How to increase the penis soda - rules of application, indications and contra-indications

For any man the size of your manhood is a theme always.

Even in spite of the fact that the official medical statistics show that the majority of men the size of the board in accordance with the regulations, the greater part of the stronger half still continues to worry about the subject.

how to enlarge penis

In fact, the deviation is considered to be the length of the penis in the excited state, less than 9 cm. And of such a size, typically, men with pathology of the genital organs.

Small penis in itself is pathology. The doctors recognize that, because of this type of condition that men often have problems with the conception of a child. In addition, if compared with the other proportions of the body the male sexual organ is actually considered small, probably the reason for the delay of the development and growth of the organs of the genital system.

This type of problem, necessarily, need to solve, otherwise, in addition to the small penis of the man is still a lot of problems with the reproductive system. In such situations, men do not deal with the increase of the penis, they undergo a complete treatment, which will be the first directed to the resolution of fertility problems.

How to increase the penis?

Today there are a large number of methods of increasing penis size. Some men prefer the operational intervention, that already after a short period of time, you can be content with the result. Many use for these purposes vacuum pump or other devices, which, gradually, increase the penis in length.

The disadvantage of such tools is that to achieve the result may not less than six months, and the length will be only 2-3 cm. To do the therapy vacuum, or use special devices to the body sexual needs on a daily basis.

Some men are looking for the techniques. Such forms are less hazardous and traumatic, because it is mainly the therapy involves the application of natural components or all of the tools that we use on a daily basis.

One of these ways is baking soda. Is a security tool, since it is simple and known composition. In addition, it is used in food, as well as for the solution of various diseases.

How to increase the penis of soda in the house?

A can of soda has many beneficial properties, and use it actively in the preparation of food, cleaning, in the therapy of some diseases.

  • For example, women often use sodium bicarbonate as a means of picking up with frequency.
  • However, men are more interested in another question.

According to experts, the increase of the penis soda – the safest and simple way of improving the penis size of an organ. In addition, this method is available to absolutely everyone a representative of a strong half. Nowadays there are various methods with which the coolant can help to achieve the result:


  1. For the preparation of a procedure necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass with warm water.
  2. Depending on the size of the boards or of the basin, which will be used for the procedure, the amount of solution may be increasing, the important thing is to observe the proportion.
  3. The resulting solution translates into a tray, and then there falls a penis.
increase penis with the help of soda

Keep the sexual organ in a solution of lye you need for fifteen minutes. It is recommended to use trays about an hour before sexual intercourse. Many men celebrate after the procedure to increase the elasticity of the penis a organ, as well as an increase in size.


This method is extremely effective, but they need care.

  1. The procedure is, you need to dampen the member with warm water, and then put on the surface a little dust.
  2. After that, the soda is massaged into the skin. Care must be taken, because the particles of soda can easily damage the soft skin of the penis, leaving to her the pain and risks that cause pain and burning sensation.

An exfoliant for the account of a strong tide of blood, which is called the rub the soda. As a result, literally in a few minutes, the man can perceive the emergence of erections and increase in penis size.

This method may not be appropriate for everyone, as some of the men noticed irritation on the skin of the penis.

Exfoliation of soda and honey

This is more of a simple method.

  1. You only need to mix the powder and honey in equal quantities.
  2. Then, the resulting mixture evenly apply to the sexual organ, massaging it.
  3. Forth, it is advisable to leave the medicinal composition into the skin of the penis is an organ for some time, so that he absorbed.

After that, the sexual organ well is washed under warm water.

Many men say that with the daily use of the procedure the sexual organ, in fact, increases in size.

In addition, honey contains many nutrients, but also has strengthens and disinfectant effect, but because, if there is any disease in the skin or in the interior of the tissues, the honey will help to destroy the infection.


This method is quite simple.

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare a solution of water and sodium.
  2. The proportion we take as to the trays: one teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of warm water.
  3. Then, the resulting solution is well wet a bandage of gauze or bandage and applied it to the sexual organ.

