Penis enlargement: techniques, tips

Even the men with the big size dignity if you ask: "how to increase the length of the member?". It is more a matter of aesthetics, taste, personal preference. Today, the medicine in the arsenal has several methods of penis enlargement, the best of them, we will see in this article.

how to enlarge penis

If you need to increase the size of penis?

In the first place, it is not always the situation requires this hotfix. If you are a member seems to be little, simply do the measurements. It is rare pathology, when and professionals agree with the man. This is called a small member, that is, the erection male dignity does not exceed 8 cm. If the same length of 10 cm to 15 cm., so it is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes a man wants to increase the penis, as well as he, in a state of calm, it seems small. But the primordial, the length and the width of a body does not affect its size in the excited state. But the man wants to, so that the penis stood out not only in bed, but and in the sauna, locker room, restroom, when he is in the society of other men.

In the second place, the majority of men who want to lie down under the knife for penis enlargement can be observed Deecmohia. That is, your body does not seem as it is actually. This happens when the anorexia, when very thin, the patient seems to still have more pounds. A man of normal size of a member is decided on its enlargement, more help from a psychiatrist, the surgeon.

The penis enlargement without operations

If you still have not left the enterprise with the increase of the penis, so read it more accessible and painless ways:

  1. Vacuum pump water. In particular, the pump creates a vacuum, through which the blood flow dramatically increases and the penis becomes more than before. And to prevent the return current of the blood, save the size, just squeeze the penis, at the base of the special ring. This method is applied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but its disadvantage is that the effect is temporary. When the effect ends, your body will be the original size. The negative effects there are here: abscesses, bruising, impotence, damaged blood vessels, loss of colour and thickness of the skin. It simply thins. The ring is binary, you can use just 30 minutes, at the most, otherwise, you will necrosis of the tissues.
  2. Exercises and other techniques. How to increase the size of the penis, when I was at home? There are different forms of exercises, which in the long run help you deal with the complex small member. For example, the ancient Arabic massage. At its base, the journal of the kneading member, their pull. Gradually, you increase the time of massage before of the blessed 30 minutes, but, in any case, not allowing yourself to reach orgasm. As the only feels that he is approaching, take a break. As in this case, grows a member? It is believed that the constant trauma, that is, the load, leads to the destruction of the tissues of the penis, the expansion of new cells, increase of the cavernous bodies. men and women in need of care, clarity of action, to change hands, as well as any increase in load on one of the sides of a member causes distortion and other complications.

How to increase the length of the member — traditional medicine

The increase in the size of the penis has become urgent, therefore, the medicine has developed various methods that can help to increase the length and the width of this body.


ways to increase the

Excellent procedure, especially if you thinking about how to increase your penis in width. Blood method, which is based on the introduction, in the body of the penis only of their own cells.

During the manipulation of fat from any area of the body pumped special thick hollow needle, and is pumped into the penis. On this account, is formed by an additional amount, the width of the penis.

Some of the adipose tissue does not hurt, as well as apply the cannula with a rounded end. When you enter, it does not traumatize the nerves and the vessels, and simply pushes his fat cells through the vacuum are absorbed in a syringe. Effects almost never happens, as well as the adipose tissue belongs to the patient, rejection is not what happens. Instead, still, sometimes, they use hyaluronic acid, but the effect is enough for a year, a procedure has to repeat.

You can increase the size of your member for a long time?

In the popular practice of the surgeon there are several ways: through the dissection of the ligament, which is located in the pubic area, pull the part of the penis from the pubic region. This part of the body until the operation is hidden. The surgeon makes the fixation of the muscle, produces an album of the integument pubic region. Not worth the wait, which, after such procedures, the average size of a male member increase immediately to 10 cm. The most effective is considered to be the increase in the body by 5 cm. If, even so, this result seems to be small, the surgeon will give you guidelines of how to increase the size of the penis , with which you can add more 1-2 cm, being in the house.

Indications to resolve the issue

To perform the operation, it is important not only to the desire of the patient, but of the source and the size of the body:

  1. When the penis is under 9 cm, that is, the expert has to deal with underdevelopment of the penis, when it is important that each millimeter.
  2. With a length of about 12 cm operation is performed only to improve the size and reach to express the result.
  3. With a length of over 12 cm of operation will already dressing complements the nature.

After the operation you should refrain from sex. The deadlines depend on the type of surgical intervention. For example, when the stretching of the penis not less than 3 weeks of a regime which is more rigorous, with the increase of the width — 4 weeks, and if the operation mix, is not less than 1.5 months.

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Increase the penis can be of various ways. After a detailed consultation with experts, it is possible, even with a psychologist, you will be able to choose the one most suitable to you a way.