Tool to increase the power in the third age

Medicines against the elderly, but the biological age may not correspond to the real, if the person is involved with your health – with the modern achievements of the medicine if you feel younger than it is real. The men, who want and after 50 years, to keep "a horse", today, tools are available to increase the power in the third age, are available and between drugs, and between the greece of drugs. However, as his harvest, and how much they are safe?

What is power


In the male organism is the primary testosterone, the hormone: it is responsible for the appearance of male traits, resistance and the production of sperm. From the level of testosterone depends on the mood of a man, but he is known as the hormone, causing sexual desire, indirectly, is responsible for a normal erection or potency. This term in a general sense, reflects the body's ability of men to commit regular sexual acts (but not their frequency, and the temperament of the man).

From the medical point of view the power is expressed in:

  • a high tide of blood to the cavernous body of the penis;
  • your increase;
  • the ability to endure a long sexual act.

Natural functions of the body aged, the man can lose:

  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • previous stroke;
  • cardiac and vascular pathologies;
  • the abuse of alcohol, nicotine;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • inflammatory processes and pathologies that affect the vessels of the penis;
  • diseases of the CNS.

What is the age in which a man loses masculine strength

The functioning of the male reproductive system gives a position more slowly that women have more chances of becoming a father there are even in old age. However, the decline of sexual function with time, it is impossible not to notice: erections cause more difficult, ex-pleasure of the sexual act and not even on the excitement too much time is spent. The exact period in which I need to start making an effort to restore the power, to cite only a doctor is capable of: someone, this occurs in 40 to 45 years of age, and someone does not want to increase the libido of up to 60 minutes.

Tool to increase the power in the third age


Due to a series of characteristics of the male body, sexual dysfunctions, for he, even at an advanced age, are not the norm, but always have a specific cause. To make the selection of medicines, procedures and other methods to improve the power required only after discovering the problems that led to its decline. Given the long list affect her factors, doctors may prescribe:

  • inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 (help erection disorders, but they can't increase the libido, which loses an elderly man);
  • tool to increase the power to the base of plants (rates of herbs, homeopathy);
  • the tool, affect the levels of testosterone;
  • tools for the treatment of prostatitis and PR. diseases of the urinary system.

The medicine

The doctors stand several types of medications that help improve the male potency at any age. The most common are stimulants that help to improve sexual function: they give an excellent result, even in individuals older, but of short duration.

Effective Dietary Supplements

The reception natural, medicines professional predominantly do not recommend for the treatment of diseases, and for the sharing to improve the physical capacity of men, and with the goal of prevention, reduction of potency, because their effectiveness is many times smaller than greece synthetic medications.

Increasing the potency in men after 50


At the age of 50 to 55 years, doctors are advised to keep track of the men by the hormonal background – due to the natural reduction of testosterone loss power is normal. Special medications in this age rarely use: it is mainly the professionals who are looking to "disperse" the body in the natural way:

  • increase the level of physical activity;
  • visit several massage sessions for relaxation of the nervous system;
  • to draw attention to the health of the urinary system;
  • increase the amount of protein in the diet.

Increasing the potency in men, after 60

The elderly of a strong half of mankind medications for type Viagra and preview erotic female photo with the problem do not understand, especially if you are lost natural sexual desire. For quick effect to address the question, how to improve erectile function after 60 years of age, not worth the wait. The treatment will be long and complex. You need to:

  • To eliminate the chronic diseases related to the endocrine system and the blood vessels.
  • More enter into the diet foods natural aphrodisiacs (and safer for the elderly – walnuts, cinnamon).
  • Start taking stimulants power, but only selected by your doctor.
  • Take vitamin a supplements, which help to recover the strength of men.

How to improve the power, without medication

If you do not want to touch or folk medicine, or pharmaceutical drugs, you can-if you try to contribute to improve male strength more secure, especially in old age, the methods. Some simple tips that you can use at home:

  • Showers beneficial effect on blood circulation. With the same goal, you can take a bath.
  • Do not underestimate the exercise: help and the classic exercise and exercises for the private parts of the muscles.
  • Change the diet: foods that are recommended for use on a continuous basis, avocado, seafood, strawberries, nuts, citrus fruits.
  • Regular sexual acts also have an excellent effect even in advanced age, because they keep the body in good shape.

Folk remedies

More effective, the plant to enhance the strength of the male professional of the popular medicine called ginseng – it can be used regularly in lectures for the promotion of general health, and conservation of power, it is absolutely safe for the older person. Almost in the same way works the ginseng siberian. You can buy ready-infusion and drink in the morning to 20 drops.

Still a couple of good remedies:

  • Honey mixed with dry red wine 1:1, insist week. Drink before meals 1 St. l. 15 days.
  • Crushed, 10 walnuts (kernel), place 100 ml of cold water, to insist 2 h. Filter, mixing the liquid with 50 g of honey. Take 2 St. l. 3 times a day.


The medical men, who want to know how to recover the power after 60 years of age, advise the tablets to add a course of herbal infusions, to prevent the complete cessation of sexual life. Mainly, for the power use such revenue:

  • Pour 1 h. l. sheets KiPRher a glass of boiled water, drink daily as a tea.
  • 1 St. l. flowers and seeds bittercress pour 200 ml of boiling water, filter through 4-h. Drink 2 h. l. 4 p/day.