32 ways to increase your power men popular tools 3 days

Let's take 32 ways to increase your power of popular media for 3 days or more, the representatives of the stronger sex.

Which is useful

1. Honey with walnuts

  1. Both lead in the same proportion and thoroughly mixed, nuts, you must first grind.
  2. The mixture is consumed at a rate of 2 teaspoons after meals, with milk, morning and evening.

In addition to the fact that:

  • this mix gives you the same vitamins that you should take normally throughout the day.
  • help develop the hormones.

2. Pomegranate juice

pomegranate juice

If you drink the pomegranate juice about a month , every day, then you are already почувствуется effect.

At least in the circle during the day.

He is good, because it improves the circulation of blood and as a result, accelerates the swelling of the body.

Therefore, pomegranate juice is an excellent popular tool to increase the potency in men, without side effects.

3. Turnip

  • The turnip is useful to combat erectile dysfunction. This vegetable is eaten as in the form of fresh, and weld to the sac in the water.
  • Cooking can be, and in the milk, which will only increase the effect.
  • You can mix the vegetable with the other, making a salad. For example, a salad of carrot and turnip.

4. Carrot juice

  • You can drink half a cup three times a day, after meals.
  • The carrot, by itself improves the blood circulation and the flow of blood in the pelvis, increases the fighting the health of the male organ.

5. The tincture of the berries of ash, shrubs, and leaves of gooseberry

Let us look at the following method of preparation of dyes to improve the power of popular tools in the men's house.

  1. Take the berries of ash in amount of 150 grams of berries rosehips 50 grams and leaves of the gooseberry, also, in the amount of 50 grams. Everything is washed and pour a liter of water.
  2. Begin to boil. When ferventis that remain in the fire for 20 minutes.
  3. Let it cool down. Now you can drink 3 times a day, in the amount of 200 ml at a time.

6. The banana and yogurt

How do you make this mixture:

  1. Charge half of a banana and put in a mug, where it is crushed until the dense mass.
  2. Pour the mug with a mass of yogurt, add the sugar to taste, and carefully stirred until complete dissolution.
  3. Delicious and it is useful to drink after meals or before training.
  4. Instead of yogurt can use varenets or cream.

Pros mix

  • In addition, the fact that, by itself, the banana helps to increase the duration of copulation and improves male strength. We have already written about the increase of the resistance in the bed, with a good tricks for this.
  • And dairy products to improve reproductive resources and the performance of the seed.
  • Together, they give a greater effect, and the mixture is considered men popular tool to increase the power quickly.

7. Some of the fruits of the sea

  1. Lula;
  2. Cancers;
  3. Mussels and oysters;
  4. Mackerel;
  5. Rapana.

All these fruits of the sea are considered to be aphrodisiacs and always increase the activity on the bed.

8. Allium tincture

Finely are the crush ritalin two cloves of garlic and normal, pour in the boiled water. A mixture let it ferment for two weeks. Then, consumed in a quantity of one teaspoon per day.

In general, by itself, garlic is always useful for the stronger sex on the bed.

9. A drug from dried fruit and wine

  1. Take in the amount of 100 grams of apricots aridae, prunes and raisins, respectively. They effundam cinnamon to taste and also sugar a tablespoon. As condiments buds of cardamom and clove.
  2. In the obtained mixture lead to a good red dry wine and tired of a small fire: the first half-hour with незакрытой cover and after so much time with the well closed.
  3. It is sweet to take the drug in the treatment of potency in men popular tools in the amount of 3 times in a day.

10. Celery

  • In it, a stimulant hormone of desire in relation to women.
  • Use it on your vegetables, salads or eat as a meat dish.
  • Some like the soup of puree of this ingredient. Add as a seasoning to морепродуктам. Still drink juice of celery.
  • You can use its leaves, stems. It is also useful, and the root.

11. Stewed or roasted tomatoes


It is best to consume the plant after the heat treatment. That is, it is better to extinguish them, or waves.

In this form they are stronger and increase the function of sexual glands. The tomatoes also add in pizza, or in a paste.

12. The soup special recipe

In the old popular tool to increase the potency in men after 50 will be this special of a meat soup. It will also be useful for young people.

Recipe is:

  1. To take soup meat with bone bovine meat (also suitable for rabbit meat, equus expensive or turkey), finely are the crush ritalin onion the onion. There also add chopped turnips and carrots.
  2. All of this is boiled in water and then boiled 30 minutes, adding the parsley.
  3. Eat a hot dish, condimentum his cream.

