How to increase the penis all known methods and penis enlargement methods

Many men are not satisfied with the size of his sexual organ, and many times this becomes the cause of imprisonment, in and of itself, the indecision, the uncertainty, to communicate with the opposite sex. It is logical that some take the decision to change the size of your body hollow. There is a large number of different methods, but not all of them show a high level of efficiency and security. That is why it is so important to choose the best, the only, that will ensure the maximum result. Consider all the ways in more details.

the increase in member

It is possible to increase the penis?

Before you go for the search of the most effective ways to enhance the penis, you should know if he is real, in principle.

The penis is an organ that consists of special structural elements – bodies. the Male sexual organ is very sensitive to the negative effects of the manifestations of the environment. Studies have shown that, if a man is going to satisfy your sexual desire devices with the bottleneck diameter, the penis will decrease in size, literally, for two months. If the process occurs in the opposite direction?

In fact, many representatives of the stronger sex, even no need to search for the best way to enhance the penis, because it is completely correct, and some even more. Between Caucasoid race of average size is 12 to 16 cm, in the perimeter about 3-4 inches. If the size of this interval, then the problem is psychological in nature. For those who have a really small organ, which is the result of a genetic disease or any disease, the experts propose to conduct a plastic surgery. But this is not the only way to solve the problem.

All the methods of penis enlargement:

  • massage;
  • jelcing;
  • taking the tablets and dietary supplements;
  • the application of ointments and creams;
  • nozzle to the penis;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • folk remedies;
  • the use of the device (the extender, vacuum pump, and t. d.).

The best result can only be achieved through the integrated application of the funds. However, expect an effect do not need. To achieve a positive result will need a lot of time and persistence to comply with all the recommendations and prescriptions.


Virtually all methods of penis enlargement can not ensure 100% result, in addition to plastic surgery. That is why the method to fix deal with so many men. However, surgical intervention has some serious flaws, such as, for example, a life-long rehabilitation and of high value. To perform the operation, need of assignment of the doctor, and you can get it only after the diagnosis of events and if you have actual pathology.

The doctors remind that the penis size of 10 to 14 inches, which allows you to carry out the reproductive function, in full measure, while the other half feels sexual pleasure. So, before you increase the male member, it is necessary to understand if it's worth it if you usually do.

For those who want a little adjust the size of the penis only a few centimeters, it is not necessary to use all the methods of penis enlargement, you can select one or more effective and appropriate to your situation.

Surgical intervention pass when such indications:

  • defects pathology;
  • changes related to age in the body;
  • the micro-penis.

The last factor occurs very rarely, however, leads are of a serious nature, because the man loses functionality, so the operation is a necessity and not a fad passing through. This way to increase the penis is divided into several steps. The first, of which the diagnostic, which is designed for a full examination of the body to check for the presence of contra-indications and defects from pathologies. Also expert in knowing how to increase the penis, the less radical methods, if possible. Followed by a preparation stage — it is very important and responsible, because it depends on the duration of rehabilitation and the efficacy of the procedure.

During the surgical intervention, the surgeon cuts the tissue and pulls hides a part of the penis. Formed the space fills the fat cells, and after sativaet and hangs on to the sexual organ in the correct position. Then, the wound should drag, and fabric SRAStis, which is indicative of completion of the rehabilitation. In addition, it applies to extender, it hangs the body in the correct position — without it, the positive result is not achieved.

how to enlarge penis

If necessary, the plastic surgeon can change the shape of a penis, which is very important when genetic pathologies, which are the result of disease. For those who want to know how to increase the penis size and thickness this method is also suitable. For you to get your produce special injection, transplantation straight muscle of the abdomen, introduce the adipose tissue or implants special the array.

In some cases, it is advisable to pass through a procedure, when applied to particular implant is made from artificial materials. This procedure is complicated and heavy for the future, but this totally changes the appearance of the penis.

The operation is a good method to change the configuration of the relationship of a body, but use it only in need of someone who really needs. Therefore, before you change the male organ via a surgical intervention, you should consult with a doctor. Do not forget about the side effects that occur in a large number of patients, and this is not a consequence of medical error, sometimes the fabric may not prijavatSya, patients barely come out of anesthesia or in the wound penetrates the infection.


How to increase your penis quickly and efficiently, without resorting to surgery? Advertising insistent suggests the use of miracle pills, which are incredible gifts components, through which the sexual organ in a matter of days, an increase of 10 cm. Is this possible? The majority, unfortunately, do not, because this is due to the anatomical structure of the male organ. But all pills can give a positive result, if your choose to approach it responsibly and with care.

The range of modern products is so large that to choose a particular resource can be very difficult, in this case, the man, as a rule, is guided by high the name and the brightness of the packaging, forgetting about the counter-indications and side effects.

Good means, not only positively influence the size of the sexual organ, but also establish the general functioning of the genital system, such as, for example, increase the duration of erection and make the sperm more high quality. This is due to its composition, the main ingredients can be the following products and substances:

  • ginseng;
  • ginkgo biloba;
  • bioperine;
  • with saw palmetto;
  • the arginine;
  • hawthorn;
  • the root of ginger;
  • extracts of medicinal herbs.

