The main ways of increase in real penis size

How to increase the size of the member, if the man is dissatisfied with their diameter or length? Modern medicine offers a number of methods, which splits in the conservative and operational. Read more about each one of them will explain in this article.

penis enlargement

Manual methods of elastic member

Manual ways of come to be the most popular among men, through the priorities, such as the availability, the ability to run alone in the house, in addition, massage of the type do not require financial investments. These practices can help increase not only the length and width of the penis, but also improve the sexuality, the endurance during intimacy.

Massage genital is performed through techniques of stretching and compression, which results in the increase of the content of your blood. The correct execution of the method helps avoid injuries and minor damage, but for the comfort and safety to better apply a special lubrication. After a few months after the regular execution of the massage you can observe the change of the penis for the better. The most well-known method in this category is — jelqing. In translation it means "milking", during which the man in the uniform of the force and speed of movements such as that dilates the sexual organ. The procedure is carried out regularly, from small. This means that in the early days it is inadmissible to apply excessive pressure, as well as long-lasting and massaging the member. The chiropractic of this type is held in a state of dimidium-erectio, not to damage the vascular system of the sexual organs.

Options mechanical impact penis size

To this category belong, vacuum, water pumps, extenders and lecticis.

lecticis and penis extenders directly, are fixed on the floor member. How to increase the diameter of your penis by using these devices? They are designed for penis has become longer in length and width, they also help to smooth over the sexual organ.

The increase in size occurs due to the stretching of the corpora cavernosa and of the ligaments of the body. The approach to this method looks like the manual way. That is, the result will be visible with the regular use of electric devices, daily, with the gradual increase of time and traction force. Finally the man must bring an exposure time of up to 2-3 hours. The course can take from one to several months.

If a man is interested in knowing how to increase the size of the penis immediately before intimacy for a short period of time, then you can use the vacuum pump. The principle of action it is simple: the sexual organ is placed in the cylinder transparent, where with the help of a pump pumped out the air. Formed at the end of the vacuum leads to the increase of copies sanguinis corpora cavernosa, increasing of its parameters. Time to apply the pump is not possible, up to a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. The effect of their use, although temporary, but the LP. Before moving on to manipulation, at the base of the body to use the rings to maintain the erection.

Vacuum water pump turns out to be unsafe for the man. One of the possible risks it is worth noting an injury, such as breaks vessels, abscesses, formation of hematomas, as well as the development of impotence.

the operation of penis enlargement

Operand-if the correction of the length of the member

Is it really possible to increase your penis size with the conservative methods? Of course, positive traveler has, but such forms have a number of negative aspect: the possibility of injury, the development of impotence, jelqing inadequate results in distortion of the penis, there can be breaks of blood vessels. Exercises to increase the size of the penis is basically of a temporary nature, or is, the result is difficult to achieve, and when you use vacuum pump and not short. Therefore, more representatives of the stronger sex seek the help of traditional medicine, that is, its operation changes the parameters of the genitals.

The surgical intervention will increase the diameter of the penis, its length, forever. Types of ram the fix:

  1. How you can increase the length of penis? Anatomically part of the authority as that is hidden inside. This is due to the presence of ligamentous apparatus that supports the penis. The doctors bedecked ligaments, thus visually extending it. Which means that decreases the hidden department, the perineal part. Ligamentous apparatus can recover if, therefore, in the perioperative period it is important to use the weights, dilatory fixtures over 6 months.
  2. How to use the operating correction to increase the diameter of the penis? This method used previously, but he had a series of failures. As well as to the increase in width used own fat tissue, with time, this has led to its absorption. Member was irregular, broad, bumpy, reminding the cobblestone and asphalt. Now thickening is done through the introduction of the graft, he gives a long and most the desired result.

Cons the operation of increase of a member

As in any operation, plastic sexual body, sometimes leads to adverse consequences. In the first few weeks after you have carried out the intervention there may be bleeding, long-term and continuous swelling in the long term, and, perhaps, and with the constant decrease of the sensitivity of the penis, the sensation of pain during erection, but also the introduction of infection in the wound.

After the cutting of the ligaments, for example, it is possible to change the angle of erection. That is, the excited body "looks" is not up, directly or even a little down. During sexual intercourse may occur, it is extremely unpleasant vertebral subluxation of the penis, it becomes unstable.

The transplantation of adipose tissue or graft, sometimes, occurs the rejection, suppuration, curvature, and other types of deformations. The doctor should warn the man, that, many times, in almost half of the cases, the result does not bring satisfaction, the patients are dissatisfied with the result of the correction.

At times, men seek the help of a specialist, in order to remove the undesirable prior to erection, increase of the thickness of the head of the penis. We recommend that before you decide on surgical techniques, use of medicines for the correction of erectile dysfunction. Such drugs are able to prolong the sexual contact several times.

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Another simple way to reduce the sensitivity of the head is the use of Lidocaine-spray, judging by the comments, it is with a good result. The spray is applied only in the area of the brake of the penis, to prevent the total loss of sensitivity and to achieve anejaculation, or is, the lack of ejaculation.

The decision to change the configuration settings of a member accepts a man. In this case we recommend you get advice from the experts, especially the psychologist, as well as the approval of physicians of great part of men have a distorted vision about the anatomy of your body, erroneously, considering the parameters of the penis small. If a patient has normal dimensions virility, yes he, will help the psychiatrist, the surgeon.