13. The berries of buckthorn

The fruits of hawthorn useful in any way:

  • salads with the oil of buckthorn;
  • mare buckthorn juice;
  • the tea of the berries of the buckthorn;
  • jams and jellies.

How to boil the tea-buckthorn

  1. Take the berries of buckthorn and pour already coctum water in a ratio of 3 tablespoons of fruit in half a liter of boiling water.
  2. Insist about half an hour.
  3. Then, drink the obtained mixture, отфильтровав her berry, with a cup, two times throughout the day.
  4. It is a folk remedy for the power of men of quick action, you can drink, and along with the honey.

The berries of buckthorn improve strength male struggling with impotence and regulate the production of hormones.

14. Coturnix or the chicken egg

Eggs Coturnix can be consumed either in its raw form, and in the form of an omelette. The chicken egg is undesirable to be consumed in its raw form.

You can make an omelet with the eggs and add the onion, which increases the effect.

15. Dairy products

It is useful to drink the milk itself, or to wash them the second. It improves the reproductive capacity.

In addition, for male power include the following dairy products:

  • koumiss;
  • the milk sour;
  • cottage cheese;
  • kefir;
  • cheese;
  • the cream of milk.

Watch the following video, which talks about the people tools to increase power for men of different ages.

16. What is the best green

Between the green occupy a special place:

  1. Salsa (normalizes and increases the level of male hormones).
  2. Spinach (normalizes the circulation of blood in the body).
  3. The onion (improves the production of testosterone and increases libido).

All these types of vegetation are good that they can be added as a seasoning to the first, the second dish, or in salads.

Add the vegetables in your diet and less parts about how to increase potency in men at home.

17. Porridge, dried berries and dried fruits

  • In equal parts take the raisins, peeled, plums, figs and walnuts peeled walnuts.
  • All of this well mixed and crushed. You can add honey to taste.
  • Eating is after lunch , and two tablespoons.
  • We have this useful and at the same time delicious way to increase potency in men folk media.
  • To wash the porridge, you can take varenets or простоквашу to taste.

18. Do the exercise, Kegel

It is an old exercise wise даосов to increase male power and also avoid the premature termination of the session. It is very popular and practical.

  1. The essence of this exercise is the voltage pubis-coccygeal muscles (which helps us to stop the jet of liquid in the bathroom, when you go to a small).
  2. You can do short of tension and relaxation of this muscle, or the next tension for a few seconds. You can run anywhere, after all, no one will guess.
  3. Another form of exercise. When the male organ is in readiness for the combat, you can force it to jump through the compression and relaxation of this same muscle Kegel. We have already told about the execution of Kegel exercises for men at home.

19. Do exercises for the pelvis and not only


Use the physical exercises need to necessarily, especially if you is a lot of sitting at work.

It all boosts the blood in the pelvis, and improves the flow of blood in the genital organ.


  • Normal squat.
  • Elevation of the knee in standing up to shoulder level, alternately, the different of your feet.
  • Exercises press (hands behind the head, the feet are fixed, to raise and lower the body).
  • Do jogging at the long it is the ancient and proven a popular tool to enhance male potency.
  • Exercises for the glutes. For example, "лодочка" (lying on the stomach takes and тянешь to the front, the hands, and the same with the feet, but in the opposite direction).
  • Stretching of the muscle.
  • Useful rotation movement of the pelvis.

20. Pumpkin seeds or oil of cucurbita

Pumpkin seeds improve libido, restore male strength.

Still cucurbita oil increases reproductive functions, improve the production of male hormones.

Useful pumpkin seeds along with honey:

  1. Pumpkin seeds and cheese video finely ground.
  2. Mixed with honey in the same proportion and consume about 5 times during the day a tablespoon.

21. The dye of the roles of nettles, ingredient for soups

  • The leaves of nettle to wash up and give просушиться. Then, your finely ground beans.
  • Then, nettles, pour the boiled water in the proportion of 100 grams of 300 мл. let it ferment for.
  • Take the mixture 3 times a day before eating.
  • Washed nettle leaves is also added to soups, side dishes.
  • Pros nettle is that it improves the libido, the sexual force. The use of a piece of stinging nettle is a good answer to the question about what folk remedies increase potency in men.

22. Ginger with honey

  • The ginger dry, along with honey in equal proportion, consumed three times a day for half a teaspoon. It is all a matter of запивают water.
  • The ginger not only stimulates the male power but also strengthens the immune system.

