Vitamins for men to power, where your best to receive?

This problem may play as a young boy, just a beginner in sexual life and maturity of a man at the peak of their powers.

The causes which lead to the decrease of the power

potency in men

The reduction of power may be temporary or permanent phenomenon. Temporary can be caused by stress, depression, failures of circumstances for the sex, the constant reduction of the power that is the result of the disease, experience the lifestyle and t. d.

The main reasons for disturbances of the function of erection include:

  • stress frequent situation of stress depress the sexual function;
  • getting enough sleep leads to decreased production of testosterone, occurs chronic fatigue;
  • a sedentary lifestyle – not for a long time, work in a sitting position;
  • genital disease – urethritis, prostatitis;
  • the use of substances, reduced sexual function – tobacco, alcohol, marijuana;
  • psychological disorders – a bad first experience, the presence of phobias;
  • the unbalanced diet and lack of vitamins and minerals.

To improve male potency has a global effect on the body: folk treatments, massages, exercises, medicines, tips from the psychologist. All of this helps to restore the normal functioning of the body exterior and interior, to improve the circulation of blood, to bring back to normal physiological state of the patient. The key to human health continues to be good nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Which vitamins are important for the power

People have understood that, from this, the products you consume every day, a man, directly depends on your sexual health and the ability to conceive. One of the most important vitamins for human health is vitamin C.

Vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system, but also makes the elastic of vessels, improving their ability of buoyancy. It is important for the filling of blood from the tissues of the penis. Vitamin c is involved in the sheltertvarenii and improves the production of hormone, prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances, causing diseases of the prostate. In the case of smokers and of ascorbic acid or vitamin C is not digested and absorbed.

vitamins to improve power

For the power, in human beings, must be present in the vitamin D contributes to the production of testosterone – the male sex hormone, that increases libido and potency. Are indispensable to the male body, and vitamins of group B. They improve the performance of the heart, to recover the energy reserves and stimulate work of the nervous system.

Vitamin E to the power, in general, is indispensable to the man, because it affects the libido and the formation of sperm. Its lack can lead to a total indifference to the sex, the muscle weakness, the appearance of fat and the decrease in the number of red blood cells.

Minerals for men's health – what you need to the body?

In addition to vitamins, the male body minerals are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. The most important remain selenium, and zinc.

The zinc is actually the material of construction for the hormone testosterone – without zinc the molecule of a simple substance will not be built. Traced the dependence direct – no zinc, no production of testosterone, does not occur libido and potency.

The zinc acts as a preventive agent against prostatitis and increases the motility of the sperm, increasing the chance of conception. The daily dose of the mineral for the men is 15 mg.

Selenium affects reproductive function, improves the quality of sperm – thanks to this, it is particularly useful for men, treatment of infertility. The mineral is involved in the synthesis of testosterone and, in general, improves the functioning of the sexual organs. The daily dose is 60 to 70 micrograms of selenium.

Useful for men products

Receive a dose of vitamins and minerals, man can in two ways: with food and additives, VItamine complex. To obtain the body needed for the potency of the substances, worth eating:

  • zinc – salmon, sea bass, trout, herring, shrimp, the walnuts, the garlic, the egg yolk;
  • selenium – seafood, rye bread, tomatoes, and corn;
  • vitamin C – cabbage, citrus fruits, parsley, carrot;
  • vitamin D – cheese, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, fish liver oil;
  • the B group vitamins – cheese, cottage cheese, carrot, nuts, fish;
  • vitamin E – egg yolk, green onions, any vegetable oil.