The alcohol and the power men have an effect on the body

Practically every representative of the stronger sex want to perpetuate their sexual functions, and with fear of your losing, but not everyone understands how damaging the influence of alcohol on the potency in men. And, in fact, frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, even in small doses, can initiate the development of a number of diseases of the urinary system.

the influence of alcohol on the power

Disturbances that occur in the processes of sexual severity, of excitation, the occurrence and the duration of erection, are suffering from 37 to 42% of the male population between the ages of 30 to 55 years! Decrease in sexual desire affects not the best way, as in the sexual health and emotional and physical able men.

The alcohol and the power

Most of the patients do not stop to think about the disturbances of erection, even that would be no problem. Generally, impotence affects men and excited about alcohol, about 35-40 years.

At a young age, the alcohol can act exciting, what makes young people almost always before intimacy you consume beverages with alcohol content. Alcohol expands the blood vessels, providing blood flow to all tissues, including the small pelvis. From this erection seems more durable. But, in fact, the alcohol in consequence, the forest of the vessels, which leads to terrible consequences.

The reflection causes that men consume drinks with a little each time before sex. Gradually, the alcohol depresses sexual function, the work of the nervous system, promotes the deterioration of the tension of the blood. The sex becomes increasingly rare, but the man justifies the stress, the fatigue, not realizing that worth is already on the threshold of impotence.

Signs of impotence in a young age, with the beginning of rapid ejaculation, slow erection. In a moment erection is simply not enough, that it is taken first to fire, with all the times. But on the disorder are repeated, each time more, become a regular business.

Soon falls, and self-esteem in the physical place of powerlessness comes more and psychological. Impotence are resulting in the depletion of the prostate, changes in its operation. The erectile tissues may not be able to fully fill up with blood, the member becomes slow, if it devalues the sexual act.

Many times you can hear, what with the alcohol, the sexual act lasts for a longer time that they are proud of. In fact, this occurs due to a malfunction of the nervous system, consumers simply decreases the sensitivity. All the signs of excitation and braking, just not in a timely manner, reach the nerve centers and receptors of the body, the man is disoriented.

Action of beer about the power men

The beer is one of the oldest drinks. Due to the low percentage of alcohol often and in large quantities to consume men and women. However, the beer is extremely dangerous, especially for potency in men.

The effect of beer on a potency in men is not limited to this. The observation showed that beer can cause infertility, increase the appetite, so that men often suffer from excess weight.

To get rid of alcoholism often use the encoding method, or the sewing of capsules, from which it is released slowly the medicine. Men interested in the question "is that the encoding of alcoholism on the power?". Experts in one voice declare about the safety of such a procedure for men's health. In addition, by getting rid of alcohol dependency, you get the chance to bring back the potency and erection to its previous state.

"We do not call to completely abandon the alcohol, but to review the number of your admission. According to studies and research, in the use of 40 grams of alcohol in any form, comes the fog, drunk feels a feeling high, of vivacity of spirit. Single consumption of 40 grams of alcohol, such as, for example, 100 grams of vodka, leading to an increase in sexual desire due to the relaxation subcortical reflexes and the awakening of the instinct of procreation. The reality shows that 250 grams of vodka (100 grams of alcohol at a time, make the men impotent for some time. Regular the addiction to alcohol results in a constant highlight of impotence.

The power will gradually

Drinkers people reduced sexual gradually. First, disappear the dreams of erotic content, and morning erection and ejaculation involuntary. Healthy men feel described the state minimum (1 to 2 times per month.

With time, disappears erection. Tough long-lasting erection becomes a rarity, and the sexual act lasts a little, you can end with the abrupt disappearance of erection and the inability of greater intimacy. In our time, science is, by far, has taken a step forward and you can take equivalent of levitra to raise the erection.

Changes, and orgasm. First you need to make an effort to achieve it. Early can not step the time, or vice-versa, very fast, not bringing the fun. With time, you can completely disappear early. The orgasm brings no more meet, what's more, it can become painful. The more a man exposes himself more and psychological changes. He loses the interest to the intimate, to the wife. That is, it becomes psychological them powerless.

The more plus power you can pick up the alcohol?

the power and alcohol

The abuse of alcohol is one of the first concerns in many countries. The population tends to alcoholism from an early age, and all "thanks" to the advertising, correctly structured leisure, social reality, psychological and physical tension.

Alcoholic style of life — is the opposite of healthy. Unfortunately, the alcohol became in the first cause of mortality among the working-age population. Now there are a large number of cases of psychosis alcoholic, is an extremely serious form of abuse of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism is a social addiction. It not only destroys the person, but the negative impact on society as a whole.

The negative action of alcohol on the body starts with the action on the nervous system. The brain and spinal cord is one of the agencies that actively consume energy. As a result of alcohol poisoning occurs depletion of tissue oxygen to the brain. The result of a long period of alcoholism — the neuronal death and dementia. Irreversible results abuse of alcoholic beverages — death of the cerebral cortex, it expresses the exhaustion.

Not only the nervous system suffers from this pernicious habit. The alcohol disturbs the rhythm of the heart, causes ischemic disease, myocardial infarction, increased blood pressure.

Alcohol, especially in combination with tobacco causes serious diseases of the respiratory system. Thus, alcoholics are often found in tuberculosis, pulmonary emphysema, fast.

Not ignore terrible habits, and the endocrine system. According to statistics, every third men, who often drink alcohol, problems with potency and erection.

The health of the men is only in your hands. When the problem begins with the power, it is necessary to access the experts, changing habits, style of life. Stick to the correct life style and your health will not let you down.