The whole truth about the penis enlargement: the most real and proven techniques

At a certain moment, the man thinks about how much the size of your body suitable under the assumption of a framework of rules and I can change it.

how to enlarge penis

In fact this question is serious, since, due to your question, can a man satisfy a woman in the depths of the plan, it develops the insecurity, complexes, and depression.

But before developing experiences, exploring the characteristics of growth of a member, his "normal" sizes and how much you really increase.

The average size and the standard at different periods of growth

Immediately make a reservation, the full concept of "norm" in question is about the penis size of different age, the men, does not exist.

There are a variety of statistics, carried out with a number of different people and in different places, which boil down to an average of option.

It is useful to know the correct way to measure penis.

Penile growth occurs at puberty, the majority begins at the age of 9 years old.

Taking into accounting the dimensions of a body in a state of rest, are obtained from these data:

  • 10 of 12 years, the average size of a member approximately 4 cm and with each year of life increased by 0.5 to 1 cm. When you do this, at any year of life otherwise the rate of 1-1,5 cm;
  • 13 to 15 years the minimum value to add to the length of up to 5 to 6 cm;
  • From 16 to 18 years the normal indicators will already be 7 to 9 cm.

The normal size of penis in state of erection:

  • 10 – 12 years the average size of a member of 9 to 10 cm;
  • 13 to 15 years of rule corresponds to 12 – 15 cm;
  • In the 16-18-year average of the parameters of the body make up 13 – 16 inches.

However, from 18 years of age, the body grows to the maximum length, and other changes occur only in diameter. To increase the width of a member, probably a slight decrease in length on the floor of a centimeter.

Talking about the diameter of the member, coming soon to say that there is no statistical data:

According to them, we can conclude that, from the age of 12 years, the circumference of the body of 7-8 cm, and 18 reaches 12-13 cm.

The following are described methods to increase the thickness of the penis.

psychological factors

Psychological factors

By examining the question about the increase of the penis with the point of view of psychology, men are more unfounded, flimsy reason.

Typically, men begin to doubt your ability to satisfy your partner during sex. It seems to them that the size of the penis enough, and in the midst of this, they develop significant emotion and internally psycho-emotional tension, which harms the health.

It is clear that each man's nature, has a desire to be the leader, the first number in each field of life. In the case, when really the penis of small size, that puts pressure on the psyche is prevented from full life in all its forms, and the man didn't let thinking about how to increase the size.

But, usually, it is delusional thinking to the unconscious violation of the psychological condition.

How to actually increase the penis size (penis)?

Men interested in the question: "how to really increase penis"? Assured that they will receive the result of converting to the doctor and he will perform the operation. But surgical intervention is only possible if you have to testify. Therefore, if you do not, just use without the operating ways.

About how such methods of penis enlargement are effective, there are different opinions, from complete denial and the sure confirmation of efficiency. But, in any case, and it was decided to resort to more accessible forms, it is best to combine several options. It is a comprehensive approach to the attempt to increase the size of the member, will count on a decent result. Real-world examples are described below.

Indications of increase

Considering the fact that there is a way to enlarge penis surgically, for which he has, and readings. Among the reasons for the operation of medical staff highlighted:

  • Micropenis, that is, the size of the body not more than 3 cm.
  • Epispadia, a congenital disorder in form of split upper part of the wall of the urethra.
  • Hypospadias – abnormal location of the hole of the urethra.
  • Peyronie's disease – a benign new growth, does not belong to the group of tumors that develops in the proteins in the tissues.
  • Cavernous fibrosis, that is, instead of the corpora cavernosa of the penis is compressed connective tissue.
  • The trauma.

There is an "aesthetic" indications for operation intervention. An example of this can be the situation, when a body hidden due to the excessive number of adipose tissue in the pubic region.

Any increase of the penis is negotiated with a specialist!

The best methods

There are different types of methods increasing the size of virility. Between the correction of penis size to distinguish between the increase in length, and an increase in width. But the most common with simple options, easy to be implemented in the home. About each procedure talk separately. And if You've accumulated the question: is it possible to increase the penis, you will definitely find in it the positive response.

a can of soda for penis enlargement


In folk medicine, already does not surprise anyone, because, many times, with your help, approached from different health problems and only improves your condition abroad.

Occupies a special place sodium bicarbonate, in an amount not more than a teaspoon.

It is diluted in a simple glass of warm water and stirring to dissolve. It is obtained from a small bath in which is immersed the body.

The procedure last less than 10 minutes and advise you to spend one hour before the intimacy.

There is also the belief that you can use, and a combination of soda with honey. Such composition thoroughly mixed in the same proportion, and the ground for her men, with dignity. It is believed that after the procedure of penis enlargement soda, the man feels, how much it increases the tonus of the body and increases sexual desire.

Repeat this procedure in a few months, leading to the increase of the authority of 2 cm.


There are excellent exercises to increase the penis:

  • for stretching
  • to improve vascularization,
  • assist the group.

Each option has a variety of techniques, which can be accessed from any man. In addition, these ways of doing simple exercises that require no effort and your can easily be performed at home. Exercise is the best option to increase the member inside the home.


Tip member, there is already a long time ago, and have already proven their simplicity and availability. The bonus of this option is the lack of requirements, skills or training before use. In addition, they are sold in any thematic store.

It is the fastest way to elongate the penis.