Developers of tablets guided studies and contribute to the formula means new ingredients. In fact, most of them have natural origin. Professionals highly recommend not to consume hormone drugs, since such means must spend long quality check, which, of course, no one does. The impact of hormonal male consequences, up to a total loss of opportunities reproductive.

A special place among the methods of penis enlargement take up organic supplements. They have a minimum of contraindications and do not cause complications, in rare cases, an allergic reaction. This is why before applying you need to get in contact with the medical institution for diagnosis of the organism to the presence of intolerance to individual components.

Ointments, creams, gels

The tool of local action, recently gained a great popularity, with his help, you do not need to think about how to increase your male organ debilitating exercises or resorting to an operation. The choice of a variety of creams and gels enables you to choose effective and safe, being that in the majority of cases — it is expensive does not mean quality. In the composition of means of famous brands are present in natural substances, making a positive impact, not only on quantitative values of the penis, but also improves the functioning of the whole genital system:

  • takes you back to the normal circulation process;
  • increases the quality and duration of erections;
  • changes the structure of the skin, it is more elastic and resistant;
  • increases sexual desire;
  • tissues to better enrich the useful links.

In truth, therefore, are very important rules and characteristics to perform the procedure. These tools do not show any results, if not complement the special procedure of massage, home whose essence – massaging ointment for she has penetrated the inner tissues of the body. It is very good to stretch the penis and improves the blood circulation, allowing to return men of power. One should consider dosage, although allergic reactions are rare, but this is the most serious complications. In the composition of creams and ointments can include:

  • chestnut-of-india;
  • the root of ginger;
  • japanese quince;
  • the pectin;
  • mulberry;
  • leuzea;
  • fireweed;
  • amino acids and proteins.

How quickly and correctly to increase a penis? Start with simple techniques of ointments. Creams and gels have balanced into useful components, therefore, this therapy has established itself as a rapid and efficient manner.

Extender, nozzle and vacuum pump

  • With these devices are familiar to all, anyone interested in knowing how to increase the penis independently. They are completely different principle of action, but carry out a task of resizing.
  • Vacuum pump operates by increasing pressure in the bottle, where is located the male sexual organ. This improves the circulation and leads to a growth asset. Combines the method of implementation of the special exercises and massages. The duration of the procedure is small, therefore, hold events every day, and the result will not wait long.

Extender it works by a principle different, the product is a product, the project that allows you to stretch the sex organ. First, it remains in the inguinal and special clamp to lock the body, increasing your.

Initially, the device was used for the correction of the shape of the penis, but with the passage of time many men began to celebrate another positive property of the instrument – the rise of the male "dignity". After that, and started active research, within a certain period of time and got the production.

If you still have questions of how to increase a penis with the help of vacuum pump and an extender, please contact a professional in the field of health.

If a man is interested, how to temporarily increase their dignity, it is worth considering the application of special features of the nozzles. They do not increase "the farm" completely, and only act in the role of an extension cable. Just put the product and fix it, then apply it intimate lubricant and you can start the sexual intercourse. The man is reduced the sensitivity, however, your sex partner feels incredible pleasure.


Many try to discover how it is easy to increase the penis, but in such a method, it is not, because in any case, you will have a lot of work to get the positive result.

One of the proven techniques of massage. You can make yourself at home, or transform such manipulations in the prelude, you have trained your soul mate, how to quickly enlarge penis in such a method. Run the procedure on a daily basis. Devote to it should be the first time not more than 15 minutes, and then this time increases. To do this you need to the structural elements of the penis is used to the high voltage.

Is made a massage with the use of special tools for the skin hydration, preferably based on fat. The essence of massage – the clipping of the fabric, for that reason, you should consider the methodology of penis enlargement. A place of leadership in the truth, so it takes jelcing, this practice is known throughout the world due to its effectiveness. Not less efficient, but less popular, is a massage Kegel. In any case, the essence of these exercises is to stretch and undulations of fabrics.

It is important to clarify that those who are trying to figure out how to increase the male sexual organ should consider the duration of the manipulation, that is, a result count that we don't have. The first effect can be noticed already after 3 weeks of daily handling, and this is an excellent indicator.

Must be properly prepared for the procedure, wash the groin area and heat a. To do this, use the hot water bath or compress. And only then you can move on to the procedure by one of the methods previously know how to enlarge penis reviews can help you in choosing.

The penis is very sensitive to authority and status, often reflects the action of negative factors. Of course, the impact of a massage, to which applies the force, can not go without one, even if you know exactly how to increase the size of the penis correctly and safely. In the process of running the procedure or, after some time, can side effects occur:

  • the appearance of spots on the head;
  • the change of the color of the head;
  • the appearance of the veins.
treatment with tablets

Each of these manifestations is not pathological impact, they do not require treatment and go by yourself. And the last factor can go from a man, even in advantage, after all, debristth construction of the sexual organ has a positive effect on the pleasure obtained during sex. Is a successful thai massage sex, the body, however, he will need to visit the salon, or to learn the technique of how to increase the size of your member independently.