The most effective home remedies to increase potency in men

power increase

Impotence is a gradual decline of male sexual function. In the initial phase troubling signs appear rarely, with the time, they are strengthened when there is proper care for men's health, which leads to a deterioration in not only common, but also psychological-being of man.

Therefore, it is important to recognize the pathology and the fastest possible to take measures to solve problems.

Signs of violations

The main symptoms that should alarm the man, are:

  • faulty erection;
  • reduction or absence of dysfunction of the band, that is the impossibility of bringing men to the voltage the penis, in spite of the strong desire;
  • loss of erection during sexual intercourse, when not achieved early;
  • the lack of manifestation of involuntary erection in men night or in the morning;
  • premature ejaculation, which manifests itself in adult age the representatives of the male, with a rich sexual experience;
  • reduction or total absence of sexual desire, calls the impossibility of committing a sexual act.

More recently, problems with the power focused predominantly adult males. Today the pathology affects an increasing number of representatives of the stronger sex in their early teens.

According to statistics, the fourth part of the male population suffer from disorders of the sexual life.


The causes of the problems

To combat the problem, you must first find out the reason that caused the occurrence of such violation.

The main factors that could lead to disorders in sexual, include:

  1. Irregular sexual life of a man. The situation implies a reduction of power and sexual violation.
  2. The presence of chronic diseases. Reduce sexual desire diabetes, hypertension, hyperplasia of prostate, disorders of the endocrine system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, severe liver damage.
  3. The illness infectious. Drugs indicated for sexually transmitted diseases, can significantly affect the power output. The violation behave and urinary system disease, orchitis, prostatitis, urethritis, vesiculitis.
  4. Bad habits and adverse factors of the environment. Sexual health disorders can lead to smoking, abuse of alcohol, drugs, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and excess of labour, the violation of the sleep mode and adverse weather conditions.
  5. Diseases and genital lesions.
  6. Wearing too narrow, intimate lingerie.
  7. Problems with the nervous system, frequent stress, dispute and failure. Most of the times this kind of disturbances in the sexual life is temporary and disappears after normalization of the difficult situation.
  8. The complete replacement of sexual relations self-love.
  9. Changes related to age. The first worrying signs of degradation in power can appear already at 40 years of age.

Nowadays, the impotence is treated effectively, and for a short period of time. Important, as it is possible before you take the appropriate measures to correct the violation.

general recommendations

General recommendations

For a quick return to normal, the power is necessary to carry out a set of measures:

  1. The cast back to normal and the sleep mode of work and rest of man.
  2. Changes in nutrition. In the diet, it is recommended to include foods with a high content of vitamins and minerals, proteins and other nutrients. Make sure to add the daily menu of eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, fresh vegetables and grains.
  3. The neutralization of the psychological barrier coming in contact with the sexual partner.
  4. Psychotherapy, when the inability to cope with the problem alone.

Resolution of impotence organic depends on the causes of the violation and individually adjusted to each man.

How should be the power supply?

A large role in the treatment of impotence plays the fulfillment of a special diet. On the menu, men should include dishes with products with a high content of vitamins of group A, B and e, improve the passage of nerve impulses, as well as the products that will enable the effect on the body.

It is recommended to include in your diet the following repair products:

  • sour goat's milk;
  • millet;
  • the chicken eggs and quail;
  • honey;
  • vegetables – mostly turnips;
  • fish – characteristics, sole, mackerel;
  • vegetable oil;
  • seafood – especially oysters;
  • brewer's yeast;
  • tomatoes;
  • the fruit of the rosehip;
  • garlic;
  • ginger;
  • celery;
  • onion;

Exclude from the menu of men you need of products made with white sugar and white flour.

revenue nar honey

Recipes of traditional medicine

Traditional medicine offers many effective recipes when disorders of sexual in men. These tools are easy to prepare and available, as well as contains only natural ingredients, useful components and do not require a large expenditure of money.

To maximize the effect of the application of the people of revenue, necessarily, must maintain accuracy in the preparation of medicines, as well as the rules for their use.

Dried dates

Equal parts of come dates, dried, pistachio, almonds, seeds of quince. All components should be crushed, and use 100 to 150 grams per day.

