Impotence in men less than 50 years - symptoms and treatment of pathology

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction with the subject of middle-aged, you should know the signs of impotence in men of 50 years. Depending on the time of occurrence varies of impotence primary and secondary. Primary is characterized, initially, the complete lack of erectile function. Secondary, there is the weakening or the complete disappearance of erection when is that it was originally. A type of secondary impotence is the age (physiological) and impotence.

Impotence after 50 years of age has clinical manifestations for this disease, and are specific signs, which imposes the age of the patients.

Overall, the symptoms of impotence

In general, symptoms of impotence can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • organic;
  • psychogenic.

Each group has a special manifestation.

About 80% of cases of this pathology have organic origin. Organic impotence is not developed quickly and all at once, but gradually. This is a long and system disorder. When impotence organic spontaneous erections in the night are missing, the libido is not reduced, normal ejaculation.

the problem with the power

Impotence psychogenic suddenly appears and, many times, at once. The main factor for their occurrence are disorders of the nervous system and of the nature of mental illness: anxiety, depression, neurotic state, the relationship problems. This type of disease calls and the reception of a number of drugs (estrogens, anti-cancer drugs, anti-depressants, anxiolytics). Unlike impotence organic and spontaneous erections, night-are present here. Psychogenic disease is variable character — in the absence of dark power factor can recover.

The signs of the beginning and the development of impotence

Listed below the symptoms are an indication for the diagnosis of dysfunction (endothelial) dysfunction. The diagnosis is considered valid over disorder at least 3 months. The identification of the patient 1 or more of the symptoms must be the reason for the conversion of coming to the:

  1. The reduction in the ability to get an erection up to complete her absence. Even with the great desire and the absence of irritants of man cannot achieve the state of erection.
  2. The lack of full erection. When excited, the penis increases in size, the development process of erection is interrupted. For sexual intercourse the degree of excitation is insufficient, one loses the normal elasticity of the penis.
  3. The lack of duration of erections of time. The time of excitation is too short for the normal complete sexual intercourse. Erection failure in the process, premature ejaculation, and is not achieved.
  4. The premature ejaculation, even in men with significant sexual experience. This symptom may occur when abstinence is prolonged, in this case, it refers to temporary impotence. If the ejaculation occurs before beginning of sexual intercourse, this indicates that the venous violation.
  5. Spontaneous erection, night and morning there is.
  6. The lack of, or a significant reduction of sexual desire.
  7. The inability to compromise the movements.

Medical research suggests the diagnosis of one of the psychometric scales. The recommended method of the international index of erectile function, that allows to quantify the state of erection, and to determine the degree of severity of your violation.

Specific signs of age influence on the power

About 50% of men 50 years of age or older found with disorders of erection. The reduction of the indicators of morbidity observed in more young people and increase, respectively, of people with more age. The manifestation of change leads deep into the individual character. Some men are manifest for 30 to 40 years, and that the body of other successful fight with them and up to 60 years of age. Half a century of age is the limit set: it on a standard shall not be violations of power (or negligible). In patients observed a series of changes to natural, and with additional risks to the sexual health of the man, with which impotence after 50 years, can occur much more frequently than in younger ages:

  1. The decrease in sexual desire because of the reduction in the level of testosterone. Testosterone is the main component, determines the degree of sexual desire. It also affects the immune system, the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, the blood, the bone mineral density. Peak the amount of testosterone reaches the afternoon of the adolescent period and gradually decreases after 30 years, about 1% a year. The 60-65 years (but this period varies according to each specific case) has been a significant violation of erectile function. Of such age is impotence becoming more common pathology.
  2. Natural reduction of testosterone also causes an increase in the life of achieving full erection, and lowering its quality.
  3. The effect on power has atherosclerosis, which affects not only the vessels of the brain and of the heart, but of the penis. This results in a vascular, sexual dysfunction.
  4. After fifty years, there has been suppression of the adrenal gland. Decreases levels of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and keeping the secretion of corticotropin. For the consequences of a lack of DHEA can be attributed to decreased libido, decreased mood, the weakening of the power. Decreases in muscle mass and strength.
Temporary impotence

When considering signs of impotence, you should mark cases temporary properties. To them applies to early ejaculation is when the lack of a regular sex life. This problem becomes the reason of the impossibility of bringing the sexual relationship before completion. To resolve enough, normally, to normalize sexual life.

Willing to reduction of power is natural and gradual decline of sexual function with the passing of the years, when the reproductive age is coming to an end. It is important, that this process occurred gradually. The strong loss of power will talk about possible pathologies.

The reduction of power is when excess sexual activity. The constant irritation of the receptors of the brain, sinuses venous of the penis leads to the fall, their sensitivity (resistance).

During this state time different. It depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the amount of past loads. What they were more time, the longer it will last temporary dysfunction. After the interruption of loads, the power is gradually recovering.

Temporary cases are not a sign of impotence and require only corrective activities.

Treatment of impotence in men after 50 years depends on a correct and timely to find the cause of the disease. On the question of how to deal with the impotence, the answer must give your doctor. Self-medication here unacceptable and often dangerous. When assigning therapy, the doctor takes into account not only the characteristic symptoms: psychogenic and organic— but also the general state of the patient. Many times, the violation of the erectile function, co-morbidities when:

  • diabetes (risk of developing 55%);
  • ischemic heart disease (the risk of developing 39%);
  • heart disease and smoking (the risk of developing 56%);
  • depression (with the risk of development of 90%);

A considerable negative effect on the health status of the men have bad habits: smoking, alcohol consumption, low physical activity. Medicines acting on the central nervous system (neuroleptics, anticholinergic and antihypertensive medications can also cause impotence.

Age 50 years — a period when many men begin to experience the natural changes of the body, which, together with the existing of a chronic illness can create favourable conditions for the development of erectile dysfunction. Fight with the data of the disease must have a comprehensive approach and requires medical treatment, and compliance with the patient a healthy life-style.