How to recover the power after 60 years

When a man has a problem with the intimate life when you reach old age, it becomes relevant for the power recovery, after 60 years of age. The failure can lead to a lack in the body, the substance of testosterone, which allows you to maintain the sexual desire. The output to increase the power becomes an appropriate approach to style of life, refusal of bad habits, the intake of special drugs.

What is power

The pair

The concept of the power of man includes several characteristics: degree of tension of the penis at the time of his elevation, the rate of occurrence of erection, the length and quality of the sexual relationship. Precise criteria to determine the rate of agreement with this indicator, does not exist. Suspect problem may be in the absence of desire and dysfunction of weakness. Failures in healthy men, often starting in adulthood, in virtue of the peculiarities of the aging of the body, life style and diseases.

At what age do men decreases potency

Scientists have proven, that the decrease of the power of the average healthy men occurs after reaching 50 years of age or older. However, the problem with erection and loss of sexual desire can occur before, under the action of negative factors. The initial cause of impotence often become bad habits, bad food, long-term abstinence in adult age, presence of chronic diseases. Determine the best age for taking preventive measures, you can-if, after the search individually.

Health of man after 60 years

The main cause of erectile dysfunction in men after the age of 60 years, doctors believed that the presence of diseases of the blood vessels and hormonal sphere, prostatitis. In elderly patients the stronger sex develops to the climax, which manifests itself with a reduction of the sexual desire for the woman. The treatment of the disease is complicated by the large number of taken medical drugs that may have a negative effect on the power. Therefore, before making the recovery of sexual activity, you must obtain a doctor's advice.

In the midst of reducing the production of testosterone the sexual relations become more rare, it diminishes the excitement. However, this has a negative impact on the health of men. Experts recommend that the representatives of the stronger sex do not limit yourself in intimate contact. According to doctors, regular sexual relations are one of the main methods of how to bring back the power, the prevention of the degradation of the quality of sexual life and desire.

Sex after 60

Advanced age is not the main cause of the deterioration of the sexual activity of a man. The reduction of power of the stronger sex can be caused by the following factors:

  • The lack of diversity in sexual contacts. This is due to the fact that the partner loses the visual appeal, there is a habit.
  • By the enthusiasm of the excessive work leads to a greater concentration of men at work, which affect the decrease of sexual desire.
  • The excess of power, the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, and other bad habits may cause prejudice to the power in adulthood.
  • Overwork, both physical and psychological – this specific factor for many parents, men who have family problems with wife.
  • The disease, especially those related to disturbances in the blood circulation.
  • The fear of sexual intercourse can be caused appearance of failure in the past. In this context, the sex occurs with less frequency, a penis is not subjected to stimulation for a long time, therefore, you can come to the impotence.

How to recover the power


The process of power recovery for the elderly of 60 years, men is composed of a complex of actions intended to improve the general state of the organism and the health of the pelvic organs. The doctors recommend to have recourse to the following measures:

  • One of the most important and fastest ways of how to improve the power of 60 years, is the therapy of diseases of chronic character. Attention need to disease-related changes of the endocrine system (diabetes, hypothyroidism), liver disease, prostate cancer and atherosclerosis. To get rid of impotence are assigned corresponding to the medicines and additives organic. If there is a need, it is possible to surgical intervention.
  • Increasing the potency in men, after 60, done with the help of a special diet. Correction energy should be directed to the improvement of the process of circulation. Healthy eating helps to reduce the cholesterol level, will promote the saturation of the blood with vitamins, minerals and oxygen.
  • It will help to achieve the recovery of sexual function and special physical exercises, which focus on the strengthening of the pelvic muscles.
  • Greater potency in men, after 60 years depends on the regularity of his sexual life. The sex should not occur on schedule, but between the acts of intimacy, should not do major periods.
  • Effective home environment, how to improve erectile function after 60 years of age, will be a variety of broths and teas, prepared from natural ingredients on the recipes.


Today the market offers a great variety of medicines for the recovery of power. These drugs have a positive impact on the state of the blood vessels that feed the sexual system of a man. Tablets and capsules improves the synthesis of enzymes and hormones, which help in the recovery of the erection. The dose and duration of treatment should prescribe the doctor. Popular are the following groups of drugs:

  • the tool, stimulating processes of transfer body;
  • pills used immediately before the start of the sexual relationship;
  • the medicines that contain the hormone testosterone, that are released in the form of ointments, injection, pills, plaster, are called to influence the recovery of sexual function of the man;
  • antidepressants – are named, if the cause of the reduction in power steel psychological problems;
  • gain the power of men, after sixty, and may cause a complex is made up of vitamins E, A, c, e And D.

Home remedies to improve power

Affect the recovery of power, after 60 years of age can some folk remedies:

  • the tincture, made from ginseng alcohol – composition helps restore hormonal balance, metabolic processes, increase resistance;
  • a good stimulant is the plant pollen, collected by bees;
  • cannabis seeds cultivated to contribute to the improvement of spermatogenesis, normalize production of testosterone, beneficial to the recovery of erectile function;
  • after taking the broth, made from the herbs of dubrovnik, gets tough erection.

Correctly power

The elderly

To restore the power after 60 years it is necessary a set of measurements. The proper nutrition is one of the dominant functions. To compile a healthy menu it is necessary to consider that with age, the man needs less protein of animal origin and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is necessary to remove from the diet eggs, meat fat and milk cream. Power recovery promoting the following products:

  • nuts (brazil, pistachio, walnuts), mixed with honey and dried fruit;
  • grains and cereals – will provide particularly useful if you have diabetes;
  • green vegetables: different types of cabbage, asparagus, onion, bell pepper);
  • fruits and berries – eating 0.2 kg per day;
  • salt water fish fatty of varieties, which has, as a part of a lot of acid Omega-3;
  • dairy products, cheese.

Physical activity

To maintain or restore power, the need to lead an active life. Many exercises are able to act purposefully to improve the reproductive function of the stronger sex. For example, classes of Kegel are appropriate not just women, but also men. Exercise helps to increase the elasticity of the pelvic muscles. Helps restore male potency periodic voltage and relax the buttocks during urination. Repeat the necessary movement 40 times to three times per day.

It is useful for the recovery of possibilities for intimate of men, and yoga. This option of physical activity has a section specialized, which is called Kundalini. Exercises of the complex contribute to the flow of male sexual energy, increasing sexual desire, which normalizes the power. Try to use the posture of the butterfly and the snake. Do everything slowly, not to cause injury to the body.