Chinese balls power - All about male potency

Pharmaceutical companies offer different options, however, for in addition to the expected effect of medical drugs give you side-effects.

chinese balls for the power

Chinese balls for the power of safe alternative to the traditional, and often expensive medicines. The main components of entry into the chinese balls — substances of natural origin. They act in the organism a gradual and very soft. In article we will talk about the composition of the drug and explain what the balls to improve power can be purchased.

Composition chinese balls

The majority of medications to improve the potency, contains as part of some and the same substance, but in different concentrations. A look at each one of them.

The Root Sticky

In China, this medicinal plant believe means, that, in the first place, invigorate the blood". It normalizes metabolic processes, improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

Is not the whole list of pharmacological (medicinal) effects:

  1. It improves the composition of blood. Normalizes the number of red blood cells, the greater variety of cells in the blood. Helps in anemia (low level of red blood cells, anemia), and a strong palpitation, resolves paleness of the face, dizziness, and headaches.
  2. It reduces the blood pressure. Applies as a folk remedy for diseases of the blood and hypertensive disorders.
  3. Prevents the stagnation of blood. Reduces the viscosity and the coagulation of the blood, making it warns the formation of clots of blood, call the blood vessels.

In addition, the plant facilitates the term of diabetes dependent on insulin.


Saffron, first of all, it is known as the seasoning, with which you can enhance the taste of culinary products. But cooking is not the only area of application. The saffron is added in many chinese medicines such as pain relievers and have anti-depression tool.

It helps to deal with the neurological, improves the functioning of the brain and has beneficial effects on the power.

Lotus leaf

This plant is often found in the Middle East or in Asia. More the name of a flower "the Sacred lotus". This title is more than justified — lotus leaves have a number of pharmacological effects:

  1. Contains a large amount of phytochemicals elements. Effective in fighting bacteria and fungi.
  2. It relieves the spasms and relieves the pain.
  3. Normalizes the level of cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and expands the blood vessels.


Cordyceps is a fungus, known by its rich composition and pharmacological properties. Contains many fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is often found in the form of active food supplements and is part of the chinese balls to improve sexual health.

Cordyceps has a number of pharmacological effects:

  1. Struggling with pathogenic micro-organisms;
  2. Displays the body, degradation products and toxic substances;
  3. Increases the tonus of muscle tissue;
  4. Has an antioxidant effect;
  5. Alert allergic reactions;
  6. Restores the strength, after hard physical labor, mental, surge, of strong tensions;
  7. Improves the metabolism;
  8. Struggling with disorders of the nervous system: headache, dizziness, depression and insomnia.

The seahorse

Seahorse fish. The components included in the seahorse, are natural aphrodisiacs and stimulants of sexual appetite. Sea horse, normalizes the blood flow in the genitals, allowing the power increases, the sexual energy becomes more pronounced, and the general state of the organism improves.