Food for power: what you need to eat for men

The ideal is that the diet when the impotence (or in the prevention of illness) should be done individually: each man with different life styles, different reasons for concern, other than immunity, and associated diseases. But there are general tips for a good libido, erection.

An important rule: food for potency men should not interfere with the primary treatment doctor, prescribed doctor.

food to increase their power

Certain foods can neutralize the action of medicines, reduce the effectiveness of pills to zero (for example, when taking antibiotics it is not possible to eat grapefruit). Make sure to inform about the changes in the feeding specialist will help you expertise diet adjusted, to say that the need to eat, and that you should give up.

Diet to increase potency in men is compiled for which the patient received with food, minerals, modeling of tissues, contributing to the resolution of inflammation, improve blood circulation, putting out sources of toxins. Important: men should not die of hunger – the body requires a large amount of nutrients for recovery. But and the other not, the servings must be in the middle. Excess pounds in the body, men can cause impotence.

How long should last a diet for men? The minimum period until the full recovery of sexual functionality. Although after you get rid of problems with potency the correct nutrition it is best to obey: the power supply when the impotence is not based on strict prohibitions, and is based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle. He has a positive influence on the body, "impose order", provides vitamins, withdraw of the diet of any harmful substances.

Remove from the diet

To increase male potency in the house, in the first place we have to change the diet, stop eating junk food. There are some dangerous products, that all men should eat in limited quantity. Here is a list of harmful to the sex feature of men products:

  1. Fried, fatty meats. Violation of potency often occur because of problems with blood circulation in the pelvic region. It is important to adjust the normal circulation of blood. To do this, you must scratch menu of products, contributing to the formation of cholesterol is harmful. It is mainly pork (especially the fat) and the meat of the cow. Best substitute for meat, chicken, turkey, rabbit, fish.
  2. Salty, spicy, spicy food – they all contribute to weak erection. Of course, to completely stop salt and pepper to the meal that we will not advise you. But to limit the excessive dishes, all seasoned with the same will.
  3. It is proven that there are products that are the counter male libido. First of all, soft drinks, coffee, beer. Men, as a witness to their health, it is better not to drink those drinks.
  4. Be careful with the energy sports. Some supplements are harmless, but others, essentially, preclude the erection of a man (in the first place, the damages have to supplements with steroids). However, to completely abandon the sports nutrition for people who train intensively, not without a certain cooldown starting friction, which is bad not only in power, but in the work of the whole body.

Necessarily to the menu

What to eat to improve libido and erection? To increase the power, the man must include the menu with the following products:

  • Foods that contain zinc. This substance helps stimulate the production of sex hormones, and also helps fight infections, due to which often suffers from power. Which foods contain zinc? Enough of the zinc contained in pumpkin seeds, seaweed, river fish, squid, peas, asparagus, celery.
  • The food that contains carotene. It is necessary to raise the level of sexual attraction. Carotene many contain fruits and vegetables red, and orange: apricot, carrot, pumpkin. These products help to create a healthy body, strengthen the immune system. Are still useful for the prostate, help to treat prostatitis (your symptom is the deterioration of the power).
  • The fiber. In the treatment of sexual problems, help, which increases the speed of metabolic processes. The same fiber helps in weight loss, which is important for the men, whose power is even worse because of the excess weight. In the diet, must, necessarily, include the bread with wheat bran, vegetables, cabbage, apple, berry jelly.
  • Products with tyrosine, glycine. These substances are involved in the work of testosterone – the hormone depends on the quality of erection and ejaculation in men. Get nutrients can, along with the quails eggs. That is why it is believed that the egg of quail to the power is very useful to eat. They can eat raw (for example, to make a cocktail), and you can cook a mole. Fried eggs, unfortunately, eat useless – they lose their useful properties.
proper nutrition

So, we have listed the main rules of power-up to power – pointed, which is useful and which is not eat. As you noted, these rules are not particularly complex, does not require a disk of fasting. Main, using the right products, the man will help himself in the power recovery. And, if you eat the products listed, this helps not only in restoring sexual functionality, but also improves the health of the whole body of a man.