Men's health after 50 years of age — how to boost power.

Potency in men of 50 years, depends on many factors. Not only the age, imposed a brand in health. On sexual function affect the heredity, lifestyle, and chronic diseases, as well as the natural decrease in production of hormones. The abuse of alcohol, smoking, irrational diet, and a sedentary lifestyle are often the cause of premature ageing and the extinction of the reproductive function. Therefore, in 50 years, some men do not have problems with it, and others be astonished to detect signs of impotence.


Which the power output is normal in 50 years

The term "power" has a name of Latin origin. It is formed from the word "potentia", which is translated as "power". Power determines the ability of a man to sexual intercourse. It is characterized by a speed of appearance of erection, the its duration, the degree of tension of the penis, and ejaculation (emission of seminal fluid). The male body is able to maintain the ability of sexual intercourse the normal throughout his life.

Normal power causes a powerful sexual drive. The sexual desire is accompanied by the emergence of an erection, which allows you to achieve orgasm and ejaculation. Healthy men aged 50 to 60 years old can have up to 8 of sexual relations per month. However, it is not only the age factor affects a quantitative indicator. It depends on a relationship with a woman sexually the partner. The number of sexual acts within the family, where reigns the harmony, above, that partners with strained relations.

The average duration of sexual intercourse is 2.5 minutes, during this time, the man commits is about 50-60 movements. However, some коитус can last up to 30 to 40 minutes.

It is necessary to strengthen the power, if the man does not answer after forming a sexual relationship. Adverse events the signals are:

  • Decrease in sexual desire.
  • About the weakening of the power demonstrates the lack of erection in the morning and sexual of the sexual act.
  • The concern should cause a fall of voltage of the penis during sex.
  • A disturbing symptom is like premature ejaculation, and delay or total absence.

Exemption from bad habits

To have the most power, after 50 years, you need to change your lifestyle. The daily use of 1 cup of vodka or 4 litres of dark beer can lead to a complete loss of sexual function already 5-8 years. The ethyl alcohol negatively acts on the male sexual glands and causing their atrophy. When they lose their function in the body dramatically reduces the level of the male hormone, testosterone, which depends on the power.

The hormonal balance is disturbed as a result of the devastating impact of ethyl alcohol in the liver and in the brain of a man. The gradual loss of sensitivity осязательных receptors results in immunity to the wrists, causing sexual arousal. After the total rejection of alcohol power, gradually, begin to rise.


Adversely affects the health of men smoking. Выкуривание 2 cigarettes before having sex can inhibit sexual arousal and weaken the erection. Smokers in a sustainable manner and decreases the pressure in the blood vessels of the penis and worsening of its blood supply. On the walls of the blood vessels there is atherosclerotic plaque, they may close. The penis gets a lot of small capillaries, therefore, the pathological changes in him become manifest earlier than in other organs.

About 95% of the people between the ages of 50 and 70 years have atherosclerotic fat in the walls of the vessels. So that the men of this age group, 2 times more common of impotence, the non-generation. The degree of reduction in blood pressure is directly proportional стажу smoker. Stop smoking is beneficial for the power. Even the smokers with great experience point to a drastic improvement of sexual function.

To restore the health of man, the need for sleep, rest and avoid stressful situations.

Physical activity

The sexual function has a negative effect sedentary lifestyle. Mania computer, sedentary work and the movement of the car lead to the appearance of stagnation phenomena.

The low двигательная activity cause a decrease of vessel flow in the pelvic organs. Without lifestyle changes, the recovery of energy in men can be impossible.

The main function of blood circulation is the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the tissues. The deterioration of the blood supply is called:

  • to slow down the functioning testicle;
  • the reduction in the intensity of spermatogenesis;
  • the reduction of the amount of hormones produced by the.

In the sitting position the weight of the body exerts a pressure on the vessels the pelvic, even stronger, reducing the circulation of blood in the organs. Extended session results in increased temperature in the testes and causes the reduction of power after 50 years.

Men with sedentary work, should be regularly doing gym in the morning, and take long walks.

A set of exercises to keep the power

To improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, the need of the each day perform a set of exercises to increase your power.

Strengthen the muscles that influence the potency in men, can help the squat. You should put the feet shoulder-width apart and a little produce socks on the feet side. The buttocks need to stretch and after the start of the year.

The squat should be made to follow, stopping in the lower position, in 5-8 seconds. During the execution of hand exercises should keep to the front of the chest. In the first 2 weeks is enough 4 abs per day. Then, their number gradually, increase to 15. It is desirable to also increase the residence time in position less than 15 seconds.


