Foam drink and intimate problems

Doctors often face this question, how the beer affects the male potency. To answer this question, definitely not. Depends on the quality of the drink of ways to do this. The main damage represent powder of cocktails. This method of manufacturing in recent years, gaining disastrous force. This beer has a lower cost. Thanks to this, the drink quickly snapping. But this is the way and the cause of many negative changes of men's health.

The beer

The variety of drinks

The beer is manufactured by jam vegetable components of the base malt. After you prepare the drink should some time to settle in a barrel. The fluid is then filtered and begins the sale. Is beer contains a large amount of nutrients and have low-alcoholic index. But the complexity of its production affects the cost of the product. The price depends on the initial quality of the raw material and instruments used for the cooking of the must.

Sought after by the modern man enjoys a drink powder. For its manufacture is taken to dry the concentrate, alcohol, liquid, and water. In this case, the manufacturers prevent the natural fermentation process. This method allows you to change the concentration of alcohol and flavouring characteristics. But many men do not understand is that the powder does not contain components vegetables. It is made from chemical elements. This substance has a positive effect on the volume of production. Daily, the manufacturer may produce several tonnes of product. As well as the charge in the powder, the beer lower, the product quickly sold out.

In the composition of the powder drink includes the following components:

  • starch base;
  • phyto-estrogens;
  • condiment;
  • the carbohydrate connection.

It is for these substances occur in the negative violation of male potency.


That it is harmful to drink for general health

In recent years, is celebrated the increase in the demand for men in the use of beer. Dependence foam drink occurs because of advertising on social networks and on tv. In several films, widespread use of the drink during the day. And this is what causes the growth of the demand for harmful liquid.

If you drink alcoholic drink that men arise various health problems. For beer lovers occurs the development of the following problems:

  • the increase of the mass of the body;
  • the change of work of the organs of the peritoneum;
  • violation of the functioning of the heart and blood vessels;
  • the nerve and the pathology of the psychological;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

It has been observed that the fans of beer have excess weight. This is related to the composition of the drink. It contains carbohydrates with a high index. Such carbohydrates quickly absorbed in the blood and arrive at the tissue in the subcutaneous tissue. In the fabric substances that cause the activation of the fat cells. These cells capture the harmful substances and the store. There is a sharp increase in body mass. It is worth mentioning that is obesity is not medical and of the field correction. To reduce weight, you should completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages.

In the midst of the pernicious depends on also suffer from abdominal organs. The modern foam drinks exposed more of gasification. This is necessary due to the lack of natural fermentation. The gasification artificial is held on the machine. Is an irritant of the gut wall. The pressure of the gas causes the increase of the diameter of the intestine. For this reason, there is such a thing as a beer belly. In many men, it is celebrated the increase of the abdominal perimeter. When you do this, the reason is not always the obesity. Such belly by palpation continued. The organs do not palpation.

Suffers with the use of foam fluid and cardiovascular system. The alcohol used for the manufacture of beer, expands the lumen of the vascular of fiber. The frequent change of the diameter of the veins have a negative impact on the circulation of the blood. The liquid arrives to the organs underutilized. The tissues do not receive necessary nutrients and oxygen. The myocardium ceases to function normally. The lovers of the beverage may occur in the development of hypertension. They are also in the risk group of myocardial infarction.

Changes and the composition of a liquid. The cholesterol, part of the liquid accumulates in areas of vascular of fiber. A large accumulation causes the formation of plaques atherosclerotic. For this reason, in recent years, increased the mortality of young men from a stroke. Removing such plate is possible only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

The most harmful drink

Also pointed out that the patients who suffer from addiction and pernicious, have neural different pathology. They develop due to a violation of the activity centers of the brain. Along beer drinking departments of the brain can no longer function correctly. The transmission signal to the terminal nervous becomes unstable. Because of this, the patient becomes irritable, easily exposed to stress. There is also the phenomenon, as the consumption of alcoholic beverages depression.

Are common due to a beer of the pathology of the liver and kidneys. The liquid, prepared from a dry powder changes the density of urine. It increases the load on the kidneys. Pair authority can not be fully able to clear uric net. The part of connections placed in the renal pelvis. The accumulation of a large number of compounds leads to the formation of stones.

