Increase membership in the home: an overview of the people methods

The man is arranged so that throughout his life, regularly changes the appearance to in search of an ideal of beauty and improve self-esteem. The girl and the woman lose weight, you are fattening, the frizz and spread the hair, cut them, and are on the increase, attend beauty salons and put under the scalpel of a surgeon. Yes, and men are not similar procedures, but has strong of the world, there is more of a concern. A lot of problems, delivery to the size of the penis. Therefore, the holders of more than a humble dignity with the thought: do the operation, use pills, or generate a gain of a member of pets at home? Surprising, but it is the last option is very affordable and results. Ways to cultivate a sexual organ, not to go under the surgeon's knife, there are, the main thing — to use technical and do not adversely affect the health, therefore, before you must understand if you really need to try one at home.

how to increase a member of the house of

There is a standard penis size

In fact, strictly consolidated indicators, in principle, can not exist. It is considered that the member of length less than 8 cm — deviation from the norm. So it is, or not, to resolve a man. After all, in real life depends on opinions of the owner of this organ and the preferences of the second semester. The more doctors there are a lot of time dismantled the myth that only a massive phallus is able to satisfy a woman. It is proven that the dimensions of the penis do not affect in any way this.

If you desire to take your measurements with your "friend" still appears, then you should do it properly. The penis should be the most excited, and the ambient air temperature not below room temperature. The measurements are made from the pubis to the head on the back of a member, the call to an angle of 90 degrees in relation to the body. Circumference best way to set using the software ruler.

Over the centuries a strong half of mankind as the genital organs for the purpose of securing the ideal data. In fact there is that these individual parameters and conditional inheritance. But officially registered indicators there are. Today it is known:

  1. Micro members — up to 8 cm — has only 1% of men.
  2. Members small — 8-12 inches — detected, 2%.
  3. Normal body — 12 cm — 55% of the representatives of the stronger sex.
  4. The pins of more than 15 cm refer to the size above-average.
  5. Phalluses 20 cm in length and over are considered large.

To the men, who, after measuring it seemed that the sexual organ friend, you should read this article and decide if it would be worth doubling the size of the penis in the home?

Ways to increase authority

Centuries of research have given modern men dozens of techniques and recipes to achieve the ideal, which does not require special skills and the help of doctors. Cost home from any way, it will be exactly the number of how many the owner of a modest penis will spend on accessories or add-ons.


More carefully increase the member pet in special conditions of physical classes. Such methods are two:

  1. Before exercise, warm up the penis with the help of warm prepared grain, which applies to the organ alternately on all sides. Then, you need to bring dignity to the erection incomplete, firmly tighten it with your fingers at the base and begin a slow movement upward, as if you were pulling a member. Should not touch the head. It is recommended to start the genital gym with 20 reps, every day, by increasing the "speed" of up to two hundred times. When it reaches an erection should suspend classes, and after relaxation proceed.
  2. The second exercise is held across the palm of your hand. Member for bow and you get it for about 10 seconds. If the authority acts on the hand, then you should do the exercise for two hands. During the compression (strong, but without pain) the penis need to delay for the left, right, up and down.

Opinions in forums contain information about what this type of "training" at home help to increase the penis up to two inches per month.


ways of penis enlargement

This technique of "cultivation" of a member is considered to be very old. According to some sources, the methodology used, the indians and the africans. Is jelking in the practice of certain massage movements, representing the milking. This therapy is very popular and has established itself only with the positive side.

The method will bring success to clearly comply with the rules and the use of lubricant. It is not recommended to use any means available to the type of soap or shampoo. "Milking" made with the erection of the penis no more than 75%. The technique consists in practice of a set of movements aimed at stretching and lengthening of the penis. The goal of nyc — the increase of blood circulation in the body, the filling of the corpora cavernosa, through which occurs the growth of the penis. Monthly training will significantly increase the size of the cells, and, respectively, during the sexual intercourse most of them will be blood, and the member will be greater.


Very efficient home of the method, which allows to achieve the gain of blood flow in the penis. First, the body is heating up a hot compress. Unlike the exercise and nyc — does not matter, excited member or not, the movement should be similar to masturbation, but slow and with a strong seizure.


Claimed the device between the men, it allows "to grow" in length and width and to align the dignity in the house.

By construction, the extenders are in the form of a loop, vacuum, and time. The first view — the more accessible, but is less convenient in operation, in comparison with other types of devices. It is advisable to increase the penis size with the help of an extender every day, several hours per day. Choose which type of unit you need, based on personal preference.

Suspension of loads

It is quite dangerous to the application in house, but the old and, often, the methodology used. The effect is achieved through the impact on the erectile tissues of the gravity, which contributes to the elongation, the dignity. The thickness of such exercises have no effect.

The procedure is the following:

  • penis warm massage;
  • before you head plaster is the lacing;
  • the rope holds the load.

The first attempts to sustain the weight should not exceed 15 minutes, and then the procedure can "make heavier" and increase your time. Under the influence of the load should not numb the head of the member. If this happens, you should reduce the weight.

The use of the pump

The principle of operation — the impact of low pressure in an organ, placed in the device. The penis begins very to come, and vaguely away from the blood. The device is quite popular among those consumers that want to increase the thickness of the penis.

Before using any device, the better to watch the video, which describes in detail the rules of application.


Apparently, well, what is the relationship between the sodium bicarbonate has the authority of men? More direct. Apply the product at home in several ways:

  • massage;
  • exfoliation;
  • soda baths;
  • the compress.

These old home remedies to increase membership, strengthen the blood flow in the penis and have an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting action. According to users, already after several procedures, the penis increases noticeably.

Dietary supplements for power

Today there are all kinds of drugs, with which it is reached quickly the desired result, in fact, increase male fertile body. This creams, conditioners, gels, sprays, that depending on the goals are short-term, long and auxiliaries.

"Quick" applies immediately before the occupation of sex and affect the penis no more than 2 hours. "The next medicines are used in strict accordance with the instructions on the scheme. "Helpers" are applied, along with other techniques of penis enlargement and increase power, even at home. Your task — to expand the blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood to the organ.

In addition, men like herbs, remedies, and hormones, seeking to quickly change the size of your "older brother".

How to get the best result?

The total above — to increase the male sexual organ in the house as possible. If the same effect, seemed to be insufficient, it is best to consult the help of medicine and transplanted into the muscle tissue. The method complex and expensive, because after the surgery you'll have to survive the rehabilitation and decided on such a step can be, perhaps, only in cases of emergency.


Estimation techniques and ways to enhance the penis without a surgeon's scalpel much. If you have the sincere intention you only have to choose the most convenient for you access to the people method, or the use of appliances at home, you can simply apply a single time the nozzle or injections. Of course, "grow" the dignity up to the giant size of unlikely, but to increase confidence and please favourite, a woman exactly happens. And exercises, and massage are useful for the normal functioning of the penis and to maintain an erection for dozens of years to the front.