The nuts for potency in men - the types and their useful properties

Representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of age, to improve power, apply the medical funds, revenues from traditional healers.

the nuts for the power

Popular medicine in solving this problem it is recommended the use of the nuts for potency in men. This product is a real gold mine of useful substances. Each type or grade of walnut has original elements and applies to the treatment and prevention of various diseases. What are the nuts in the most useful to the power – we will deal with in this publication.

The composition of nuts

The effect of nuts on the power, and the body – the most versatile, because these fruits have in common is that they have the following composition:

  • A large amount of vitamin E;
  • Trace elements and nutrients: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and calcium, manganese, potassium and zinc;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Other organic acids.

Types of nuts

Any type of nut contains the above ingredients in some proportion, by the different that affect the sexual function of men. Which the nuts are useful for maximum power – a closer look.


Help walnut power? Yes, this is more of a useful product in this regard. There is a lot of time the fruits of this tree are used as remedies. Fans of oriental medicine claim that the brown healing the liver, the heart and the brain.

Healers recommend recipes for the power, in that the main components of honey and nuts.

Nuts with honey for men – effective wizard to increase the power, as well as the strengthening of the sexual life. Due to the presence of zinc and other elements, occurs a positive impact on growth, as well as the development of the sex glands. Simultaneously, there occurs the formation of a clear work of prostate, to normalize the testosterone levels.

Through the consumption of such a product are achieved by the following objectives:

  1. Improves the sexual life;
  2. Increases the power;
  3. Occurs the elimination of the manifestations of adenoma of the prostate;
  4. Normalizes the level of hormones in the blood;
  5. It is normal to work thyroid.


Hazelnuts – an important product in the solution of a delicate problem. Such nuts with honey for the potency of the male sex and the body are essential. Forest fruits have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helping to deter excessive irritability and anxiety. Eat moderately kernel hazelnut, can normalize psychological background, to avoid impotence psychogenic development.

In the use of hazelnut occurs the activation of sexual glands, that are in the testicles. The result comes in a male body the necessary volume of highly testosterone, it is necessary to keep the level of libido, the growth of the frequency of erections.

Pine nuts

A cure for many ills, are considered the fruit of the cedar. Pinions for the power valuable for the fact that they are rich in micronutrients, and acids, making urinary sphere gets what she needs.

As pine nuts affect the potency.

Various studies have proven the beneficial effects of pine nuts in power, because the oil of the fruit eliminates fatigue, activates the body, filling it with energy. For this purpose they recommend you apply the oil of nuts of the cedar of 1 St. l. three times a day. High content of b vitamins, copper, boron, phosphorus and, especially, zinc is well affect the operation and mature genital (prostate). Without the presence of zinc can be a normal sex cells in men, the be developed the necessary hormones. The synthesis of hormones run the thyroid, and for it to work properly, it is necessary to iodine. Cedar nuts as well if the deficiency of this element.

Pine nuts should be consumed in its raw form, fill them in dishes and desserts. Healers offer unique revenue, contributing to the normalization of the activity of the urinary, and of the function:

  • Dye. For your kitchen you will need the fruits of the bark of cedar (500 g) and 0.5 liters of vodka. Mix all and leave for 2 weeks to the infusion.
  • You can prepare the drug of peeled. 200 g will need a glass of vodka. Insist medicine 35 days. Drink 5 to 25 drops daily.

Nutmeg, almonds, and peanut

Which nuts enhance the power yet? To help recover sexual context:

  • Nutmeg;
  • Almonds;
  • Peanut.

The basis of such products created recipes to improve potency. However, you should know how to take nutmeg to the power and other similar fruits. The products beneficially act on the body only in small amounts. The main of their work is the stimulation of the cardiovascular framework, as well as the strengthening of the CNS. Drugs based on nuts, are used men, that I have faced with diminished sexual power, by reason of:

  1. Permanent stress;
  2. Mood swings;
  3. The Overdrive before you have sex;
  4. The chronic fatigue syndrome.

By examining the question, what are the nuts in the most useful to the power, please note-if the value of almonds to the stronger sex. In mature seeds of this plant there is a huge amount of fatty acids of oils and proteins of very high digestibility of the milk. This nutmeg – a gold mine of essential amino acids, it gives the possibility of the person being in great physical shape. A daily intake of a certain number of nuts:

  1. Will improve the relief of the muscles;
  2. Increase self-confidence.

This effect is immeasurable to anyone who has problems dealing with women. In the composition of the fruit has a unique, complex, mineral, glucose, and enzymes, as well as vitamins, acting in conjunction with powerful antioxidant. Doctors recommend drugs with almonds in case of problems with the design. The substances healthy fruit contribute to the increase of the seed production on male material.

The more caloric and more nutritious product, in the category of nuts, peanuts. This is often recommend the men about erection disorders, sterility, prostatic. The regular intake of peanuts quickly regains hormonal balance, increases the activity of sperm, speeds up the production of testosterone. Wanting to diversify the daily management of the menu, you can use a variety of recipes that help to improve power. It is useful to use nuts with honey, cream of milk, meat, fruit and vegetables, condiments and spices.


Coconut famous, who is able very much to strengthen the power: as a stimulant it is used in many medical drugs.

Properties effective to enhance the erection has as the pulp of the coconut, and the milk.

The chemical composition of coconut is that it is entirely of vitamin B6 and fiber. It is an excellent tool of victory over the atherosclerosis. Especially diligently is working on it lyurinova acid that is present in the composition of coconut.

Pistachio and other nuts

What are the nuts for the power, you can use in your daily life? Many positive comments left men, uselawsome pistachio. A group of Turkish doctors of the clinic recommend to their clients every day to eat 100 grams of pistachio. After 20 days for the average data IM (international index of erectile function) increased from 36 to 54 points, which points to a clear improvement.

However, not only are these fruits contribute to the strengthening of the erection. Doctors in the Italian hospital in Turin for sure that eating just 7 brazil nuts daily, the man improves the quality and quantity generated of sperm. The increase of the amount of fats poly-unsaturated, vitamins, micro and macro, are in this product, has a positive effect on male fertility.

Useful recipes

To achieve the maximum effect, you should eat nuts with other components and, necessarily, in its raw form. Nuts with honey power is a unique formula to achieve a positive result. There are different variations on this subject need to take the components of the same or of different proportions. You can use the following recipe with honey and nuts for the output:

  • 100 g of nuts mix with a tablespoon of honey;
  • Consume composition 1 teaspoonful before sleep.

Recommends the use of a and another schema for consumption: 1 decimal. l. after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The course was designed in a month. To help deal with the problem of honey, nuts, dried apricots, raisins, and lemon. These products for power are considered to be the most effective.

Here is the recipe of the famous festival with the cream of milk, able to safely and quickly recover the output:

  • Carefully knock down the three egg yolks with a mixer;
  • Add 250 g of milk cream;
  • Mix all the ingredients together, making smooth;
  • In .lOrien a mixture of pepper 50 g carefully walnuts crushed;
  • Add the parsley, finely their cutting;
  • The cocktail is necessary to drink for a couple of hours before intimacy.


The nuts for the power may not completely eliminate the problem. It is also important to observe the following requirements:

  1. Avoid alcohol and smoking;
  2. Exercise-if;
  3. Get rid of stressful situations.

It is forbidden to fill more than three-quarters of the stomach itself. Sumptuous meals, it is not possible to end the sexual contact. Before intimacy recommended day to stick to the liquid diet. When it is unacceptable after a minimum of four hours, and only after that start the sexual intercourse.