Water pump to increase the member - how to use

Water pump for penis enlargement – is a dignified alternative to surgery and tablets! Now, to increase the penis size of several centimeters without the help of doctors and expensive treatments is quite real. How it works the water pump, how to use equipment properly, and what are the restrictions on the application indicate manufacturers?

water pump for penis enlargement

Characteristics of the instrument to increase the penis

Pump to increase the body is the vacuum is a device in the shape of a bulb of transparent plastic and the pump, with which the user pumps the air out of the reservoir and creates a certain pressure.

To secure the penis in a balloon, it is recommended to use the ring of medical grade silicone. In the project there are strips of latex soft which provide comfort and prevent damage to the skin.

Are devices of renowned manufacturers, water pumps, home-made, you may not have rings and elastic straps.

The principle of operation of the device is the creation of high pressure within a bottle, causing improves the circulation of blood in the corpora cavernosa of the penis of the body, they are long. Regular classes increase the penis of 2 to 3 cm, depending on the original settings.

How to properly use the product

Below is a manual for the use of the instrument:

  1. Pump out the air of the storage capacity, with the aid of a pump or of a pear.
  2. Wash well sexual organ, and then apply on its surface a lubricant (you can buy in a pharmacy or sex shop, it is desirable to use a lubricant with no fragrance and no dyes).
  3. Puts the penis in state of erection using masturbation to bring the orgasm should not be).
  4. Put the genitals in a balloon.
  5. In a state of erection to slide over the penis retaining ring.
  6. Gradually increase the pressure in the bottle with the aid of a pump, focusing on your sensations.
  7. Continue the procedure for 5 minutes the first time, gradually increase the time up to 20 minutes per session.

Does not exceed the class time, otherwise, your sexual organ may appear bruising and swelling, and microtrauma, that later will lead to the degradation of power. If during the training sessions you felt the pain, stop the procedure.

To understand how to use the pomp, read the instruction manual of the simulator from the manufacturer, if you need to look at training video. To use the simulator is recommended daily, over a few weeks. Only with regular use, you will notice a positive change.

How to correctly choose the product

When buying from a simulator please note the following criteria:

  1. Buy the device only in specialized stores, which offer certificates for their products.
  2. Details of the product should be made of stretchy latex or silicone of health, which do not cause allergies on sensitive parts of the skin.
  3. Of vacuum pump to increase of the body should be made with materials that are safe, do not buy objects made of glass, which if damaged can cause injury.
  4. Modern designs feature elements that regulate the level of pressure, which makes the procedure more effective.
  5. Don't skimp on the product, after all, its quality depends on his health.

The variety of projects

Stand out expensive water-models that you can use to take bath in a relaxed state. Is the best proton pump, which vary with the ease-of-use, water-resistance, the ability to adjust the level of pressure.

You can acquire electrical appliances, which, when connected to the network, automatically create a vacuum in the reservoir. Its price is of around 7,000 real.

Cheap – product manuals. In this case, you are removing the air alone. The cost of the equipment not exceeding 2000 rubles, however, this does not affect its effectiveness.

You can do the device on its own?

For security, we do not recommend artisanal devices that can damage cavernous body genital. If you decide to do the pump to increase the member with the hands, it is not recommended to save in the original material.

how to use

As the cylinder, you can use a large and a large syringe (it is sold in pharmacies). It is important, for its inner part was smooth and without damage. As a seal, which will maintain the vacuum in the syringe, you can use the fan of the old instrument to measure blood pressure.

How to make the device by yourself?

The following are the phases of compilation:

  1. At the end of the cylinder make a small hole.
  2. Insert the plastic tube, at the end of which is attached to the rubber bulb. The tube should be manufactured from durable material with high density.
  3. On the edges of the syringe, place a soft cloth or a sponge, which will defend the genitals of an injury.
  4. Connect all elements to each other with the sealant. A thickness of the sealing layer must be the same everywhere.

♦ It is important! Do not use the device immediately after manufacture, to apply it to animals only after few days after complete drying of the packing material. Before a workout, wipe down all parts of the instrument of an anti-septic solution.

