How to be able to increase the power?

Do you think that your sexual performance are not as they were before? Start to think about how much that costs? Do not hurry up! In the struggle for power increase is not necessary to apply medicines, can help folk remedies or just a correct way of life.

What is power?

increase potency in men
Under the power understood as the ability of the male body, making the sexual act, the ability of the man to be sexually active.

It features:

  1. As the voltage of the penis.
  2. How fast you will get an erection.
  3. If there are sexual excesses.
  4. If a man is able to have an intense sexual life.

For the sexual act occurred, you must have the long-term an erection. If this does not occur, the cause may be low power level. It is often the case with men after 55 years of age. In the process of life, characteristics of possibilities sex change. Are the most active of sexual abuse against men at a young age.

Statistics of detachment states that violations of power are observed today in every second of the male sex. It is important to recognize the problem and take measures for resolution of problems, thus, return to normal sexual life, not only yourself, but also your partner.

There are medicines that allow you to save example of the erection some time, so that it became possible to communication. But many times men fear the side effects of these drugs: their disadvantage is that the erection is not interrupted after ejaculation, which increases the risks to the health. If an erection lasts more than four hours, you should contact your doctor. You should know which type remedies Viagra are not suitable for all, and using them should be only after a consultation with a specialist.

To avoid the problem, it's worth trying to resolve the problem in a natural way.

What you need to do to increase potency in men?

  1. Analyze, what is your style of life.
  2. Verified, if you have a health problem that should be solved.
  3. Check their level of testosterone.
  4. To find out, does not adversely affect their troubled relationships with the partner about the power level.

Try to assess the situation with honesty. Many times, it is independent and honest study much easier the solution to the problem.

increase potency in men of products

The diet to increase the potency of men

The diet is the best way to keep the body in the natural production of testosterone. The foods that you eat every day, contribute to the functioning of the body. Eat a healthy diet.

Protein is essential for the body, to maintain the maximum possible level of testosterone. It stimulates the activity of hormones in the body that regulate the release of testosterone. Proteins are essential for building muscle in the body, but the excess of daily requirements may have the opposite effect, over time. Protein diet, which often use the bodybuilders and weight lifters, in fact, can reduce the production of testosterone.

You should consume healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids. The best source of this healthy fat is a fatty fish (salmon and tuna). Flax seeds and walnuts, is also beneficial to include in your diet as sources of fatty acids.

Remember that simple carbohydrates, and sugar increase the sugar level in the blood and prevent the production of testosterone.

Reduce soy products, which can increase your estrogen level, as well as its increase can lead to an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen, resulting in decreased levels of the male sex hormone.

Proper nutrition

The main cycles of power folk remedies:

  1. Stud.
  2. The ginger.
  3. The onion.
  4. The tomatoes.
  5. Radish.
  6. Celery.
  7. The egg.
  8. The carrot.
  9. Asparagus.
  10. Coco.

Are especially useful for products that contain vitamin E:

  1. The pistachios.
  2. Almonds.
  3. Nuts.

To resolve the problem of increasing the power apply color just. To increase sexual activity, you can use the color red. To attract the sexual energy in your work, you must be red (tomatoes, peppers). Excite a man can, wearing lingerie and red jewels of red color.

To improve the potency of useful vitamins. Vitamin E is a necessity of every man. You can find it in avellanae sunt. Well help to strengthen the power of zinc. This trace element much in Turcia, cheese, brown rice, oysters. The men useful to use products that contain vitamin B are: avocado, eggs, banana, salmon.

increase potency in men exercises

A healthy lifestyle

For a healthy sexual life is helpful in the physical activity. She works as the worship. Regular exercise helps balance the metabolism and the hormonal system, for the body remained sexually active. The lack of physical activity causes a drop in the level of testosterone.

Exercises are needed every day, but with moderation. Your need for 45 minutes. If you need more of a workout, you should make pauses between the series. After 45 minutes of exercise, the cortisol level in the body is increasing, which causes the natural production of testosterone. But beware of heavy and tiring training, because this can cause a decrease in sexual activity.

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs can affect the potency in men negatively. When people drink too much alcohol and smoke cigarettes, can restrict the flow of blood to the penis and cause severe erectile dysfunction. It is important to stop the use of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, if you want to make your power increased.

Mental health

Keep a good mental health, avoid stressful situations. As a result of stress, performance can decrease. Deal with stress help you to practice yoga, in a conversation with a person who understands you. When the mental stress is removed, the power increases. Look for ways to reduce your anxiety level. Try to do massage, practicing yoga, deep breathing, meditation.

Avoid depression: its origin, may occur many sexual problems, some dietary and hormonal disturbances. If there was a great depression, the need to consult with your doctor.

You can resolve these problems and, thus, increase the power folk media. Steam Sauna can also help strengthen the male potency. When a man is cooked in a water bath with a birch broom, he not only gets the psychological satisfaction. This steam helps to clean the body and improve the blood supply of all organs.

Maintain a high level of testosterone. Do everything you can to increase your.

Special exercises

Increases the sexual appetite of temporary abstinence. Therefore, you can try to make sex is not so common. Your sexual appetite and the power of the increase.

Many people wonder how to increase sexual stamina. Under sexual stamina understand the maximum duration of sexual intercourse. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to train RS — a muscle located between the testicles and the anus. This is possible through Kegel exercises, which consists in the reduction of this muscle. Start this exercise is best not more than 50 or 100 cuts to the classroom. It is important to maintain a constant and gradual increase of the speed of the exercises.

Be sexually active a man of prestige. Violation in this area bring a lot of inconvenience. Particularly serious this problem is, on average, and old age. But if the use of natural drugs and maintain a correct way of life, sexual activity is maintained for a long period of time. The man can dispense medications, maintaining its power folk media.