The easiest way to increase the penis - soda

On the internet and countless forums, you can find a variety of methods to change the size of the penis. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Some accompanied by sharp discomfort, others require the serious costs of time or outside help. But it recently emerged the information of how to increase the penis soda. Many men have tried this tool on yourself and describe a impressive effect. According to the feedback, already after a month of use the size of the penis has become a couple of inches bigger.

penis enlargement soda

Apparently, as can bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate) affect the body in general and the length of the male penis, in particular. The fact is that the speed of the blood flow and the state of the metabolism depends greatly on the ph level. In the opinion of some experts, the change of acid-base balance can even cause the growth of malignant and benign tumors.

The application of coolant helps to normalize the ph. The result is stimulated . - and lymphatic flow, improves the metabolism in the pelvic organs. However, standard hormone, stimulates the production of testosterone and its transformation in the prostate. Also soda activate the processes of cell division of the penis, and when used properly, contributes to the increase of its length and diameter.

This product not only has an impact on the size of the member. It is widely applied to the solution of other problems of health.

Thus, the sodium bicarbonate is used for:

  • the elimination of excess weight;
  • combat painful sensations and the discomfort that occurs when heartburn;
  • correction of indicators of the acidity of the digestive system;
  • the treatment of dermatoses, the aetiology is diverse, including inflammatory processes after burns;
  • to enhance the color and fix, the oval of the face, chin-ups, and rejuvenation of the skin, prevention of stretch marks;
  • recovery of metabolic processes;
  • clean the body of impurities and toxins.

The doctors recommend to reflect on the increase of the penis, if your size erect is less than 10 cm.

It does get better, with safe methods, it is:

  • special massages and exercises;
  • the elongation of the penis in length with a designed for this purpose extenders or the fixing of the masses;
  • application on the skin of the penis a variety of creams and ointments, which include how natural and synthetic compounds that stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the processes of division and regeneration of cells.

Quite painful, but at the same time that it ensures the 100% of the result, the method of the variation of the size and shape of the penis use the operation. It is quite heavy surgical intervention, which requires a serious preparation and rehabilitation. In addition, during the operation the patient to give general anesthesia, which expands the list of contra-indications for performing this procedure.

In comparison with these techniques, the way how to increase the member of food soda, is completely safe and painless. In addition, the application of this tool does not require financial costs.

How to enlarge penis with the help of soda: different forms of application of tools of

For the application of soda to the inside there are a number of restrictions or contra-indications. As soon as you start to increase the size of penis with the help of this product the food best with the exterior procedures.

features of soda

General bath

First, bring to boil 5 litres of water and pouring it 0.5 kg of sodium bicarbonate. Then, all mixed and poured in the prepared tub. The same principle can prepare the solutions of the sharing of bins. The correct proportion is of the order of 100 g of soda in a liter of boiling water. Then, the volume and the temperature adjusted to the relevant values.

The duration of the procedure should not exceed 15 minutes.


To prepare the mixture, you should mix the soda with water in a ratio of 1:1 until you get Pappy consistency.

Also in this mixture you can add:

  • a teaspoon of honey;
  • the essential oils, priority should be given to natural, stimulating of blood circulation, is the front cover of mint, thyme, rosemary, sage.

In the process of preparation of a compound for the body scrub, instead of water, you can use vegetable oils (except sunflower). They moisturize the skin, promote tissue regeneration, have anti-inflammatory effect and normalize metabolism. Perfect grape, almond, sesame, linseed.

The mixture evenly applied to the skin of the penis and carefully ground with a circular motion. The procedure recommend to repeat more than three times per week.


This method to resolve the problem of how to increase penis with the help of soda, it combines two techniques: the beneficial effect of sodium bicarbonate and a stimulation of the blood circulation and metabolism through massage.

Run the procedure like this:

  • steam the skin of the penis a organ, for it is suitable to white salt, just cmit's very in boiling water soft towel or cutting the special fabric;
  • lightly wet your hands and sprinkle into the palm of the hand a little soda;
  • massage the penis, rubbing movements of the base and the area of the brake;
  • the sodium bicarbonate wash with warm water.

Massage with soda to increase the size of penis it is best to do at night, before going to sleep, as well as after the procedure they recommend a little lie down and relax. Repeat the manipulation two times per week.


For the preparation of a solution of 10 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda diluted in a liter of hot water. Then, the mixture moistened a strip of cloth, a natural material (preferably baikov fiber). Fabric wrap around the penis, and leave for 15 to 20 minutes, and then washed the penis with warm water. Gadgets, you can do every 3 — 4 days.

Characteristics of outdoor applications soda

In the realization of procedures to resolve the problem of how to increase the penis size with the help of soda, it is necessary to pay attention on some aspects. The solution with the sodium bicarbonate can not be applied in the region of the head, as this can cause irritation and discomfort.