It is not recommended to perform the procedure, when the member is in a state of excitement. Or in this case, it should be applied on a bandage in the region of the head.

The skin of this part of the penis is very delicate, it is very easy to damage the same with a solution of soda. This factor should be considered and, when the performance of other procedures with soda. Keep lotion in the sexual organ does not need more than twenty minutes.

A can of soda and vegetable oil

There is yet another, more simple recipe. Lubricate a member of the vegetable oil on the entire length, then apply a little bit of soda. After that, the powder carefully, massaging movements rubbed into the surface of the skin. The main thing to do this very carefully, not to damage the mucosa of the penis.

the bath
  1. Also, some men recommend it as a complement to other methods of drinking a soda with the milk.
  2. In such a way that it helps to strengthen the body in general, to protect it against various infections and diseases, and also to support the growth of the sexual organ.

A can of soda increases the blood flow to the tissues of a sexual organ, making the erectile tissues of the penis more strong that fill with blood, and a member, respectively, further increases in size during erection. However, in the majority of cases, soda to a member gives you only a temporary effect.

Use these ways that you can immediately prior to sexual intercourse. In some cases, men have observed that, with time, thanks to the regular procedures member becomes a little more size.

Contraindications for use use of soda

By itself, a can of soda does not have any contra-indications to its use, especially for outdoor applications. This is why you can pre-access to a urologist to get help.

  1. You need to remember that the skin of the penis, and especially the area of the head of the autumn delicate and thin, and, therefore, are more likely to cause damage to even the smallest crystals of sodium.
  2. During any of the procedures, you first need to necessarily wash their hands with soap and water, and to destroy all the pathogenic microbiota.

Special attention should be given in the term of validity of the soda. It is not recommended to increase the dosage, or use compresses, baths, or rubbing a very long time, this is easy, you can receive the irritation on the skin.

No need to wait, that soon after multiple procedures with the coolant is visible the result, and the member to grow in a few inches. Most men point out that the results begin to appear after two months of daily use of soda. In some cases, the effect can be visible only after four months of regular practice of data ways.

Contra-indications of use

The only contra-indication to the use of soda is the idiosyncrasy.

If a man has an allergy to soda, so he will have to look for another method.

Some of the most strong half of very sensitive skin, which does not allow the use of food sodium.

Usually, these men and irritation in the groin area, and sometimes even appear pain and a burning sensation. When such symptoms need to immediately stop the therapy.

Before you start to increase the size of the penis, you should think about if you will need this. Sometimes, the men begin to worry about the size of the sexual organ, though in reality not have any difficulty in sexual life.

How to test the sensitivity of the skin to soda?

For men, that is not unpleasant, irritation in skin, sexual organ, it is recommended to test just how delicate skin to this component.

Need to cook a little folder of sodium. It is very simple to do, just take a pinch of baking soda and add a few drops of water. Then, a dense mass to put in a small area of the skin of the penis. If after twenty minutes at the place of use of soda will not be redness, rashes, scratching or burning sensation, you can use any of the revenue with the content of sodium.

The combination of the soda with other means of

Sometimes, to mitigate the actions of soda used more than one substance.

  1. For example, many men give preference to variety of creams. This can be normal cream base, oily, or special funds for augmentation of the organ.
  2. A little cream mixed with a small quantity of soda, and then gently rubbed on the skin of the penis a organ. The presence of cream in the mix makes the impact, thoughtful and elegant.

Here the most important thing is to grab an ice cream that will not cause allergies and irritations.

Many times, the soda applies to the inside, with the addition of other components. For example, you can add a pinch of soda, honey with walnuts. It is a tool not only give you the result of other procedures, but will have a beneficial effect on the power. And in general, the body becomes more resistant to external influences, appear more strength and energy.


You can use-baths, compresses and scrub with soda is an add-in when the therapy of erectile dysfunction, or when a temporary violation of erection, called stress, overwork, or other problems, not related to the reproductive system.