the hidden part of the cave (which ended up being released);
  • The elasticity of the vessels of the member;
  • Ability to stretch of the nerves and urethra.
To predict with more accuracy a total of ligamentum possible by means of magnetic resonance imaging. This study is not included in the structure of what is required, but is highly recommended by some doctors.

Oral rehabilitation

The operation lasts only 30 minutes, post-hospitalization extended is not necessary. The patient will leave in 1-2 days to come out of the anesthesia, and the recovery of physiological functions.

Rehabilitation after ligamentum, is not less important step than the actual surgical intervention. Literally, immediately, the patient should start the traction member when the help of special devices. Procedures will take between 2 to 4 hours per day and will last for at least 3 months (most of which requires six months).

The doctors disagree, that type of device that is best to use: extender or grabatum. Most of the competent professionals speak in favor of this last. The reason is the following: the project includes an extender ring, which rests on the Loboc and, in fact, is ending the inner part of the member back to the bosom. This means almost complete leveling of results ligamentum. Use the extender appropriate through a month after the surgery.

grabatum pulling member by using the belt to stretch. Formed as a result of a long scar, which, in fact, is an extension of the ligament. Open during ligamentum spuma pubis angle will be gradually filled with connective tissue. When enough of the length of the scar member in the original position, don't forget, that ensures durability and an remarkable result. As a measure doctors offer combined instrument Peni Master Pro Complete Set that mixes both devices.

In some clinics formed empty spuma pubis angle to allow the filling adipem iniectio requirit. However, most professionals refer to this as a negative: this cloth of a lack of blood supply, which can cause suppuration.

In the period of rehabilitation after ligamentum (about a month), doctors recommend to deal with pomp and circumstance, for the erection, the stain is a member of the gel with dihydrotestosterone. Contained therein dihydrotestosterone more strong and more useful of testosterone. Have the last with the goal of increasing the membership of the whole impracticable.


surgery of increase of a member of the traveler

How to increase length of a member after ligamentum, the criticisms are very few. Many men claim that this operation for the rushed and lazy, the same result can be achieved by exercises of traction without the risk of serious consequences and loss of money.

Results of the search by men, subjected to the ligamentum:

  1. The result is visible soon after surgery, the increase of the member was about 1-2 cm – 30%.
  2. The increase in length occurred only during the exercise stretching – 5,56%.
  3. The operation was useless – 64,44%.

Some men complain of complications. For example, bleeding (the time of intervention, sometimes, extends up to 1.5 hours). Can occur extensive hematoma, which is, literally, hides within itself and the testicles, and Loboc. This means that the retractor you can't use for at least a week – that is, lose precious time. Sometimes disappears the sensitivity of the member, the recovery takes about 2 months. Similar to, often occurs due to negligence of the doctors, who have not given due attention to the differences in the rates of the curd of blood of the patient and the results of other analyses, sloppy, performed the operation.

Some men Ligamentum does not growth in general, and, sometimes, even slows the dick in the erection of 1-1,5 cm. many Times, this increases the circumference of the trunk and head. Sometimes occurs a curvature of the penis, irritating pain (it can hurt stretch marks after the surgery).

The heavier option complications – necrosis of a member. As a result there will be treatments painful and very recovery.

Alternative forms of stretching

Ligamentum is not the only surgical method to increase the length of the member. There are also alternative methods.


The essence of the operation is to create in the pubic region (above the root of the member) constricting the case of a defect. First, an incision is made in the form of a letter V, which sutured the Y. during The operation to dissect the sling and the ligaments of support. As a result of a member visually becomes more and more because of the exaltation on the scrotum.

Possible complications in the form of pus-filled, education-resistant scars, and wrinkles. Being that the latter can manifest itself in the long term.

The Method Perovic

The method called by the name of developed their teacher Sava V. Perovic. During the operation of a penis, literally, is dissected into parts: the head is cut out of the thickness of the cavernous, spongy tissue, is involved in neuro-vascular beam. Once it is formed, the space between the head and the back bodies implanted particles of cartilage or synthetic materials. In consequence of the stretching of the nerves and spongy body occurs the increase of the length of the member in 2.5-5 cm.

As for the complications, then, later, it is possible the formation of scar tissue, is very high mobility of the head (granulepos). Implanted cartilage, gradually, dissolve, therefore, the primordial, the result will deteriorate. Synthetic implants may not get used.

surgery of increase of a member-rehabilitation

The operation of SALEWA

The essence of the operation is to introduce in the cavernous body of implants of greater length, which allows you to dapibus the hem. For the stretching it produce various cuts. Typically, in penile prosthesis secured only to the hardness of the member, and when the operation of SALEWA is the elongation of about 2 cm. the Installation of the implants occurs through a circuit cut-off 10 mm of the coronary up a notch.

For installation apply the prosthesis of greater length but smaller diameter. Therefore, its surface seems covered by cavernous tissues, which significantly speeds up the healing process.


Ligamentum does not belong to the category of complex operations, so it is a good source of income for many clinics. But the best result reach only knowledgeable surgeons, which have practically intuitive are valid for the area of dissection and traction of the tissues. Errors and uncertainty facing not only the absence of growth of the length of the member, but also the impotence and even the loss of the organ. It is important to choose a doctor with the real positive feedback, that usually are not written in clinical sites, and in specialised forums. Ligamentum, as well as any operation, is a strong stress to the body. Make a decision about its implementation should be only in the case of all the methods of conservative already tried, but without success.