How to take proper care of your instrument

If you would like to vacuum pump for penis enlargement served to him a extended time, follow the rules of care device:

  1. Before the first use of the tool carefully wash it in warm water with a mild detergent, wipe clean with a paper towel or cleaning cloth and treated with anti-septic (for these purposes, you can take Miramistin or common alcohol).
  2. Buy in advance lubricant, which does not have fat, oils, vaseline, the components of aroma. The lubricant can be water or silicone-based. Poor tool can cause allergies and damage the individual elements.
  3. After each session, wash the device with soap and water, keep it in a dry state out of the reach of children.
  4. Contact with all the items with care, do not let your damage.
  5. Do not clean the device in hydrogen peroxide, do not use very hot water for its treatment.

Contraindications to the use of

In certain exercises the product in a way that is safe for the man, however, there are limitations, in which it is better to choose another method of penis enlargement:

  1. Mechanical damage and lesions in the flesh of the foreskin, diseases of the urogenital system infectious in character (do not use the tool when diseases sexually transmitted diseases).
  2. Urethritis, prostatitis and other inflammatory processes in the acute and the chronic stage of the.
  3. Diabetes mellitus.
  4. Kidney disease in the final stage.
  5. Dysfunctions of the circulatory system.
  6. The tendency to thrombosis.

Do not use the unit for the smallest patients.

If you need to consult a doctor before the procedure?

Before you buy the pump for penis enlargement, it is recommended to consult a specialist in the subject of feasibility and existence of counter-indications. The doctor will perform an examination of the body and help you to select the device that will be more efficient. The professional recommending lubricants, necessary for maximum comfort and to avoid injuries.

To obtain a query, you can make an appointment with the urologist.

Comments about the devices

Opinions of men about the pump in its most positive. The patients noted an increase in penis up to 4 inches in the state of erection, and in a calm state. The first improvements will be visible in about 10 days of regular treatments.

Comments specifies painless manipulation, and lack of discomfort with careful use and observance of all the precepts. As regards negative opinions, that are connected with the purchase or the manufacturer of the poor quality of the device, with the non-compliance with the instructions or with the increased sensitivity of the genital organs.

It is possible to combine this product with other means of

To achieve the effect, it is recommended to use conjunction with other techniques to improve the genitalia. You can buy special gel-based components for the application site, which improves the circulation and leads to a change of size.

Water pump in conjunction with a regular massage – great combination, which will increase the genital organs, without surgery. Another way – to receive food supplements to improve the blood circulation.

A tip: if you want to impress your companion, try to keep the session for half an hour before sexual intimacy.

Side effects during the use of the equipment

In rare cases, when it does not comply with the rules may occur adverse reactions:

  1. Redness or blue, the color of the skin and the mucosa.
  2. The sensation of pain, which lead to acute, acute or aching nature.
  3. Bruising.
  4. The damage of the blood vessels.
  5. A disturbance of temporary erectile function.

When you see these symptoms, stop pumping the pressure, pull gently on the genitals of the bulb and contact your doctor.

Advantages of the object

The modern products have many merits, namely:

water pump
  1. Safe and durable material, which do not cause allergies and injuries.
  2. The possibility of adjusting the pressure level in function of your degree of preparation.
  3. Guaranteed the change of size due to improved blood circulation and improve elasticity cavernous bodies.
  4. The ease of use and speed (don't have to spend a lot of time for the procedure).
  5. The affordable price of the pump to increase the member (the exact cost depends on the materials, manufacturer, additional features).
  6. A convenient way to store and durability.
  7. Compatibility with all lubricants, except those which have a coarse texture.

In which cases the water pump will not bring the desired effect?

When the curvature of the sexual, the body and the micro-penis (size 2-3 cm), the device will be useless. In this case, you must have the help of a plastic surgeon, who will select the best method of increasing the childbearing age, the organ.

The action of the instrument is based on the principle of their regularity, and, therefore, the teaching should be performed every day. If you're going to skip the procedure, you will not see the change of size.

Therefore, the device with the bulb to the penis is a modern and secure tool that helps you to get rid of psychological complexes and change the parameter you want, without the high cost-of-ways, with a long rehabilitation.