Products to increase potency in men - the best products to increase the power

Problems with the power, reduction of sexual desire, premature ejaculation with these problems, the man can find at any age. The main risk group are considered to be patients with more than 40 to 50 years. A weak performance (medical name – erectile dysfunction) it is temporary or permanent reproductive disorder, in which the hardness and volume of the penis prior to intimacy, and during it, are insufficient for sexual intercourse. This situation can occur when the prostatitis, vesicles, benign growth in tissues of the prostate and other diseases of the reproductive system.

products to improve power

Adversely affect the potency sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, as this leads to stagnation of blood in the vessels in the pelvic and decrease the tension of veins and arteries. Poor nutrition, stress, alcoholism, addictions to tobacco – all of these factors lead to a decrease in libido and erectile disorders. The basis of the treatment is the correction of the life style and diet. Some products will, necessarily, need to include in the menu, because they contain a lot of zinc, chromium, and useful acids. They improve the quality of intimate life and stimulate the sexual activity of men.

In any type of substances need men?

For the functioning of organs male sexual systems meet certain minerals, amino acids and vitamins, so that their lack leads to persistent disorders of sexual orientation, which can manifest itself in the decline of sexual desire in the opposite sex, the loss of a tactile feel during contact with erogenous areas of low power. To maintain the health of the men, at any age, it is necessary to properly compile your diet with the needs of the body and the individual characteristics. For example, a red fish with caviar – one of the main products that improve the quality of sexual life in men – you can enter the menu of people without a tendency to allergies and not have any problems with the functioning of the immune system and the hematopoietic system.

The essential elements, increase the potency and to stimulate the work of the reproductive organs of men and women that are listed in the following table.

The substanceWhat is it for? Which foods contain?
Vitamins A, E, K and C Improve the elasticity of blood vessels, located in the space of the pelvic floor muscles, stimulate the circulation of blood and liquids, ensure the prevention of stagnation phenomena. A positive impact on the composition of sperm and its fluidity Bulgarian pepper, tangerine, tomato, offal of meat (mainly beef), cod liver, chicken eggs, green leaves
ZincThe most important element, offering the work of all the genital organs of men. Increases the potency, regulates the erectile function during sexual intercourse, improves the chemical composition of the seminal fluid Nuts, pork and fish liver, seafood, green vegetables and yellow cheese
ChromeIncreases libido, regulates the functioning of the testes (testicle) – the organ in which it is synthesized to testosterone and are formed the sperm cells Eggplant, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and soft goat cheese
Fatty acids Omega3-acidAre responsible for enough the production of testosterone – the male sex hormone, synthesizer enters in the body from cholesterol Meat and poultry, fatty fish (mackerel, trout), cheese, fat dairy products
seafood for potency

Important! If, for some reason, the man does not get required elements with the food, he begins to develop different forms of erectile disorders, therefore, patients are advised to consult the doctor and choose the supplementation of vitamins and complex mineral adapted to the specific needs of the male.

What it is: a list of "male" products power

The doctors believe that the daily use of the products listed below and sufficient motor activity training, you can get rid of problems with potency even in old age. If the man is already faced with sexual dysfunction, the correct diet is able to stop the progression of the disease and prevent possible complications. It is important to understand that the products, despite all the beneficial properties, not the cure for all the diseases of the male, and if the man is assigned to any type of treatment, abandon it, in any case, it's not worth.

Fish and seafood

For the men's health useful for any varieties of fish, but choose the best the bottom of the sea, since it contains almost all the minerals needed for the proper functioning of the organs involved in the process of sexual activity. The most useful for men to consider:

  • mackerel;
  • tuna;
  • trout;
  • salmon;
  • sole;
  • the sole.

They also contain a large amount of phosphorus, strengthens the bone tissue and guaranteeing the prevention of pelvic pain, which may be one of the causes of decreased libido and difficulties with the power. The fish should be consumed 2-3 times per week, in any way, but the best of all boil it with a little salt and herbs, or bake them in the serve of the pillow. Men who suffer from arthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you can activate it in the menu 4 times per week, replacing meat fish or bird.

