Products that increase potency in men

Products that increase potency in men

In addition to the physical training and promotion of medicines there is a lot more easy and gentle way to keep your male strength and sexual attraction. And that way is to eat the right foods. After all, there is already too much if you know that some foods are natural aphrodisiacs, and it would be foolish not to use.

For a good power man extremely needed products that contain vitamins A and e, and also vitamin B, which stimulates the functioning of the nervous system and improves the nervous system conductivity.

Here is a list of products, that will help increase your "state of fighting spirit":

What you should eat to increase the power?

Cucumber-the-sea (trepang). The meat of marine cucumber contains protein, fats, vitamin B12, thiamine, riboflavin, mineral elements, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, manganese. The fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides. On the composition of minerals with trepang can not be compared neither to a known organisation.

Sea cucumber to increase your power

In oriental medicine, most use a dye trepang with honey, that we have two amazing properties. In the first place, it stimulates the renewal of the tissues of the body, that ensures total rejuvenation and recovery. In the second place, it has a positive effect on male potency, is highly valued Chinese Emperors, who believed trepang same as an effective means of longevity and power, such as ginseng.

Natural (raw) trepang can now be found in Russia's Far East, or you can buy a dye sea cucumber in the pharmacy (also works very well).

Oysters. The nutritional value of oysters high. A kind of chemical composition determines delicate flavor, and to tone the nervous system. In the flesh of the oyster contains protein, fat, carbohydrate glycogen, minerals (iron, zinc, copper, calcium, iodine, phosphorus), niacin, and also vitamins B1, B2, B12 and PP.

The collaborative work of scientists from Miami (united states) and Naples (Italy) showed that, raw oysters, mussels and some other mollusks marine contain two unique amino acids that cause (stimulate) the production of sexual hormones. Oysters are also rich in zinc, a key nutrient essential for the synthesis of testosterone in men and women.

Therefore, the consumption of oysters positive effect in the formulation of hormones that assure the men of strong power and healthy seed.

However, it is still not worth to include oysters in the diet on a continuous basis, as well as oysters contain a lot of mercury, which can begin to poison the body. Oyster is a delicacy!

Boring. This fish is one of the components of almost all of the treatments and diets, and this fact is, without a doubt, proves that the fish has a huge stock of useful properties. In the flesh of fish contains a large amount of power, protein that is fully absorbed, Omega-3 fatty acids, salts of phosphorus. The fish meat is very rich In vitamins of the b complex (especially B12). Thus positively affect the health of vitamins D, e, F, and E, which are present in this fish.

But we are more interested in the fact that the flounder contains in itself natural aphrodisiacs, which increase sexual desire within 5 hours after the consumption of fish. Therefore, if you are planning a dinner with your lady, the best is to enjoy this fish! Believe me, it works!

Turnips. Turnip since ancient times was considered to be an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins. Raw turnips contains up to 9% of sugars, a very high content Of vitamin c (more than double of that in any root), B1, B2, B5, PP, pro-vitamin E (especially in yellow turnips), polysaccharides, that is easily digested, sterol (a necessary element in the treatment of atherosclerosis).

In spite of the many and forget about this product, is that still not worth. As well as the turnip has a positive effect on sexual libido in men and improves the power. For this purpose turnips you can add in vegetable salads, or use with honey, like in the good old days our forefathers did.

/Natural honey to increase your power

Natural Honey. The honey has a vegetable origin, saturated with vitamins (a, B1, B2, B6, c, PP, k, E, pantothenic acid, folic acid), and contains more than 300 minerals ( manganese, silicon, aluminum, boron, chromium, copper, lithium, nickel, lead, tin, zinc, osmium, and others), which significantly accelerates the reaction of exchange of substances that occur in the body.

For men honey useful for those that consists of simple sugars, quickly absorbed by the body and give you additional energy. In fact the use of honey can be compared with the energy intake, only, without any side effects on the body.

Nuts. The daily consumption of nuts boosts the power and has a positive effect on sexual attraction. This is due to the fact that the nuts contain big amount of vitamin e And are also rich in zinc and magnesium, that is, substances that have a healing impact on the sexual system. In addition, the composition of nuts comes with arginine, to enable the generation of nitric oxide substance needed for an erection.

