Such as hemorrhoids affects potency in men? The relationship between disease

When the man determines that he has hemorrhoids, the first thought that creeps in your head: "how will this affect my power?" Will the hemorrhoids about the power in men?

Will the hemorrhoids about the prostate? Proctologists to calm patients the fact that, although the rectum to the prostate are close, but physiologically directly, they are not related.

hemorrhoids, and the power

Means the power of the hemorrhoids, able to influence only indirectly. How? Consider the article.

From then on develops hemorrhoids in men?

More often than not the hemorrhoids in the later stages, when they leave hemorrhoidal sites, can occur in middle-aged men and the elderly. However, the early stages of the disease suffers and young people up to 35 years.

Consider the factors that cause the development of the disease:

  • the long-lasting presence in the posture of the session (in the workplace, at home, tv or computer);
  • heavy physical work or mania weight sports;
  • the bad food, the passion, oily meat;
  • regular constipation;
  • hormonal failure in the body;
  • mechanical damage of the anus.

Each of the reasons can have a negative impact and cause the development of hemorrhoids, as in youth, and reach adult age.

Now, as the increase in physical activity in some types of work, during exercise, sedentary work in offices are back to normal. It is no wonder that the incidence of hemorrhoids in men that just grows.

The stronger sex are wondering how it affects hemorrhoids on the power. A closer look, can hemorrhoids can exercise influence over the power. Worth to worry about, that you are the disease and to restrict the sexual life or not?

The symptoms of the disease

And how to understand the begins hemorrhoids?

There is a certain symptoms:

the symptoms
  • the acute pain in the rectum or anus;
  • the blood on the toilet paper after defecation;
  • education hemorrhoidal nodules, which can be found;
  • the allocation of mucus anal;
  • burning sensation and itching in the region of the anus.

Now I should tell you more about the physical and emotional communication between the disease and the power that young people and mature men.

What is the relationship between the disease and the power?

The doctors say that men does not cost much to fear when the detection of hemorrhoids. This disease has no direct effect on the sexual life, and, therefore, and the power.

When the stage 1 or 2 disease negative, the symptoms are not very concerned with the patient, as well as strong pain may be absent, and painful it will be only the act of defecating to the worsening of a disease process.

In 3 or 4 stage of development of the disease, when they leave hemorrhoidal nodes and the sphincter muscle your push, occurs acute pain.

Similar to the symptom beats the desire once more to move the pelvis, which, inevitably, happens during sexual intercourse.

On the one hand, the reason for the denial of the sexual life, physical, and, on the other hand, it is directly related to the defeat of the prostate gland. This body can be very "work".

When aggravation of hemorrhoidal sites give so much pain, that it is difficult to walk, sit, a little easier to lie relaxed, however, it needs to work. In the midst of the anxiety and depression libido temporarily reduced.

As you can see, the reason for the refusal of sexual relations purely psychological. However, the man is no longer easy, because the sexual contact is extremely important for the relationship between the partners. The lack of sex may even become one of the factors of the relationship.

Important! The hemorrhoids and the potency does not directly relate, more varicose veins extent of the hemorrhoidal vein does not affect the development of impotence. The cause of sexual impotence and more disorders genito-urinary sphere.

That will help to correct the situation?

carrot with hemorrhoids

The first thing to do, suspecting-if it is unpleasant for the illness, to attend at the reception to the proctologist. He, in addition to prescription drugs, I advise you to forge a proper diet.

The task competent — diet- warning of constipation. With hemorrhoids you can't push, because this is action in the early stages of the disease may cause the loss of the hemorrhoid, and in the afternoon, when the bumps are large and bleed, will cause pain.

The following foods may help to normalize the digestion:

  • fresh, grated carrot, sugar beet;
  • fresh ripe apples, oranges;
  • prunes;
  • crumbly cereal;
  • -sour milk products;
  • salads with fresh vegetables (cauliflower, lettuce);
  • honey.

It is also necessary to pay more attention to personal hygiene. After defecation need to clean up the problematic spot with a damp cloth or to wash. For example, in many restaurants in a toilet, a bidet.

So, hemorrhoids, has the power only indirectly, the effect. However, the psychological problem of a plan can lead to a variety of complex, conflicts with the partner, and even rupture of relations.

When the first symptoms of the disease, you should make an appointment with the proctologist. He designate candles, ointments, pills, enough that soon will deal with the disease in the early stages.

Released hemorrhoids is treated in time, in some situations, it is necessary to surgical excision of the cones. Therefore, it is better not to run the disease and the time of access to specialists.

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