7 effective exercises to improve power

In this article we will talk about exercises for measurable improvement and increase potency in men. Problems with the quality of the erection may occur in younger people, physically healthy. If the time of taking such measures, you can avoid the potential consequences, and improve power.

If the erection problems are not related with severe forms of prostatic hypertrophy or failure, hormonal, simple exercises can help to increase the power and improve the quality of the sexual act.

The following exercises for the normalization of the blood flow to the genitals, as well as to the strengthening of the steel frame. Thanks to this, the effect will be more strong and prolonged, in contrast with the doctor a means to improve the power.

Integrated facility for the recovery and increase the power

Only regular exercise will provide a tangible, tough, in all senses, the result. Miracles promise of the marketing services of pharmaceutical companies, but in real life considerable efforts will be needed, but they sure are correct.

Ideally, the exercises you should do daily or at least a day, in the morning or during the day, on an empty stomach.

Twist hula-Hoop

Rotation of the pelvis to different sides to help disperse the blood, stretch the bones and prepare the body for the next exercise. Standing, feet placed, the hands touch the mouth, you can start with twenty or thirty laps in each direction, gradually increasing the number of laps up to fifty.

The rotation should be slow to stretch only the lower part of the body. Exercises for power will not only improve circulation, but to train the muscles of the spine, which are responsible for they try to hide.

walking in the local

Above the foot

Standing, back straight, arms out. The active step in the local, highly tiranizando his knees, taking the chest. If you are not able, in a first time help with the hands at the same time, a beer belly can decrease. Start with thirty cranes on each leg, to bring up the fifty.


  • Standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, with your knees straight, deep slopes to the front to the palm of the hand touched the ground, when the problems with the flexibility enough to touch with fingers.
  • You can start with twenty arches, but gradually, adding a few pieces to bring up the fifty.
  • The ideal amount to strengthen the back muscles and improve the blood circulation in the spine, which is important to the genitals and the power.


Lying on your back, bend the knees, standing on the floor, arms lie along, down with the palms of the hands. Lift the pelvis, as much as they can and slowly lower, without lifting the blades and feet. Run it a dozen times, pause, repeat. Start with three approaches, to bring the maximum of five.



Lying on your back, bend the knees and dilute in one hand, with firmness and feet flat on the floor, arms relaxed. Stretch internal muscles, arises when the feeling that everyone in and around the penis and the anus, gathered in the group, it relates to relax.

How much more will better reflect, repeat ten times. One of the most important exercises to regain the power that you can try to do and throughout the day, alternating between tension and muscle relaxation, standing, sitting, lying down.

Sit on the hard disk of a stool or a chair, arms extended, back straight, torso slightly leaned forward, hands touch the mouth. Strongly straining muscles of the perineum, how to work a sucker to a chair, taking care not to stumble on the buttocks, delay, relax. Run a dozen attempts.


Through sit, dilute down on their knees, before pulling a hand, tighten the muscles of the anus. It is slow to perform the rotation of the pelvis from one side to the other within a minute. In less than muscle strengthening to bring the duration of the exercise up to three minutes, you can do several approaches.

We keep the ball

Will need a small (up to 20 cm diameter), plastic or a rubber ball. Of walk, a little bending of the legs, place the ball between your knees and tensing of buttocks, its very tighten. Starting with thirty repetitions to bring up the fifty.


Standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, arms extended to the front.

  1. Squat down slowly until the half, with a force to compress the buttocks, to stay longer in a few seconds, the slowly rise and relax.
  2. Enough of twenty repetitions.
  3. The exercises for the power of easy running, do not require physical preparation, it will not take much time for the neglect of them, citing the employment.

Dedicating himself to these half-hour, the men saving you a lot more, avoiding the need of manual work of chemists and physicians.

Benefits of gymnastics to improve erection:

  1. Exercises for erection positively affect the synthesis of the male hormone, testosterone, which is responsible for a potency and an erection.
  2. When the regular exercise strengthens the weak point of the human body -the muscles of the perineum, the muscle, responsible for the retention of the urine, feces, involved in the process of sexual intercourse and the occurrence of full erection.
  3. Stable role requires continuous and full flow of blood to the pelvic organs and in particular the cavernous body of the penis. All this can be achieved through gymnastic exercises.
  4. Physics classes are accompanied by a large amount of hormones. For men, it is important adrenaline, androgenic hormone, which influence the balance of the nervous system, the ability of man to overcome the stress, without the express consequences.
  5. After practice, increases vitality, improves mood;
  6. The physical load relieves muscle tension, becomes trained, and, therefore, more resistant.



Studies carried out by doctors showed that the load on the muscles certain can for a very short time to solve problems with potency and erection. If a man has seen-premature ejaculation, thirty minutes per day for two to three months, with the help of physical exercises can be completely get rid of the problem.