For the greatest effect, you should use the mixture of nuts, doubled the honey. Thus, the method can obtain a quick absorption of the product and a whole range of substances, in which the need of your body. Of course, the nuts should be consumed raw, without any type of treatment.

The The Dark Chocolate. Although the dark chocolate and does not have a direct impact on the power, it still has enough interesting and useful property. Then in the dark, in the classes of product there is a significant number of theobromine – alkaloid, like caffeine, and phenylethylamine, a special chemical bond, capable of causing the sensation of love and increase libido. Contained in chocolate antioxidants improve the mood and well-being, by creating favorable conditions for the normal functioning of the sexual organ.

In other words, if you feel any nervousness, fear or excitement before you meet with your loved one, you need to eat a bit of dark chocolate to calm down and improve your mood and fighting spirit.

The chicken egg. The chicken egg raw, as since ancient times, men have used, along with the bow for the treatment of problems with potency. Now, of course, this method is extremely dangerous, due to the low quality of the eggs, but, however, you can cook the egg cooked, add fresh vegetables (onion) and take the breakfast. This will help to overcome problems with the power.

The flesh. It is high energy product, which contributes to the development of the hormone thyroxine. The action of this substance sent in an intensification of the oxidation reactions in the cells, keeping hormone excitability of nerve centers.

The biggest benefit of is different red lean meats type of horse, beef and lamb and dietetics – rabbit, products of turkey, chicken, as well as frog legs.

Among the most exotic of foods in this group, it is worth mentioning vieira's cock fried with onion testicles of a ram and ox, the flesh of the pheasant and song thrush. The men of the East for sure in the efficiency of dog meat, mixed with trace of blood with the vegetable oil.

It is important to consider that, very often, the inclusion in the diet of large amount of meat can have the opposite action: the body releases all the force in the digestion of this product, making the sexual activity is strongly reduced. Also not worth before having sex to eating meat along with the potatoes.

What to drink to increase the power?

What to drink to increase your power

Juices for power. Of the before applying the juice), the degree of impact equal to the famous medical tools, they are safe to health and bring an asset to the entire body.

The most effective are the juice of pomegranate, pumpkin and watermelon. They are improvement of blood circulation and blood supply of the pelvic floor, and that is contained in the nitrogen relaxes the circulatory system. Complete the picture curator, the exposure to vitamins and minerals, all of which are filled with data from the juices.

Koumiss. Milk of mare has anti-aging and bracing impact on the body, it is able to normalize the metabolism, improve the composition of the blood, the work of the cardiovascular system. This product milk and alcoholic fermentation contains important hormones, and have a powerful effect on the immune system. It's no wonder that this beverage in the best way affect the male potency, increases the reproductive capacity and sexual.

Ginger tea. Ginger tea is rich in vitamins a, c, amino acids, trace elements and mineral salts, have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system of the organism, contributes to liquefaction of the blood, strengthens the vessels, they emit toxins and stimulate the functioning of the brain. All this leads to improve the potency and men's health.

Which is detrimental to the power?

Now, we know that there are a number of products that positively affect men's health and the strong power. However, you need to understand that there are also a number of products, versa reduce sexual desire, reduce the power, or even to purposely harm the male body. We offer you a list of such products:

  • Smoked contain the toxin, which reduces the level of testosterone.

  • The alcohol reduces the testosterone level, and attacks the testicles. If we're talking about beer, which contains a female sex hormone – phytoestrogen, which reduces the level of the male hormone testosterone.

  • Corn, soybean and flaxseed oil reduces the level of testosterone, if the dose is greater than 3 tablespoons per day.

  • The white bread and the bread also has a negative impact on sexual desire and lead to marking quick weight.

  • Fast food, by itself, does not harm your body. However, if this production was prepared in an oil of bad quality (happens often), you run the risk of having the problem with the power and excess of weight.

  • Products with excess content of cholesterol harmful (fried potatoes, pizza and other fast food, mayonnaise, various and smoked sausages, and all of the products fried in the butter).

  • Coriander in small amounts can be used as a tool to enhance the power, but the excess of its use gives a diametrically opposite effect.

  • The sugar, the salt, the vinegar, the seasoning, if your dosage exceeds the normal.

If you want to be healthy in all aspects, be picky in their choice of food! The woman don't like bad cooks, as well as the wrong lover!