Also celebrated the deterioration of the functioning of the liver. The organ is involved in blood purification. Substances that fall into the bloodstream of the beers that cause occlusion of the individual hepatic ducts. Long abuse accompanied by division of the phospholipids. Phospholipids are involved in the construction of liver tissue. With the lack of these micronutrients, the liver stops being able to fully clean the blood.

It is also celebrated the growth of the statistics of allergic reactions. When you use poor quality raw materials in the drink causes unpleasant allergic reactions. The man appears a rash. When the heavy defeat is diagnosed precipitation.

Negatively affects the beer, and the endocrine function of the gland. The activity of the organ is in the special formulation of the hormone. When the defeat of this organ may occur the development of diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

The foam

The drink and the health of intimate

The main damage to the poor quality of the drink is the deterioration of male potency. The power is formed by the joint action of multiple systems. For the emergence of erection it is necessary the presence of nerve impulses, testosterone levels rise and the acceleration of blood circulation. With the activation of the nerve centers of the brain is the formation of a pulse. It leads to an increase in the production of testosterone.

The hormone that has come into contact with the blood stretches the walls of blood vessels. The accelerated circulation. The liquid enters the cavity of the trunk of the penis. In sexual practice these properties are accompanied by increased adrenaline. The hormone causes the pituitary gland to significantly speed up its activity. Occurs the peak of sexual excitement. Drastic reduction of adrenaline leads to eliminate the sperm-ducts.

Also healthy power is characterized by a certain duration of sexual contact and the number of acts over a specific period of time. Share the addition of these qualities points to the male libido. Every patient is of different quality. Depends on the individual characteristics of the man.

To the normal, the power is also needed to correct composition of the seminal fluid. Sperm has a certain viscosity and contain a large amount of mobile sex cells. These features determine the ability of the patient to conceive.

What you need to know

In the use of isolation of foam of the beverage, are often diagnosed the following negative disturbances of the reproductive system:

  • stagnant processes in the prostate;
  • the reduction of the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • the reduction of healthy sperm in the ejaculate;
  • violation of hormonal levels;
  • the feminization of the patient;
  • impotence;
  • sexual erectile.

Normal male enhancement is necessary for the correct operation of the prostate. The body is involved in the production of the secretory basis of ejaculate. Also the prostate is responsible for the partial provision of androgens. The alcohol causes the slowdown of the activity of the prostate. Dedicated secret becomes thick. The liquid accumulates in the ducts and is called a stagnant process.

The stagnation of secrecy also often leads to the emergence of prostatitis at a young age. The disease is characterized by the development of inflammatory disease. The wall of the body become swollen. The prostate is deformed. The disease in the majority of patients flows in a hidden manner. For this reason, the presence of pernicious dependency requires a visit to the urologist.

Many men can experience a decrease in the duration of the sexual contact. Erectile dysfunction is related with decreased activity of the pituitary gland and the vascular tissue. Dedicated to substance causes the rapid completion of the contact. To restore the normal course of sexual intercourse can only medication treatment, and resolution of beer dependence.

Beer affects the quality of the seminal fluid. The frequent use of the drink occurs the deceleration of the activity of the testicles. Pairs of glands are responsible for the provision of healthy sex cells. To reduce the function testicular number healthy sex cells decreases significantly. The quality of the ejaculate makes it worse. A long period of pathology is accompanied in the diagnosis of infertility.

The beer and impotence

Additional factors

The beer contains substances such as herbal estrogens. Phyto-estrogen affects the natural production of testosterone. The reduction in the level of the male hormone, brings several reproductive pathology. The normalization of hormonal background only happens when the failure of the beer.

Notes and feminization of men. This problem is characterized by the shapes of the female type. The patient extend the thigh, the mammary glands grow, increases the lower division of the abdomen. Such changes are accompanied by a displacement of the reproductive organs. This leads to an additional pathology reproductive.

In recent years, physicians are faced with impotence because of a beer addiction. The age of patients is different. Impotence affects young people because of the addition of various reproductive diseases. This disease requires a careful diagnosis and long term treatment.

In spite of all the negative and the properties of the drink are observed and positive qualities. Already the beer contains several useful vitamins and minerals. All of the negative changes of power occur because of the abuse. If a man does not control the amount of drinking and frequency of consumption of beer, the illness does not have to wait long.