23. The tincture of the berries of asparagus

  • Charge 11 of the berries of asparagus, washed and let it ferment for in a thermos with boiled water in a volume of 400 ml of approximately 7 hours.
  • That is a mixture of consuming meals 50 ml, three times a day.
  • Asparagus is good for the prevention of diseases of the prostate and of the increase of male potency.

24. Tincture of ginseng root

  1. The root of the ginseng in the form of powder, pour in the vodka. The root is taken, in the proportion of 1 to 20 vodka, respectively.
  2. Dye put in a place of closed light rays, and not to play within two weeks.
  3. Use a mixture of 20 drops, 2 times throughout the day, before a meal.
  4. Ginseng is useful because it increases the amount of male hormones and improves the reproductive capacity eagle.
  5. Ginseng is considered to be in a society popular tool, offering the potency in men. There is only one thing. It is not recommended to drink before sleeping.

25. Tincture of thyme

  1. Charge of inflorescences of a bush, washed and pour coctum water in a ratio of 1 to 2. The mixture give rest for a day. Then, drink 2 to 3 times a day.
  2. Tincture of thyme useful to prevent the appearance of impotence or prostatitis, it arranges the production of hormones.

26. A mixture of cilantro and parsley

Coriander dried and crushed. Adds the parsley and all of this, pour in the boiled water. The mixture give rest for a day. Dye drink, full meal or even just during the day.

27. The tincture of the flowers, the st. john's wort

  • Flowers of st. john's wort washed and boiled in water in the proportion of 100 grams to 300 ml of water for 10 minutes.
  • Настойке give rest for 24 hours. Drink about 3 times a day, in the amount of 50 г.
  • Dye restores the circulation of blood in the body, including in the pelvic organs.
  • St. john's wort is considered to be one of the good herbs increases the potency in men, and the popular tool to increase the libido.

28. The mixture of the root of the аира

  1. The rhizome is аира ground finely and pour the vodka in a ratio of 2 tablespoons in 150 ml, respectively.
  2. The mixture give rest for three days. Then I drink 10 drops two times per day.
  3. Still the root of this herb аира we chew as chewing gum.
  4. Pros the root of the grass in the fact that it helps to increase the rigidity of virility.

29. Flowers медуницы

  • To customize the take 20 grams of flowers dried медуницы and pour a glass of boiling water.
  • Let it ferment for 15 minutes.
  • Drink received the broth three times a day pre - before eating.
  • You can add herbs in salads, or even the first few dishes.
  • Thus, by using these tips, you will know everything about how to bring back the power men folk through without medications.

30. Compress with ice

  1. Take a little bit of ice, and are the crush ritalin it into small pieces. The shredded particles wrapped in gauze in five layers, to avoid freezing.
  2. Now the gauze with ice alternately apply to the areas of the neck and then the chest and end in the region of the testicles. In each area do not stay more than 1 minute.
  3. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times.

31. Way with the sinapi

  1. Sinapi help to include a point about the point of support, related to the exit of blood from the feet to the sexual organs.
  2. They need to soak in warm water and apply to each plant of the foot. Over the top put thick socks and keep them in such a sauna for your feet approximately 10 minutes.
  3. After washing the feet first, especially in warm water, and then a little cold water. Then rub the feet with a dry towel. This form of application of the sinapi aulæ is considered to be in the men of the people a means to raise the power quickly and for a short period of time.

32. It is useful to the showers or steam baths,

Take it in the morning or before going to bed to take a shower contrast. Type this into a habit.

Their feelings gradually change the temperature of the water, do not jump immediately in ice water.

During the soul always listen to your body: do you feel that frigidus, change for the better and keep yourself warm.

Showers improves the blood flow in the male organ and affects its performance.


  1. Take showers of sensations, as much as possible. This council shared the most wise, the taoists with his disciples.
  2. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Otherwise, it is completely can make you useless in bed.
  3. Stop smoking. Little the fact that this kind of thing is your breath, which is bad, affects the duration of the act, and worsens the production of male hormones.
  4. Less fat, grilled in the diet. That is, don't need to abuse it.
  5. Follow sleep mode, which will reduce the amount of stress and a positive impact on the male power.
  6. Do not forget to do physical exercises, to move more, play sports. Is well helps you keep in shape by the organs of the pelvis.

So this is it. Now that you know a lot of methods and tools to increase the potency in men, immediately gathered in our article.

Will also be effective to apply them in conjunction with the products of our site. God bless you!