From seafood, preference should be given oysters and shrimp, and eat mussels. Addictive even 50-80 g of fruits of the sea an hour before the proximity positively on the work of the genitals and offers a good erection during the sexual intercourse.

Egg of quail

Quails eggs – not only are valuable a food product, but also a great tool to increase the power, especially in men, erectile dysfunction is related to changes related to age in the metabolic processes. To use them should be up to 4 to 5 times per week 3 to 4 pieces per day. Egg of quail contain less cholesterol compared to chicken and eggs of geese, vitamin and the mineral composition of this product provide approximately 80 % physiological normal zinc, chromium, ascorbic acid and other elements necessary to maintain male health.

Eggs of quail best cooked way, by adding them in salads, meat dishes or eat as a stand-alone product, complemented by a small amount of greens, vegetables and pine nuts.

Dairy products

Dairy products the most useful are considered to be cheese and curd. Cottage cheese is best taken with fat to 5% to 9%, as well as the fat content of the product does not contain, and half of acids necessary for the proper functioning of the male body. The oiliness of the cheese may be different, but abuse of it does not follow: the journal of the standard for cheese with 45 % of noah-the fat is 10 to 20 grams (about 2 medium slices).

Men with adenoma of the prostate it is best to choose a cheese soft, for example. There is a large amount of protein (about 16 g) and a little salt, and the mineral composition is not lower than the traditional notes of solid and semi-solid cheese.


Important! Excess salt can lead to the increase of the inflammatory process and swelling in the tissues of the prostate, for this reason, men with diseases of the prostate cheese can be consumed, no more than 1-2 times per week.

Meat products

A lot of protein and essential amino acids, see double meat. In the daily diet should be present as a dietary types of meat, and red meat, for example, beef, veal or lamb. Lamb is considered to be enough meat to fat, so, occasionally, you should replace the lamb. Very useful for men of any age rabbit, and peru. The pork can be consumed only in cooked or baked form of 1 time per week, necessarily, adding vegetables to the dish – so the meat is better learned and nutrients arrive faster to the blood circulation system.

The that choose vegetarian?

If the men with the principles of vegetarianism, he can pay attention in products of plant origin, among which also many useful fruits. The leader in content of zinc and chromium between fruit and vegetable is the avocado. It is in the raw form or added in salads. A lot of zinc is also available in all types of kale, but add the menu must be carefully those who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract and ulcerative colitis chronic bowel. The fact is that the cabbage contains a lot of purine, call distension of the stomach and intestine and could cause a heart attack, colic intestinal.

Products to increase potency in men

Among fruits and vegetables, that there are other products that increase the potency, for example:

  • watermelons (since they are collected at the station and were cultivated without the use of chemicals);
  • pomegranate and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice;
  • the grapes (especially the red and the black);
  • green apples;
  • parsley and cilantro;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • the tomatoes.

Do not forget nuts: it is proven that the daily consumption of walnuts allows you to increase libido, improve sexual quality of life and to warn the many genital diseases in men. Abuse of product not worth it due to the high calorie and high fat content – 8 to 10 walnuts per day is enough to ensure the needs of the male body. The most useful nuts for men are considered to be brazilian, walnut, and cashew nuts.

The same properties are pumpkin seeds and sunflower. They can be consumed two times per week, not more than 30 to 50 g per reception. Vegetable oils from olives, almonds, apricot bones can provide almost daily of zinc, therefore, make sure to include in the menu, at least several times per week.

Men do not suffer from allergy to honey, useful, every day, eat a small spoon of natural honey. This useful dessert not only improves power, but also improves the cardiovascular condition of the wall, stimulates the circulation of blood in the vessels of the penis, providing longer lasting erections, and also has a stimulating effect to the whole body. Beneficial properties also have perga, propolis and honey comb, but to use them is only possible with a good portability.


Nutrition – the basis of health and longevity. There are a lot of products able to recover the work of the organs damaged, but to use them you need to correct, and recommended by doctors quantity. Products to increase potency in men should go in the daily diet, but combine them, you need to, based on the needs of the body and age the rules of addition of vitamins and minerals.