During the second exercise, you should do a rotation movement of the pelvis on both sides. Start with small amplitudes. Then, gradually, they increase. During movements need to stretch the muscles of the belly and the thighs. They will not only enhance the circulation of the blood, but will also strengthen the muscles of the back, to participate in a sexual act.

From a standing position do bend to the right and to the left, taking care to direct with the hand reaching to the ground. The exercise helps to improve the conductivity of nerve fibers that regulate the erection.

From a standing position need to do the queue stocked feet. The leg put to the front as far as possible. Body in motion, you must keep strictly vertical in the state. Hands to keep in time.

Holding on to the backrest of a chair, place in queue, mahi feet. Direct member to eject and elevate to a maximum height. Socks of the foot should be directed upwards.

Lying on your back, perform movements that mimic a ride on his bike. Then, the foot is folded on his lap, putting both feet on the ground and raise above the pelvis. Enough to make some moves. The gym should not cause considerable fatigue.

Desirable to perform exercises with open windows. During the summer, the best thing to do gymnastics in the street.

Good nutrition

To have a good power in 50 years, the diet of the men regularly include foods rich in phosphorus. Is a mineral participates in the synthesis of male hormones.

Phosphorus in a large number contained in the pumpkin seeds, mac, and wheat. It is present in cocoa powder, cashew nut, cedar and walnut, solid, the cheese, oats, beans, egg yolk, pork liver, mackerel.

Contribute to the absorption of phosphorus And vitamins a (liver, carrots, pumpkin, spinach) and D (oily fish), iron (meat, eggs), manganese (nuts, tea), potassium (bananas, citrus fruit), calcium (dairy products, vegetables) and proteins. When the excess intake of sugar absorption of phosphorus reduced.

Poor performance can be caused by a chronic deficiency of zinc. A large number of микроэлемента contain oyster, yeast, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, heart of chicken, peanuts, cocoa and cocoa powder. Source of zinc are hard cheeses, cedar and nuts, egg yolk, beef, turkey, lamb. The excessive use of products containing copper (cereals, whole grain foods), can cause zinc deficiency.

To be able to increase the potency in men after the age of 50, in the daily menu the need to include foods that contain "vitamin sex" Е. It has an impact on the pituitary gland, which regulates the sexual activity. The record content of vitamin E oil is the oil of wheat.

"Vitamin sex" is present in the подсолнечном, льняном oil, in addition, in almonds, walnuts, peru, buckwheat mush. Its source are the grain of soy, however, if you involve these products not worth. They contain plant hormones, which act similarly to the female hormones estrogens.

50 years old men need to regularly consume protein contained in red meat. They enhance the metabolism, increase sexual desire and increase muscle tone. To strengthen the sexual activity periodically, eat seafood (shrimp, mussel, squid) and fish. Contained in the last fatty acids which prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

Reduction of body mass

Problems with the power of 50 years old can be caused by obesity. Adipose tissue synthesizes with female sex hormones — estrogen. The more excess weight in men, the more he produces estrogen. The predominance of female sex hormones cause the disappearance of the sexual function.

To lose weight and to strengthen the power, men with excess weight need to maintain a balance of energy negative. The intake of food with calories must be less than spent by the body.

To maintain a balance of the negative power need to reduce the caloric content of the usual diet:

  • Should be more likely to consume products with low (negative) of calories. Energy, затрачиваемая by the body for their absorption, is not compensated by the energy density. Such products are spinach, sweet peppers, zucchini, cucumber, radish, tomato, cauliflower, eggplant, carrot, orange and grapefruit.
  • There is no need to strive to lose weight faster, drastically decreasing the caloric intake in old age. The lack of nutrients can adversely affect the health, and power.

How to increase the potency drugs

In order to normalize the sexual function, cure is available for chronic illnesses or to stabilize the performance indicators. For the health of men after the age of 50 have a negative impact drugs, that he is forced to take for the treatment of various diseases.

Weaken the power can tranquilizers, bromides, antihistamines, hypnotics and anti-hypertensive drugs, in addition, medicines for the treatment of glaucoma.

When the first signs of disturbances of the sexual function, it is necessary to go to a doctor with a request to assign the insurance to the men's health pharmaceutical.

To recover the power in 50 years, will help medications containing vitamin complex and extracts of medicinal. They are especially designed to improve erectile function. If the cause of the extinction of the sexual function is the deficiency of androgens can be attributed to hormone replacement therapy.

How to increase the power after 50 years, with the help of hormonal medication, will ask the doctor. Self-assign yourself the hormones is not possible.