How to increase penis: ways of

Many men, unfortunately, is familiar to this problem. Is not enough the large size. And this is what causes that, as young men and mature men, to look for ways to solve it. How to enlarge penis at home? In other words, the increase of the penis is an important concern for many. It is possible to increase the members of the house, without the operation (as an example - cream for increase penis?

how to enlarge penis

Let's see the main methods, (including the cream), and also more detailed information about the thickness, the length and diameter of the penis.

Dissatisfaction with the size

The small size of the organ, as everyone knows, is often the cause of a series of complex and also other unpleasant sensations, which are very painful, in psychological terms. Is the small size of "virility" often becomes the cause of depression and related negative emotions: seclusion, reports of shyness, feeling of inferiority and inferiority.

It often happens that the man of ashamed to undress, when he is in proximity with the woman, and also when you're surrounded by other men (for example, in the bathroom, in the hospital and t. d.). This conviction the small size of penis is quite problematic, and if the guy for a long time was convinced that his penis is small, and that should increase by 1, 2, 3, 4, or more, until the approval of experts-doctors, will hardly be able to reverse the condemnation. How this guy still going to be a problem: how to increase the penis.

In some ways, this conviction, and, as a consequence, the search for ways of how to increase the penis, has as one of the reasons for the regular consultation of pornography. Let's be honest, virtually from any man, someone less, someone more often, likes to watch "movies for adults". Seeing this, what is the size of the penis has a porn star, many begin to envy them, comparing it with his and realizing that the size of the "dignity", the "heroes" of films and videos – a lot more, and this is something that everyone should follow. After these visits difficult to come back to feeling that your penis is normal or average. Generally, many have concluded that he was too small and must increase.

The men begin the search methods, study drugs, including the cream to penis enhancement and its growth, searching the internet for information about if it is possible to do this without creams, without drugs, safely and securely. This is what some are interested in, how to masturbate correctly in order to cock grew a few inches and you study these types of counsel doubtful of amateurs. And someone convinced even that there is a special technique that encourages the use of condoms, an honour which it is possible to perform the penis enlargement.

The application of a variety of means, including ointments, pills, as well as the attempts of lengthening or thickening of a member of the people media is a consequence of the fact that men, in addition to directly to increase the length and thickness of your "dignity," have for the other "bonus", among which:

  • Improvement of perceptions in the having sex.
  • Increased self-esteem in the presence of women.
  • The emergence of self-confidence and psychological stability.
  • The respect on the part of other men and much more.

All of these manifestations, according to men, directly or indirectly, affect the improvement in the psychological state, which, in turn, affects a large part of the confidence of the owner of the a member of large. Gradually, this man, who managed to stretch the member, using a particular technique, having attained its growth, maybe, will start to be produced not only trust in yourself, but also in behavior, in the presence of the girls.

principles increase

At the same time, as practice shows, the majority of these manifestations do not affect only the size, but also in that the man begins more confident and with a better ability to use the penis during the sexual intercourse. In addition, as some believe the experts, this affects and sensations that are received to the orgasm.

Attention! Very interesting are the and the evaluation, which is considered the "normal size" to your penis. Here I would just like to say, and make a small comment.

The fact is that the representatives not only of different races but even different peoples, who belong to the same race, the average length of the member can be different. In addition, the balance of the penis as animated, and "peaceful" state. Surely many of you know that the length of the "pepper" representatives NegrodNoah race, usually more, that the representatives of EuropeodNoah race, and already more, in comparison with the majority of asians.

This is a problem, for example, the chinese, the koreans or the japanese? Unlikely, because over many centuries, with our point of view very small penis was the norm for the representatives of many nations. Women perceive properly what we have, and even more so for the africans, would have caused, if not laughter, is, at least, some surprise. Therefore, the concept of normal or average size – is very relative.

In general, I'd like to say about the fact that a member of a length of about 14 inches (erect) can be considered completely average and normal. All that least of this size, is that, although not explicitly a small penis, but it's all the same thing, this is the smallest of the values. Member size 12 inches. and less – explicitly refers to a small. However, even the holders of the 14 Santthe imatspending "dignity", and even larger size, it is never too extra few inches.

The technology of penis enlargement

If you answer a question about the technology, who talk about how to increase the penis, one can distinguish 3 main groups. Here, then, are the basic classification methodologies:

  • With the use of surgery.
  • Without the use of a surgical intervention.
  • A combination of zoom technology.

And now let's get a bit more detailed about each of these technologies, the study of details, that many times, many do not discuss and are not taken into account.

Surgical methods

You should be aware of the fact that the main characteristic of any surgical method remains the same. Raise the penis requested, reducing prominastNY department, that (normal), is hidden within a body. Is something like this: penis size is not changed, but as it were, "put a little to the front". In this case, it is made a cut-out tissues (surgically), that surround your base, and after all recovered.

