How to increase the male member – all forms of

Although it confirmed the fact that the size does not affect the degree of satisfaction of a woman during intimacy, many men, secretly, and in a loud voice the dream of acquiring a more impressive length. To increase penis size, medicine offers a wide variety of methods of application of ointment prior to surgery. Let's consider all the ways you can increase in more detail.

how to increase the male member

Hardware method

When the hardware form how to use the extension, the tool, which serves not only to increase the length, but the diameter of the sexual organ. It also serves to straighten the penis, giving it the desired shape.

Thanks to a procedure of a member increases from 3 to 4 cm of length, the amount added of 1-2 cm. The main task – to painless stretching of the tissue of the penis, leading to an accelerated growth of the cells. Use the unit for a few hours daily. The undoubted benefit is the result, has left for ever.

The extenders are divided into three types:

  • Belt;
  • Curled;
  • Vacuum.

For the definition of a model of a man, you need to consult a doctor, as well as familiarize yourself with all the nuances of use. When used, the device should not be concerned with the appearance, the extension is not visible under clothing, it does not cause discomfort.

A surgical operation

With the help of a simple surgical procedure can increase the male member quickly and with the warranty, but the course of rehabilitation has a long, difficult, and painful.

Surgical intervention adds the following parameters: length increases from 6 to 8 cm of diameter 0.7 cm.

This is the essence of the procedure. The penis is composed of various the corpora cavernosa, employees capabilities to filling of blood, the main member on the date of the check position. A third of the entire length of the bull posted a problem of the skin mantle, the door.

During the operation of cutting the hanger door, which gives the possibility of penis enlargement in length.

how to increase the male member forms


Through exercises of a member not only stood at length, but thicken.

Exercises for a member running a quarter of an hour to half an hour. The most suitable time of day for procedures – night or early in the morning. Before you start the practice of body heat, knead, but when the procedure perform a relaxing massage, regeneration and improves the work of blood vessels.

Observed the engineering of security, any exercise ends immediately if you experience a feeling of discomfort, of pain. The transition from the elementary, simple, and a bit of practice, the intense stress and increased expectation should be smooth. Before you start the exercise it is necessary the consultation of a doctor.


Kegel exercises for increasing the length of the penis a organ. A member is treated with grease or cream, the man performs the translational vertical movements, speed increases, introducing an organ in a state of laying on of erection with two fingers, before the start of erection base of the penis are pinching.


Jelqing (in the translation of "milking") – varieties pulling movements combined in a single structure. The member is in a or excited state, the man, using the palms of the hands actively pull the body, by pressing and stretching the head. The penis, which extends to a maximum length, without the feeling of pain, is kept in this condition for about 15 seconds. The organ is released, repeat the procedure. The man repeats the exercise until you do not pass five minutes.


The elongation is called the steps taken in the penis relaxed, which is in a state of calm. Body slowly dilate the approaches of 15 seconds. Repeating a lesson is not more than 10 times. Are used different types of stretch marks: the double stretching, the internal pendulum, to the buttocks, the pubis, round and so on.

how to increase the male member recipes


Massage member allows you to increase your home, without costs, obtaining pleasure. Advantages of the method: it improves the power, it grows in size.

Before you start the massage action, the body warm, using mild to wet a towel with herbal warm decoction. The towel is applied to the surface of a member, making the cavernous tissue flexible, prepared for the appearance of the exposed. The technique is performed in both a relaxed and lively body. To improve the effect, use cosmetics, that will increase the amount of fertile body.

Popular medicine

The men, to the researchers, it is possible to increase the penis size rely on the prescriptions of folk medicine, are going to be upset, because this is impossible. Herbs rates enhance the power, but the size of the sexual organ of increase will not be able to do.

The main components of medicinal rates:

  • Ginko biloba;
  • Hawthorn;
  • Ginseng.

In spite of increase in the member of people in impossible ways, the tips are popular. The man, wanting to improve the power, reviews the food intake, using instead of drinks-tea, broth thyme, and also uses in the food, more salsa and coriander.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a device that increases the blood circulation on the penis organ through the creation of a pressure around the member. Improves power, increases the member, adds to the penis of elasticity, if necessary, during the sexual intercourse. In the cylinder of the unit introduce special treaty a means of sex organ, they create a vacuum, eliminating the air inside a bottle.

Enhanced blood flow increases the the penis in length and width, not bringing discomfort, pain.

The pressure adjustment is performed with the aid of firmware on the appliance pressure gauge. It is used only before sexual intercourse, to improve, prolong erection, add a few inches, ensuring your partner unforgettable sensations in the next few hours.

Ointments, gels, sprays

The use of cosmetic products to increase the size of penis is appropriate only as an additional tool. The cost of such resources are usually exaggerated, but the efficiency is low. If you believe the advertising, then, after applying the spray, cream or gel length increases by 5 inches. Maybe, someone helped the tool, but in most cases, it is a fairy tale.

There are three types of cosmetics:

  • The short-term impact;
  • Auxiliary;
  • A long period of time.
how to increase the male member head

For medications short-term commitment, designed for the practice time of sex, are thrilling substances in the composition, improve the blood flow within the penis, which increases the body 0.5 to 1 cm. increases not only the length, the width, but the head of the member.

Auxiliary improves erection, duration of sexual intercourse. As for the product for a long period of exposure, gels, ointments and others do not provide the long-awaited result for yourself. They are used in conjunction with massage, stretching exercises.

Cosmetics help to improve the state of the penis, erection, accelerate and reinforce the circulation of the blood. Contain ingredients, minerals, polysaccharides, the elements of substances tanning substances, amino acids, and essential oils.

The nozzle member

The quality of the head member saves time, finances, improves erection, adds body thickness a couple of inches, length of 3 to 10 cm. are Divided into two categories: open and closed, the second are the most popular. When choosing the material best stop on a soft and stretchy latex, silicone, reminds us of the epidermis. Prolongs the sexual act, due to the reduction in sensitivity of the penis, which causes the intimate life of diversity.