How to increase the power in the house quickly

The power for each man, one of the main aspects of life, which directs not only the stability of the physical, but also psychological health. But, unfortunately, the problems with sexual function may start at any time and the reason is that more different. For example, even a stressful situation can easily affect the sexual stamina of a man. Therefore, the question arises how it is possible to recover or increase the power independently? There are several different ways, that promise in the shortest possible time to improve erection and make sexual intercourse more long. But, to begin with, it is necessary to understand the causes, in which occurs a sexual dysfunction.

What affects the power.


Significant reduction of power can influence not only the causes of the physiological, but also by external factors.

Psychological causes

Nerve disorders affect sexual health. Regular situations of stress, worries, fights strike at the psychological state, the result is reflected in the quality of the sexual relationship. Among all the psychological causes, it is possible to highlight the following points:

  • The fear of the first sexual intercourse with a new partner (insecurity in their abilities, the fear of inability to satisfy the woman).
  • Moral injury young age (when the boys were negative association after the first sexual experience).
  • Sexual failures (if a day the men were observed erection problems, there is a fear of defeat, which leads to a marked decrease in sexual desire, and, as a consequence, the power).
  • Physical unattractiveness partner (when externally, the man does not draw a partner, so the libido is drastically reduced, which leads to a lack of erection).
  • Regular stress (all psychological disorders, build up and end up affecting the sexual life)


When a man has a long period of time was not sex, or he or she is not regular, then it increases the probability of temporary reduction of power. To solve this problem is very easy through regular practice of sex

The effect of drugs

Often, many drugs are able to affect the erection. For example, the problem may be the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which are attributed to medicines, can reduce the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. During the therapy for the nervous system, the side effect will be the slowing down natural reactions of the body. Therefore, the above treatment is contraindicated, for men with weak potency.

Also receiving some drugs in a similar way acts on the health of men:

  • Hormonal medications.
  • Medicines narcotic nature.
  • Drugs for the blocking of nerve endings.

This is a temporary problem, therefore, solve the problem, in fact, the cessation of drugs.

The congestion of blood

The couple

Because of the hydrodynamic of the life of man can be observed in the stagnant processes in blood.

The problem, of nature neurological

Among the diseases that affect the male strength such as:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Surgical intervention in the region of the spinal cord.
  • Parkinson's Disease.
  • Sclerosis diffuse

Bad habits

Without a doubt, dependency, nicotine, the regular consumption of alcoholic drinks and the use of drugs not only degrade the health, but also affect significantly the power output.

The age factor

According to statistics established, which, after forty years, and men of strength begins gradually to disappear, therefore, may face problems of sexual dysfunction. At fifty years old, the body of man begins to produce testosterone in significantly smaller quantities, which affects the erectile dysfunction.

And healthy lifestyle

It is natural that the lifestyle of a man determines his sexual power. The deterioration of the erection you can take:

  • Poor diet (consumption of fatty foods).
  • The excess of weight.
  • Sleep disturbances, lack of vacation normal.
  • Too much work


Sometimes, dysfunction problems function can become carriers of diseases of the urinary system and other organs (heart, kidneys, thyroid, brain). Therefore, it is necessary to perform regular diagnosis of the body, and in a timely manner to resolve the disease

Worrying symptoms

The lack of interest in the process of sexual intercourse — one of the reasons to consult a specialist.

About treatment should reflect, when the problem of erection occurs not for the first time. Cheerleaders have the following signs of reduced sexual desire and libido:

  • The lack of interest in the process of sexual intercourse.
  • The lack of an erection spontaneously.
  • The lack of erection.
  • Erection is not enhanced during sexual intercourse.
  • The inability to complete the sexual act.

If we consider the symptoms from the point of view of the male anatomy, then the reason is sufficient for the filling of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. As a result the body loses the hardness during erection. In parallel, the erectile function can affect the psychological factor.

After the identification of such symptoms, should immediately contact a specialist to establish the exact cause of the dysfunction.

This is important! If the exact cause of sexual impotence is not installed, then self-medicate is strictly prohibited. After all, incorrect therapy may cause impotence.

You can increase the power for a day?


When the loss of normal capacity to perform the sexual act, the man excites the only question is, how can I improve the power. This is possible, this is just the effect would not be of long duration (3 to 5 hours). For this, it is advisable to use special tools. They can be, as a place of action, and for oral administration. Action of gels and ointments occurs on account of an active substance that is absorbed in the tissue of the penis, which enhances not only the erection but also the sensitivity of the organ. As a result, there is a strong sexual desire, the duration of sexual intercourse increases. The same action has a pre-formed shape.

This is only the choice of the incentive funds are worth paying attention to in the composition. It's worth remembering that only natural components are not capable of harming the general health. Apply these tools, you have ten to fifteen minutes before the start of sexual intercourse, after studying carefully the manual and all kinds of counter-indications.

The gain of power and increase of the penis through exercises

As you can see, there is a special group of exercise which is able to not only resolve problems with the power, but also to make the sexual organ a bit more. It is an exercise, a traction force of character, resembling masturbation. As a result of regular exposure to the member is improving the blood circulation, which leads to increased power and the growth of tissue through the supply of cells in the cavernous body and blood.


  • Pre-body need to warm up. To do this, you can apply warm salt heater or taking a herbal bath for baby.
  • Erection should be 50-60%. If you make when the absolute erection, this could end up injury.
  • To facilitate the process must use a lubricant, and after application to the body to start acting.
  • To start the exercise, you need to tighten bracelet member at the base of the large ring and index finger.
  • Holding the body of the ring has to stretch from the base up to the head, reducing the compression force.
  • You can then change the hand, but the impact on the body, should always occur in one direction (from the base up to the head) and with the same force.
  • Manipulations are performed regularly over the course of three weeks.

Result: the organ increases in length and thickness, disappear erection problems.

The increased potency folk media

For today, the techniques, that includes alternative medicine, very effective and absolutely safe to the health, therefore, can be applied men at any age. Exception will only be the idiosyncrasy of one form or another substance.

Non-conventional therapy to improve the power make up cleansing herbal rates (tea, decoction, tincture), with the regular use you can observe the following effect:

  • The stimulation of the normal blood circulation.
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes (can also be the cause of lack of erection).
  • Stimulates the protective function of the immune system.
  • Normalize hormonal.
  • Improve the psychological condition.

Together, these indicators positively affect the health of men in general, thus eliminating the possible erection problems.