When the complex of physical exercises for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (cm. photo) had the greatest effect:

  1. For the men, who disappeared interest in sex, the reasons most often it is not possible to appoint;
  2. Disappear the episodes of the morning or an erection spontaneously;
  3. During sexual intercourse, the penis does not reach the required hardness, it remains slow;
  4. The erection is so weak, that it is not possible to perform the sexual act.

The reasons for such violations are many, but the result of an inadequate supply of blood to the cavernous bodies and incomplete swelling of the penis.

Through such exercises it is possible to overcome the above problems:

  • the retention of stone;
  • the implementation of door step;
  • jump;
  • training of muscular power;
  • the plow, and a corkscrew;
  • suction cup;
  • the bow and the cobra.

Almost all the exercises for erection are taken from yoga practice, therefore, the men to fulfill their requires a dedication.

Are also popular exercises to increase or improve the erection of the practices of chi kung. Each of the exercises, as well in their own way, but there are general rules for the entire complex. Starting with a small number of repetitions, the better with 10. Once you feel that the muscles have strengthened and can more, add the amount of repetitions.

Simultaneously with the execution of physical practice need to perform the correction of energy, the consumption of products that increase potency in men, the main treatment, review a style of life, including sexual activity and the possible presence of sexually transmitted infections.

the power for the erection


Wait for the result when taken regularly, responsibility, and executes the practice of:

  • The big step. From a standing position, start to walk, with inclination along the body with the hands. Men and women requires the highest possible raise your legs, touching the neck of the stomach;
  • The exercise of a bridge. Starting position lying on your back, arms along the body, feet stuck to the ground. Lift the taz as high as possible, lower to the ground. So, you need to make 10 times;
  • Running skipping. You can do this in two versions: standing on the floor directly, or by tightening the hand on the wall, and a little inclined to the front. The meaning of the exercises is, quickly, with large steps on the spot, without taking socks from the floor. Just grab the heel. Another note - it is necessary the maximum speed of execution, but at the same time the lesson duration is 1 minute;
  • The retention of the stone. The initial position of the foot, the hand on the belt, bent a little the knees. Start the year with a small knee flexion and rhythmic shrinking the gluteal muscles. To understand, imagine that between your legs you grab hold of a stone;
  • The execution of exercises of a vacuum cleaner. For this, you will need a chair. The man sits on it and this is what the chair is croup. Rhythmic contractions of the pc coccygeal muscles, which resemble the work of a vacuum cleaner, as if to collect cereals. The correct execution should not lead to a reduction in the gluteal muscles;
  • Stimulates the muscle to the pubis and the coccyx with the squat. Do crunches from a standing position, with feet placed wider than shoulder. We let fall the pelvis up to the level in which the line of the hip is parallel to the floor. If necessary, you can join by the back of the chair, to take advantage of the wall, but only the first time. In this position, you need to perform the movements of the pelvis forward and backward, but without moving the body. Simultaneously, you will strengthen the muscles of the back foot.


For the power and the recovery of the erection-it is important to do some exercises within the complex. The fact is that the muscle, gradually, to get addicted to a certain degree of load, need more time and exercise, for the preparation of each fiber. Different types of activities with an impact much greater number of muscle fibers, which the same exercise, meaning the muscle is worked in all its parts. The following are some examples of complex most effective exercises to increase erectile function:

  • Initial position -standing on all fours. Important when you perform any gymnastics to breathe correctly. For example, when you do this exercise to exhale gently let taz as well, until it touches the heels.- The hands do not start all over again, repeating the motion a few times, depending on the degree of your fitness.
  • The initial position for the execution of the following exercise of this complex of the foot. Arms relaxed, we align the breath and expiration, trying to compress the muscles that form the anal sphincter. At the maximum, a point we reached in 4 seconds, relax. So repeat 10 times, and then gradually increasing approaches.
  • To occupy a position in the back, hands together behind head, legs straight. Inhale and exhale as we raise strictly in the vertical leg to the top and doing some circular movements. So repeat 10 times each leg.
  • For the execution of this exercise it is necessary to lie on your back, pull both knees to the chest, to the heel touched the buttocks. The hands should be on your lap. On the out-breath, the knees to produce to the side, but at the same time giving them resistance with the hands. Repeat for a start, no less than three times.

Now most of the men who lead a sedentary life, whose consequences - is a phenomenon of stagnation of blood in the pelvis. The exercises are able to stimulate blood circulation, remove the phenomenon of stasis. The largest value have the hip joints and the department of the spine, in the area of the coccyx.-

The result of regular exercise around the blood circulation in the pelvis to normal, pulled out of a spasm of the muscles is produced the hormone endorphin. The physical load has a positive effect on general health, increases the reproductive capacity of the organism, for young advisable to start exercising, already from the first years, only as prevention, not to meet up with the health problems.