Effective physical exercises for the power

Even the young, physically healthy men can happen failures in the loving front, which will leave them and their young the mass of unpleasant sensations. Tobacco, alcohol, weakness and stagnation of blood in the organs of the pelvis, related with styles of professions, and attachment to the hobby, contribute to erectile dysfunction, and can cause diseases of the prostate. When the equipment is fiasco not related with severe forms of adenoma of the prostate or hormonal serious dysfunctions, exercises of power to help you recover the lost speed. If you perform the loading of the male sex, the bias for the purposes of prevention, really is to significantly improve the power output and avoid difficulties in the future.

exercises to improve power

It is clear that, in the case of unexpected failure much more easy to escape to a pharmacy, means, which, as if by magic, to lead all back to normal. In addition, that this is a panacea important it is worth, it has many side effects. For today, artificial pleasure in the near future, you will have to pay the damage-be and even greater problems. Exercises even for the normalization of blood circulation and muscle strengthening of a support frame and took it to fight the desire of becoming an actor. Enough for the stuffing of the corpora cavernosa and muscles stronger, without any chemical allow semi strong to have full intimate life and get rid of the psychoses, tracking the deterioration of power.

Integrated facility for the recovery and increase the power

Only regular exercise will provide a tangible, tough, in all senses, the result. Miracles promise of the marketing services of pharmaceutical companies, but in real life considerable efforts will be needed, but they sure are correct. Ideally, the exercises you should do daily or at least a day, in the morning or during the day, on an empty stomach.

Twist hula-Hoop

Rotation of the pelvis to different sides to help disperse the blood, stretch the bones and prepare the body for the next exercise. Standing, feet placed, the hands touch the mouth, you can start with twenty or thirty laps in each direction, gradually increasing the number of laps up to fifty. Exercises for power will not only improve circulation, but to train the muscles of the spine, which are responsible for they try to hide.

Above the foot

Standing, back straight, arms out. The active step in the local, highly tiranizando his knees, taking the chest. If you are not able, in a first time help with the hands. Start with thirty cranes on each leg, to bring up the fifty.


Standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, with your knees straight, deep slopes to the front to the palm of the hand touched the ground, when the problems with the flexibility enough to touch with fingers. You can start with twenty arches, but gradually, adding a few pieces to bring up the fifty. The ideal amount to strengthen the back muscles and improve the blood circulation in the spine, which is important to the genitals and the power.


Lying on your back, bend the knees, standing on the floor, arms lie along, down with the palms of the hands. Lift the pelvis, as much as they can and slowly lower, without lifting the blades and feet. Run it a dozen times, pause, repeat. Start with three approaches, to bring the maximum of five.


Lying on your back, bend the knees and dilute in one hand, with firmness and feet flat on the floor, arms relaxed. Stretch internal muscles, arises when the feeling that everyone in and around the penis and the anus, gathered in the group, it relates to relax. How much more will better reflect, repeat ten times. One of the most important exercises to regain the power that you can try to do and throughout the day, alternating between tension and muscle relaxation, standing, sitting, lying down.

Sit on the hard disk of a stool or a chair, arms extended, back straight, torso slightly leaned forward, hands touch the mouth. Strongly straining muscles of the perineum, how to stick to a chair, taking care not to stumble on the buttocks, delay, relax. Run a dozen attempts.


Through sit, dilute down on their knees, before pulling a hand, tighten the muscles of the anus. It is slow to perform the rotation of the pelvis from one side to the other within a minute. In less than muscle strengthening to bring the duration of the exercise up to three minutes, you can do several approaches.

We keep the ball

Will need a small (up to 20 cm diameter), plastic or a rubber ball. Of walk, a little bending of the legs, place the ball between your knees and tensing of buttocks, its very tighten. Starting with thirty repetitions to bring up the fifty.


Standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, arms extended to the front. Squat down slowly until the half, with a force to compress the buttocks, to stay longer in a few seconds, the slowly rise and relax. Enough of twenty repetitions.

The exercises for the power of easy running, do not require physical preparation, it will not take much time for the neglect of them, citing the employment. Dedicating himself to these half-hour, the men saving you a lot more, avoiding the need of manual work of chemists and physicians.