Thus, it is achieved the formation of which he "grew" in size. The characteristic of this type of method is the elongation of the member, before everything, a state of rest. When an erection even (and this is more important), according to the opinions of many patients, the increase is not so prominent. Incidentally, the doctors-surgeons, many times they themselves warn that the method is full of complications. So, it is done, as they say in such cases, for risk and account of the own "patient".

Non-surgical methods

Most of the data of methods involves the use of special equipment. This device serves to pull the member. Again it is worth remembering that the idea of a cream also refer to non-surgical technology zoom. However, to describe creams on our site are provided for the individual materials.

But back to the device. Despite the fact that its application can lead to the desired increase of "virility", it is unlikely that this technique can be attributed to the category comfortable and problems. It is based on the principle of elongation of any members or parts of the body that there is plenty that use different nations of the world, mainly in the tribes of Africa and Asia. It is on this principle is based on the majority of these techniques.

The disadvantage of this procedure is that, by using as instruments, it is required a minimum of 6 hours per day, and this is the minimum. The person may be in almost any position. In some sites, there is evidence that this technique gives results at least six months, which, as you know, it is terribly uncomfortable for most people. When this occurs, in large measure, the increase occurs exactly the penis in a state of relaxation, and not in a state of erection.

the technology of increase of

As to such possible negative effects, such as the power level, the provision impact on the ability to have children in the future, as well as the diameter of the penis, were not identified negative effects. Anyway, clearly proven, the evidence for this was presented. However, this does not mean that such effects it was not, in fact, because most people simply pictsd' would like to give these cases disclosed.

Imagine how ridiculous this might seem. Come you to the doctor, and he declares her: I tried to make the increase of one member in the house, after buying a special device. Expect that your penis will become more of a, but something went wrong. In fact, imagine similar contact your doctor, it is quite difficult. Therefore, we will not unequivocally affirm that apparatus for the stretching of the penis can impair the health "of the patient", however, and deny it unequivocally and unconditional, it is also not possible.

The technology combined

Then, the third method, which can, according to statements of the sellers, to quickly influence on the increase of the penis in house, it is called the combination method. In short, its meaning is similar to the following, and is divided into 2 main phases:

  1. Operating method (is made surgical intervention through operation).
  2. In the second step, applies described a little above, the method with the device.

What you should know about the types of penis

So, has examined in detail the major technologies, that way you can increase the penis size without the cream, and also with the device (and you'd ventured to put in his precious dignity incomprehensible thing and walk with it half of the day?, let's go to a more detailed description of how you can increase a penis, and to be more precise, which types of zoom can be performed, by applying the methods described above. Here they are:

  1. The thickening of the penis. The penis could make thicker (more volume) in the following way: it is one of the body parts and extracted part of the adipose tissue. This part of the adipose tissue, and then is added to the body of the penis. This approach is able to make the penis bigger and visually more solid. However, this practice is quite dubious and have been identified some violations of the form member.
  2. The stretching of the penis. To talk about this with more details, it is necessary, in the first place, to say a few words about how is organized the penis. It is connected to the pelvis special CanatAMI, which are also known as support of the ligament. It happens that, by means of surgical intervention cut the tension of these strings, which, in theory, should free up a certain part of a member, that "goes out". Negative point is that, in order to avoid a possible amendment to the ligaments, you can be the patient will have to use a special device for weighting and onttegivana for up to six months.

With this, it is more or less understandable. Now, let's look at some of the alternatives to the technology of penis enlargement.

How to increase a member of the house of

Now, let's analyze the possibilities how to enlarge the penis at home. Here is a list of the most popular ways:

the increase of house
  1. The application of massage.
  2. Sleep aggravating the goods.
  3. The special exercises.
  4. Vacuum proton pump.
  5. Creams, gels and sprays, and other medications.

Attention! The best result happens when you use the combined approach. That is, simultaneously, it is best to use two or more shapes.

Do massage

Penis enlargement this method is used by many men. Manual massage – it is a free way and without cream and without cream. It is important to follow the technique, as some are expressed, the "masturbation". The first thing, the member should warm you up massage. As an option, you can do this in the shower, or wrap soaked in warm water and a towel. This will increase the effect.

In this case, there are 2 options of massage: upright and relaxed. Select a type of a technique and practice it regularly.

We use the load

With this method, you need to be cautious, because their use can lead to unpleasant injuries. Increase the size of a member, you can hang the it of goods. However, this only increases the length: diameter remains the same.

In short, the method is the following:

  1. Warm up the penis with the help of massage.
  2. By the head to adhere a band-aid, which confirms the tie, or rope.
  3. They hung load. Important not to overdo it with the weight.

The first few times, it is not necessary to do the procedure for longer than 10-15 mines., Then, the duration can increase gradually.

Remember! You, the head begins to NEMAtü or you feel the pain signals to stop the session. When the repetition of such sensations reduce the weight of the load and the duration of the procedure.