What are the products that increase the potency of men

useful products

Many men are faced with erectile dysfunction, and the direct dependency of age, not be present always. Problems with power can occur in men, due to stress, bad environment, and for other purposes. Help to solve the delicate problem — the important thing is to use food products to improve the power – sometimes it is enough to adjust your diet to forget about erectile dysfunction.

What are the products that increase potency in men instantly (list)

If the problem is resolved quickly, the majority of men starts to take the pills. But there is a list of products that improve power in men, giving an instant result, thanks to the contained vitamins and trace elements. In the list of improve the quality of sexual life of men of products includes:

  • dates with almonds, chocolate;
  • all the vegetables (the first place in efficiency leads to cooked wheat turnip rape);
  • nuts (all varieties);
  • meat (the fasting varieties);
  • camel's stomach;
  • fish (heat-treated mackerel, sole);
  • seafood (oysters, octopus);
  • onion (recommended fresh);
  • ginger (can be consumed with honey, in the form of tincture, or pickled root).

It is important to draw up a balanced menu, otherwise, you may worsen the situation and achieve a result that is contrary.

The food (what to eat to improve power)

To highlight and strong effect and permanently get rid of potency problems, it is best to review your diet and make a meal that will not only increase your power, but, and have in the body the stimulating effect. So, you can save the libido for the next few years:

Food Effects on the body Note
The chicken egg / egg-quail — gain resistance to stress;
— contributes to balanced formulation of male hormones
Contain vitamins B6, B5.

The men, with a tendency to allergic reactions, it is recommended to eat egg of quail.

Garlic Normalizes the circulation of the blood (including pelvic), offering a good erection. The substance – alicina.
Potatoes Increases the duration of sexual intercourse, reducing the sensitivity of the skin of the integument. We recommend firing with bark tubers ("uniform"). Consumed raw, or sprouting the immature potatoes is not possible.
Fruits of the sea Increasing the potency and sexual desire.
The liver — increases the sexual desire the male;
— helps to strengthen the immunity.
The right amount of nutrients can be obtained if you include it in the menu, at least, 1 time per week.
Cereals cereals — increase sexual desire male;
— give vibrancy and contribute to the strengthening of health.
Contains androsterone.
Banana — increases the libido;
— contributes to the resolution of sexual impotence male;
— increases the life and resistance.
Contains bromelain., the potassium, vitamins. Very caloric product.
Chocolate black — strengthens the immune system;
— increases the power.
Eat it in small quantities on a daily basis.
Perga — power recovery;
— the treatment of prostatitis.
Can be applied to prevention.

To improve the quality of sperm, increase the mobility of sperm and withdrawal of quantities, it is recommended to consume foods with a high content Of vitamin c, the chopped walnuts, the parsley, the celery and beet, fruit and berries.

Also are useful for dairy – popular increases the power recipe milk party with teeth.

5 best products of power

To improve male potency, you will have to leave widely advertised fast-food and semi-finished products of dubious quality, by making choices in favour of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Among the products that increase the potency, it can be noted the top five.

the stomach of a camel

The stomach of a camel (cicurina)

When the correct use of this product intensifies the erection improves the quality of sperm. Acts similarly to medical drugs ("Viagra", "Viagra"), side-effects, when this does not occur. You can prepare an infusion (100 grams of product in 0.5 liters of vodka, insist in a period of two weeks in a dark place). If you want an immediate effect, the need for half an hour before the sexual act to eat a large piece of rennet enough (3 – 4 grams).


Prevent premature ejaculation, able to amplify the power. In addition to amino acids and dopamine containing zinc (organic). Eating is recommended in raw form, adding the lemon juice. Not to be consumed by men who suffer from diabetes, gastritis (low acidity), the weakening of the immune response.


Contains large amount of vitamins, helpful trace elements (zinc), amino acids. The protein is easy to digest. It is recommended that the consumption of boiled or cooked. If a man suffers from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or in the cardiovascular system, the better it is salted–dried fish.

Baked mackerel

Increases the sexual appetite, because it contains iodine, thanks to natural squirrel improves the quality of sperm.


It is able to raise the production of testosterone and improve the general state of female genital mutilation. It can be consumed as a complement to meat dishes, to cook with honey and carrot, that is, as an individual product. If a man has hepatitis, cholecystitis has been submitted, it are present the pathology of the CNS or acute disease of the intestine, in the form of a product of better to give, or be, very carefully.

According to dr. E. L. Myasnikova, to increase the power in the first place, it is necessary to find out the reasons that cause erectile dysfunction. If the problem is the lack of vitamins and trace elements, adjustment of the diet and the transition to a healthy lifestyle helps to bring back the "virility". If the same source of dysfunction lies in any disease, you need therapy to correct the pathology.

The food that affect the power

the damage power

There are foods, the use of which can cause the degradation of male sexual capability:

  1. alcohol;
  2. flour;
  3. sugary sodas;
  4. fast food;
  5. smoked, fatty, fried, spicy, salty, and cured food in large quantities.

The proper diet, the regular use of products, it is beneficial for the preservation of men's health, and also the abandonment of bad habits, will give you the possibility of any husband-craft to keep yourself active and full sex life, even in solid age.