What has an effect on the reduction and increase of male potency?

The modern representatives of the stronger sex are increasingly interested, which affects the male potency. And it is not in vain, because in addition to genetic predisposition, men of power, to a large extent, depends on the style of life, migrated from diseases, the mode of feeding and many other factors.

Which has a positive effect on the power

  1. Consume foods rich in protein of animal or vegetable origin: the chicken and egg of quail, cream of milk, the ricotta, the cheese.
  2. The inclusion in the diet of nuts, peanuts, sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, pistachios, almonds. Read the article on the best nuts for the power.
  3. Periodically add in the menu of beer for the men, as well as pollen;
  4. Consumption of seafood.
  5. Application of vitamin (vitamins and minerals) and additives that allow to eliminate available deficit of important micronutrients in the diet.
  6. The increase of physical activity: jogging, moderate or slow, and in the morning of stretching, abdominal exercises, strength exercises.
  7. The elimination of the effects of stress through the application of techniques of auditory training, the practice of yoga or meditation.
  8. Healing of chronic, debilitating to the male body and lead to decrease in sexual desire and a reduction of erection. It is especially important to keep under control the levels of sugar in the blood, prevent the development of prostatitis or hemorrhoids, to monitor the state of the heart and blood vessels.
  9. The contrast of water treatments and hardening. In pouring cold water stimulates the blood circulation, including the genital area, and, therefore, contributes to the strengthening of erection and sexual desire.

A long time ago also noticed, that good effect on the power self-esteem of the man himself, his personal achievement and success. The wealthy, visually attractive and confident in yourself the stronger sex problem in the intimate sphere occur with much less frequency, since there is no need to worry about impressing a woman. Thus, to achieve success in all areas of life — a direct path to the improvement of the power.

That evil which affects the power


There are many factors have a negative impact on male strength:

  • Abuse oily and junk food food. As a result of the worsening of the state of the vessels, hinders the influx of blood to the genitals.
  • The excess sugar in the diet, and harmful sweets. A sweet tooth are at risk to get hold of a violation of the hormonal balance and a number of diseases, one of the strongest of them is diabetes mellitus. Erection in this case, suffers, first of all.
  • The excess body mass. You are a very fat people and the fat delays the "female" type, and the sexual desire quickly diminishing.
  • Insufficient sleep, lack of time for leisure. Workaholics prematurely run the risk of becoming impotent nothing less lazy people. A tired body is not able to fully perform their duties, so that he begins to "save" in the sphere of reproductive rights, reducing the libido to a minimum.
  • The abuse of alcohol and nicotine. The influence of alcohol on the potency is known. And harmful even for beer, as well as it has the estrogen-like action and increases the synthesis of "female" hormones. Nicotine promotes narrowing of the blood vessels and worsens the state of his genitals.
  • Excessive exercise or, on the contrary, physical inactivity. Thus, men, too addicted to long-distance running, often suffer from testosterone deficiency. Experts it has been found that, when the total Jogging more than 60 km per week and the production of the male hormone, drops to 17%. Are useful only moderate loads, for example, in the morning, a race of 1-3 km, or a 30 or 45 minute classes in the gym, no more than 3-4 times per week.

He also noted that affects the male potency the most negative, stress-prolonged beach modern living. Long rides lead to the development of many diseases, weakening libido, and adversely affect the ability of men in bed. To help yourself, you must learn how to deal with the effects of stress or consult a specialist.

The effect of some drugs on the power

Artificially created substance, unlike natural factors, can affect the male power is fast enough and effective. The problem lies only in the fact that they can act on the power not only positively but also negatively, and also have some effects of exposure.

Many times the men interested, is that Valerian about the power. Extract of valerian applies, predominantly, to calm down, eliminating the impact of stress. If you do not exceed the specified in a statement normal and use this tool only periodically, the impact of Valerian on the power is positive, after all, thanks to the effects of this drug are fixed spasms in the pelvic region, improves the blood circulation, are eliminated the manifestations of nervousness. If you exceed the dosage possible offensive, the drowsiness, and then all that will interest you tired of the male is a soft bed and a good sleep.

Ambiguous is the influence of steroids on the power. Similar drugs applies, predominantly, to the muscle building of athletes and people interested in the creation of embossing the male forms. In the composition of some medicines in this group are included in hormonal substances such as testosterone. On the one hand, this is good: the man increases the workability, resistance. But at the same time the body begins to produce less testosterone, resulting, later, presents serious hormonal disorders, and sexual desire can disappear completely.

Thus, when practicing sports is better to abandon the use of steroids. Animals only consume special sports nutrition, in the form enriched with protein compounds, but only reliable manufacturers.

If the man is unable to solve the problems intimate. Displayed the tool is biostimulant from vegetal origin, does not contain hormones and synthetic substances. The composition of the product includes proteins, medicinal herbs (hawthorn, ginseng, and Dr.), minerals. As a result there occurs an increase of power, the sexual act becomes longer amplify the feeling when the male orgasm, and the penis may even increase in size.

With the condition of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and periodic reception specifically additives to correct the problems in the sphere of reproductive any man is capable of perpetuating your health, normalcy, and to feel all the pleasures of life. The prize of respect and consideration to your health will become not only the improvement of the quality of intimate life, but and increased self-esteem, strengthening the integrity and the acquisition of a well-deserved reputation for harmonious development of the person.