How to increase penis: ways to increase

Today, there are a lot of techniques of penis enlargement, but not all of them are effective and safe for the main functions of the body of erection, ejaculation, and a real pleasure. So how to enlarge penis without prejudice to the health?

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How to enlarge penis without surgery

Extend your thinking organ men have tried, since antiquity, for a large penis, that is associated with a strong and prolific man.

To the penis suspended loads from the adolescence to the maturity of the penis has become more. The effect was not very pronounced, and if such techniques have been extremely difficult and traumatic.

Today, medicine has advanced greatly and can offer men with a small penis numerous ways of dealing with the problem. Is as conservative forms of stretching and thickening of the penis, and surgical, more radical.

The non-surgical relate to vacuum and traction (stretching) techniques for penis enlargement, it is actually a long workout sexual of the organ of traction.

How to enlarge penis without surgery

The application of methods of conservative gives an effect in the case of long workouts and regular use of the devices. However, expect that your penis will increase from 8 to 10 cm, it is not possible, in such miracles it is not even able to surgery.

When you use these techniques if you can go from 1-3 cm at best. With this, it is necessary a long time, persistence and patience of the men in the achievement of the objectives.

Vacuum devices work on the principle of changes of blood circulation in the area of the tissues of the penis through the creation of rarefaction. It redistributes the blood within the penis and increases its size. The method helps to increase its thickness, but the length of the results are not very pronounced, only 1-2 cm.

The external device stretching of the tissues of the penis, or extenders, represent a special design, which, when regular maximum of several months of training can lead to a gradual stretching the tissues of the penis and increase your length by 1.5-3 cm. But the very doctors indicate that it is much more efficient will be the application of the extenders after surgical correction of sizes.

How to increase the penis in a surgical way

With aesthetics the goal of surgery of lengthening and thickening the penis are not carried out for a long time, in spite of increase the penis during an operation over a variety of issues of genital mutilation, male surgeons could previously.

Today the indication for surgery may be only a desire of men to make your penis bigger. This is particularly important, given that surgeons especially if they go back already developed, mature, men, who have a whole set of complex due to discomfort in the intimate sphere.

Today other options are possible operations of stretching, thickening of the penis, correction of erection problems and the combination of these types of operations.

Doctors stand out as socio-psychological syndrome (dressing rooms, problems with sexual life, low self-esteem) and physiological, anatomical causes of the correction (small penis, hypospadias, lesions of the penis).

Methods of correction of penis

Doctors advice the patient to always tell about all the methods of penis enlargement. When you select a surgical method it is worth to remember that this completes the operation with the indications and contra-indications. It will be followed by a long recovery period, and not always the result of the operation will be significant. Sometimes, it is not possible to achieve a strongly pronounced increase of the same surgically due to the characteristics of the anatomy of the penis.

ways of penis enlargement

The main type of operation, which is carried out with the purpose of lengthen the penis, an operation is Long. When you do this, the medical cross in a special port-key that maintains the penis in the level of occurrence in the cavernous body deep of the arteries. After traversing this ligament the penis lock in the new position, which allows to achieve elongation up to 4-5 cm. Today developed many access options when this operation, and we need an operations plan is developed in conjunction with the patient in each case.

Another operation is the placement of the implant a special prosthesis notoriously a greater length with the cross is tunica sheath of the penis transversal cuts. This gives the elongation of the penis by a few inches.

The operation of a special Pen with the operation, with the complete separation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis head and deployment in the space between the head and special special body of the cartilage implant. When you do this, the urethra and the vessel-beam nerve are stretched on account of natural elasticity. On average, this technique allows you to add up to 3-5 cm of length of the penis.

There are other modifications of operations, but the higher the complexity, when your achievement is to maintain normal erectile function. Complicated transactions, full of themes, which can lead to a violation of the sensitivity of the nerves and problems with blood circulation and, finally, the violation of potency, urination, and reproductive function.

To the matter of penis enlargement were positive results, the need for monitoring and treatment under the guidance of an experienced urologist-andrologist. Any type of self-medication or the use of different "self-made inventions so intimate sphere, is simply unacceptable.