The honey and nuts

0.5 kg of nuts should be mixed with 300 grams of honey and 100 ml of aloe juice. Take the mixture to within 30 to 40 grams.

Basil with walnuts

1 litre of boiled red wine spilled blooming the top of the basilica, 2 tablespoons of pieces of walnut and 8 tablespoons of the roots of horseradish. Ready the soup is served thick with a cloth and leave to rest for, then filtered, and drink 100 ml before food intake 3 times during the day.

Tincture of peony

0.5 liters of vodka is taken 1 tablespoon dried plants. The mixture of peony infused in the continuation of 21 days at room temperature, filtered and accepted on 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. The time of reception 30 minutes before a meal.

Tools based on onion peel

2 small handfuls of onion peel, should be washed in cold water and put in 700 ml of boiling water. The mixture is placed over the fire and cooked for 5 minutes. Then, the tool infused for 1 hour and filtered. Consume recommends at least 30 minutes before or after meals, per 100 ml, 3 times per day.

Strong herbal infusion

To prepare you must mix 100 grams of seeds of nettle, 100 grams of the root of calamus, 70 grams of seeds of asparagus, 100 grams of bittercress, 70 grams of the roots of marshmallow, 70 grams of banana leaves, 70 grams bedstraw, 70 grams of the roots of pods and 70 grams of leaves of hazel.

From the mix together separates-3 spoons of soup and full of 3 cups of boiled water, infused, filtered and accepted by the cup 3 times in continuation to the day.

Herbs to increase power

Herbal teas have a positive impact on the health of men: extending the vessels, promote relaxation, positive on blood circulation.


The grass is applied separately or in combination with other medicinal plants.

To prepare the broth in 1 cup of boiling water soluble 1 tablespoon of nettles. This volume drunk by 3 doses during the day.

Another form of application of plants – mixing equal parts of the seeds of nettle, honey, and red wine, and the adoption of remedies before eating.


Thyme is useful for both the treatment and prevention of impotence, enlarged prostate, prostatitis and other diseases of the male. The zinc contained in the plant, contributes to the increased activity of the spermatozoa and the production of testosterone.

In a glass of boiling water add 1 tablespoon of dried inflorescences of thyme and take the continuation of the day. The course of treatment of up to 6 months.


To prepare the infusion of ginseng charge ½ part of one tablespoon of root of plant with 350 grams of honey. Mass infused for 1.5 weeks and is accepted by 3 times a day.

The tool is good for men's health and the operation of the endocrine system.

preventive measures

Preventive measures

To avoid the occurrence of problems with the sexual life of each man, at any age, it is recommended to observe the following simple rules:

  1. In accordance with the mode of work and rest, a good night's sleep.
  2. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without bad habits.
  3. The refusal of the same sex as a choice of method of prevention.
  4. The timely treatment and prevention of cardiac, neurological, vascular, endocrine and liver diseases.
  5. Refusal of replacement of a sexual life of self-love.
  6. Prevention of injuries of the genital organs.
  7. Waiver of random sex.
  8. Timely resolution of diseases of the genital organs.
  9. Regular sexual life.
  10. The timely treatment of violations of dysfunction of the band with the appearance of the first the same symptoms.

Prevention, reduction of potency is recommended the consumption of plants and plant preparations, which contain the necessary for men's health vitamin E:

  • small root;
  • ginseng siberian;
  • the root of gold;
  • aralia;
  • lemongrass chinese;
  • rose hip oil;
  • the fruit of the bramble;
  • nuts.

A great way of prevention and treatment of reduction of power is a visit to the baths, to strengthen the microcirculation of the blood and builds up the body in general. The advantage will be the visit to a steam room with the use of a birch broom.

It is recommended to apply a shower of sensations, directing the jet of cold and hot water on the belly. This improves the blood flow in the intimate area of men.

Remember! Any infringement much easier to prevent than to resolve.

If you notice signs of reduced power, see a professional as soon as possible for the diagnosis of rejection and to identify the cause that caused the pathology.

After that, the doctor will give you useful tips on how to get rid of the violation of sexual life, which can complete-if effective proven folk recipes with healthy ingredients.