To improve the efficiency of the outside procedures, it is necessary to apply in the region of the lumbar-sacral department of a vertebral column is known by all the balm "Asterisk". Thus, you can significantly improve the blood circulation in the vessels the pelvic.

The own soda almost never causes irritation or other symptoms, bear witness of the intolerance of the individual. However, the tendency to allergic reactions it is best to abstain prior to the addition of essential oils or honey.

The internal application of soda

Popularity of reception of bicarbonate of sodium to the inside acquired after the speech of a teacher. He recommends taking a soda in the following way. Initial, the dose is one-third of a teaspoon, diluted in a glass of water or milk at room temperature.

A mixture of drink twice a day (morning and evening) half an hour before a meal. This was the pattern of sodium bicarbonate adopt three consecutive days. Then, make three days of interval. If there are no complaints about the health, the dose is slowly increased up to a tablespoon twice a day (optionally, you can drink soda solution and at lunch). When you do this, you must support the scheme receive three days of treatment and the same interval period).


The increase in a member of the soda: the against-indications, possible complications

Sodium bicarbonate is present in all the kitchens. Owner add you in the process of cooking and are often used for the purification of plumbing, kitchen appliances, elimination of bad smells in the fridge. But despite being so widespread, external, and internal application of this tool has some limitations.

The increase in a member of the soda with the help of trays and lotions contraindicated when:

  • injury to the skin;
  • dermatitis clear etiology;
  • infectious urethritis, the fact is that the baking soda is well helps to get rid of yeast of the genus Candida, however, change the ph of the skin and mucosa may worsen during bacterial is inflammation.

However, these contraindications are relative. The increase in member food soda may continue after the complete cure of these diseases.

The reception of bicarbonate of sodium to the inside, is not recommended when:

  • aggravation of gastric ulcer and 12-duodenal gut;
  • severe chronic pathologies especially affecting the liver, the kidneys, the lymphatic system;
  • malignant and benign n, regardless of the location;
  • diseases kidney stone;
  • diabetes.

When pathologies of the digestive system related to the violation of the acidity, before taking soda, you should consult your doctor.

If the rules of application and the dosage, without complications of the use of soda to increase the size of penis does not occur. However, if you exceed the recommended number of intake is possible, the appearance of nausea, and when the location, the irritation of the skin and rashes.

In addition, for the creation of soda in no case it is possible to use cold water or milk. Also I don't recommend, immediately there after such a drink. Must support a minimum interval of 20 minutes. With the deterioration of health and the application of sodium bicarbonate should immediately cease, and, if necessary, consult the doctor.

The treatment is very quick erection

The term "rapid erection" the man, when he is very fast, comes in an excited state. Apparently, what is bad? This erection, at times, is closely connected with the rapid ejaculation, and this is already a problem that is preventing the harmonious development of the sexual life. After all, if every time a man has very quickly occurs the ejaculation, but the woman remains dissatisfied. Of course, if it is not the erection, it's even worse, but fast and erection gives a little bit of difficulty. And it should be treated. As traditional and alternative methods. And cure for this malaise is perfectly possible, and without drugs. Quick erection in men — is not a sentence. It is a treatable condition. And treatment of non-conventional means.

What to do if rapidly erection occurs?

You first need to understand why the man is aroused, the penis becomes hard, growing in size, and by that hastens the erection. What are the causes? It all depends on the flow of blood. The penis is a special fabric, which are filled of blood, when a man sees the object of his desire, the touch. The blood even comes from the pelvic region. Therefore, the stagnation of blood within the pelvis negatively on the sexuality of the man. The treatment is immeasurable.

There are many ways to slow down fast erection. This and medications, and various creams, and psychological methods. The easiest way to decrease the sensitivity of the penis. Usually, it is very sensitive to the head makes the man very quickly gets excited and ejaculates very quickly. If the cause is just the sensitivity, so can be used in special creams with cooling effect, which reduces the sensitivity of the penis.

Medicines, in each case, are individually selected, therefore, it is important to seek advice by a qualified professional. It is not necessary to assign your treatment independently. As a treat, you must take the doctor.


As for the psychological aspects instant erection, then it is not a great topic for conversation. What are the reasons that are rooted in the psyche? Why quick erection occurs? First of all, the reason can be in sexual abstinence. If a man has a lot of time that was not a woman, so he quickly gets excited and ejaculates quickly. If the case is unique, so reasons to worry about there. But if everything recurs, then you need treatment.

How to delay ejaculation? For this, I need some distraction. Think about something strange. It often happens that such a method helps to survive longer, to give the opportunity for partner to achieve orgasm.

However, this is a good lover may delay the time of your ejaculation indefinitely. Someone can say that is impossible.

But thanks to the special exercises that any man can prolong the erection and delay the time of ejaculation. And it is certain that it will be interesting to any man who wants to deliver a woman pleasure in bed. This reason can force a man to work.