The tip member different: the material of which they are made, size and color, and the most important goal of your application. There are options:

the nozzle member
  • Nozzle for thickening;
  • Able to lengthen the penis;
  • With function of vibration;
  • With topography, unusual;
  • Stimulating gel;
  • Nozzle to the exposure at the same time and in the female the clitoris and the anal opening.

Nozzle increase the penis up to 10 cm immediately.

Despite its cost-effectiveness and simplicity, they reduce the sensitivity during intimacy, and also create just a feeling of increase to partners.

Drugs, hormones, herbs, creams, gels and ointments

There are penis enlargement methods: pills, organic supplements, herbs, hormones, creams, gels, ointments, and ramis. On their performance reviews are not unanimous. Any drug is given after the advice of a specialist.

Water pump

About the method of increasing the size of the virility of a vacuum pump is known for a long time already.

The basis of this method is to put the creation of vacuum, which stimulates the increase of blood flow to the organ and, thus, increases and improves the elasticity.

This way it will be possible to quickly increase the member in a short period of time.

The result obtained from a vacuum pump will be saved, and at rest, the penis, but will it last the effect of increased no more than a day. Furthermore, for the result was for a long time, the pump must be used systematically and for a long time. Once every two days.

It is worth considering that not always water pump can be used by appointment, there are contra-indications to the application. These include:

  • The disease, affecting the flesh of his foreskin.
  • Sharp the inflammatory process, has reached the entire body.
  • Diabetes, malfunction of liver or kidney disease.
  • High blood clotting with a tendency to thrombosis.


Very interesting method of penis enlargement – Jelqing. Technique is a specific exercises, that affect all the features of virility. The technique is known by men of all points of the planet. The core is the stimulation of increased flow of blood to the organ, which takes its rise.

There are three popular technology:

  • The sexual organ introduce in the middle erectum state. Carefully lubricate and update during the procedure, if the lubricant dries. At the base of the member connecting tips of the forefinger and the thumb, forming a kind of ring, which firmly curved body. As soon as that shrinks, is the ring to pull the head. After released, and repeat the action with the other hand. The pace of implementation, the average, the important is to adhere to facilitate the pace. It is believed that the more noticeable the increase of the thickness of the penis;
  • The second technique is different in that the lubrication is not used;
  • A third option, again with the lubricant, but the "ring" are not two fingers and across the palm of your hand.

If, suddenly, appeared the painful feeling – stop action in several days.



Extender penis is a machine developed for professionals.

It is designed to increase the penis and to deal with defects external defects of the body and the consequences made it operational interventions.

The main change will be the increase of length.

The unit takes 4 to 6 hours per day, making between them a pause. Convenient is considered to be an option, when the ex put 2 hours in the morning, then repeat this at the same time of the day and night.

Exercises are recommended on a daily basis. If, suddenly, it was omitted one day, he is considered to be the maximum possible interruptions in the use of an extender.

The men who used the instrument not less than four months, the claim that it gives the amazing effect of an increase of 1.5-2 cm.


Massage to increase the member – the procedure itself is pleasant and useful, if carried out with the objective of increasing the size of the penis. Are developed different massage techniques, but special attention is worthy of engineering of Kegel.

When the massage developed by Arnold Kegel, the man acts on the muscle in the pubic and coccygeal area.

To determine the muscle needs attention, it needs time to visit the bathroom for a few seconds to delay the act of urination.

It's time to feel the tension of a muscle which needs a workout.

When the muscle is defined, you can go directly to the massage:

  • The muscle contract and relax at a rapid pace, trying to during the compression of his court. The exercise is carried out at a rapid pace, but is not more than a couple of seconds. The time increases gradually.
  • The muscle stretch escalated. First lightly for a few seconds, then, at the same time to relax. The next time the power increases, and so gradually up to the limit, avoiding the bad feelings.
  • The muscle shrink as slowly as possible. When the voltage has reached the limit – we relaxed. During this exercise, you should receive a sensation of "vibration" is the muscle.
stretching load

Stretching load

Penis enlargement hanging weighted the old and the access method. There are several options for fastening to body:

  • The rope with a load of bugging plaster,
  • From the rope making a loop and put the head, settling just below it.

This method seems simple and safe, but it is not so. To start immediately, to clarify that the result really gain only after a few years of use of this technique. And the probability of injury of the organ.

Outside pets conditions this method is not absolutely comfortable.

The load is going to interfere with moving and publishing the noise will attract unnecessary and embarrassing to a man's attention.

In addition to this technique is that it is free of charge. Although with this statement one can argue, because, if the cause of such exercises to happen the damage of the organ, will have to spend a lot of money for the treatment. It is better to use an other tool of expansion or grabatum.

Read more about how to be a hanging load on the member, you will learn with this video:


There are several options for surgical intervention, with the purpose of increasing the size of the male advantages:

  • Ligamentum, based on the cross-beam fixing body and the excretion of its partial internal length of the outside. Last, it is not more than an hour, in the hospital, the man comes out already on the second day after surgery. On average, the increase is marked, in 3-5 cm.
  • Penile prosthesis, the operation in which it occurs an implant of the prosthesis artificial. This complex procedure and done in extreme cases.
  • Lipofilling – fat cells add to the penis, increasing by 1 cm.
  • Muscle transplantation is a microsurgical manipulation, in which the thickness of a male's dignity increases by 3-4 cm.
  • Plastic surgery surgery is introduced in the body of gel or silicone dental implant, promote the thickening.
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid.