The herbs that help to improve power in men?

No man is safe from failure in bed. The problem of erection can occur as a result of lifestyle choices, health problems, often the root of the evil lies in the division or physical over-voltage. What do not hiding, the reason for the failure of power, resolve the problem immediately, as soon as it was announced.

There are a number of medications that help to eliminate any problems of violation of sexual function. Induced method allows, in any moment of recovering the power. But many refer to it with caution, suggesting that such an intervention can not go unnoticed.


Help want to have a great power, but not to resort to the help released drugs comes as a folk medicine.

The grass, which increase the potency

The great advantage of herbs is that they cost much cheaper in comparison with advertising media for the recovery of the erection. Ready for grass potency in men without any problems, you can find in any pharmacy, and, if desired, to collect himself. Prepare a tincture or tea of the finished collection also is not difficult.

Unlike medicines, which give obvious, but the short-term results, herbs to resolve the problem with the power for a long time, since they have cumulative effect. When you do this, the counter-indications they are minimal.

Adverse reactions of herbal teas come very rarely. This is often associated with an intolerance to some grass. However, this problem is easily solved by the substitution of another plant or collection.

Ginseng for potency

The ability of this magic bullet of the root are really unlimited. The ginseng is used in the treatment of many diseases, disorders of potency including.

As a result of the built-in effects happens the active stimulation of the libido. This effect occurs as a result of the expansion of the blood vessels, the blood supply to the body improves, there is an influx of blood to the sexual organ, which positively affects the power and contributes to the offensive and maintain an erection. Is improving and the quality of the sperm, is celebrated as the improvement of the entire urinary system in general.

Reception tea at the base of ginseng's positive about the entire body.

The effectiveness depends on, in any way of consuming the ginseng. Thus, in the form of the tincture to alcohol ginseng is able to not only help restore power, but to aggravate the situation. As well as the alcohol, even in small proportions does not contribute to improve sexual function. It is more sensible to choose other forms of preparation of ginseng.

The action exerted by this plant on the body really has no price. But you should know that, in addition to a positive effect, it gives a series of adverse reactions, which should be taken into consideration. Thus, the ginseng is absolutely against-indicated during the in inflammatory processes.

Do not recommend it when a different type of bleeding, ulcers, and infectious diseases. The result is irrational to take the herb of power can occur vomiting, is likely to occur a sudden jump in blood pressure. The ginseng is very strong immune enhancer, so before you use it of securities shall be the consultation of a specialist.

To improve power, you need 25 g of dried root mixed with 700 g of honey. Insist obtained from the mixture during 10 days. Take a teaspoon a half hour before eating three times per day. For the complete recovery of sexual function, accept this precise mixture over two months. Then, a break is required. After two months of the course can be repeated.

Ivan-tea to improve your power

This herb is often called fireweed. It is rich in all kinds of vitamins, especially c, E and group In. Due to the content rich in trace elements, john-the tea often used in the popular medicine as part of rates. It gives tonic effect, helps to renew, rejuvenate the body from the inside out, improving sexual function.

Teas based on fireweed help cleanse the body against the buildup of toxins, improve blood circulation, occurs the oxygen saturation in the tissues of the body. Fireweed, as the rest of the herbs to enhance potency in men, do not give an instant action, the result comes through a couple of weeks. Therefore, in this aspect, it is important to have patience.

The main property of ivan, the tea, the coffee and the ability to improve the production of testosterone, the content of which directly affects the male potency. Soft calming effect, which also gives this plant, helps to relieve stress, restore nervous system, which will have a positive impact on the health of men and favors the erection.

Ivan-tea not only contributes to the recovery of power, but it helps to fight prostatic hypertrophy and other diseases of system genito-urinary system in men.

How to apply a plant, it is not difficult to guess, the main form of use is already built in the title – grass dry need of the manufacture of beer, and consumed in form of tea. The manufacture of beer must of dried leaves, to insist 5 minutes. Drinking tea can be several times a day. It has a pleasant taste and can be easily consumed instead of tea. The simplest way is to use ivan the tea, but it is not the only one.

You can prepare the medicine and based on the root, the last pre-constituted in the fall or buy in the pharmacy. Pure root cut into small pieces, need 2 St. l finished raw materials. Lie on the floor for a liter of water and boil for 20 minutes. When the broth is ready, you should strain it and during the two weeks drink 30 minutes before breakfast and before bedtime. To take a drink.

Fireweed contains a large amount of caffeine, therefore, too frequent drinking of tea, at its base, or increase the dosage of the products of the drug is not the best way that can affect the state of the body and the nervous system, which results in very strong excitability.

The root calamus bad power

Another herb to boost the power, which is able to return the health of the man and regain his erection is the root of calamus. Due to the large content that camphor, gum ascorbic acid, and substances of medicines, at its base, have a tonic effect, helping to strengthen the body in general.

The regular use of drugs based on the calamus leads to the improvement of male functions, contributing to the improvement of the power. It is worth considering that the action of calamus, quite strong, therefore, the dose increase can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of vomiting. If you have gastritis and ulcerative diseases of the stomach and increase the acidity of the application calamus is also better to give up.


Methods of application of calamus much more easy – chew a piece of dried root of this plant in the flesh of chewing gum. Can be prepared from calamus, a medicinal tea. For this, it is necessary a tablespoon of the dried root, its cooked in the steam of a glass of boiled water and good to insist. Drink obtained from the infusion three times a day, 1/4 of a cup half an hour before a meal.

The other option is to pour 100 g of chopped onion from the root of a liter of vodka. Insist all this in 2 weeks, pre – requisite - the vessel should stay in a cool, dark place. Consume is no longer a spoonful of soup before a meal.

Do not overdo it with this form of infusion, for the presence of alcohol may lead, not to improve power, but, on the contrary, aggravate the situation.

Power to restore the salsa

This weed – known aphrodisiac, it contains a large number of essential oils, minerals, vitamins. The special item of this herb of power – apigenina. Thanks to him, the parsley is a great antioxidant, which quickly leads to a reduction of the content of estrogen. As a result of this activity, the amount of testosterone – the male hormone, increases.

Another not less important, the property of salsa – improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic region. Because of this work, occurs the active saturation of the muscles in the small of oxygen, in consequence, the work of the entire urinary system and improves. This has a positive effect on the improvement of the power.

Salsa is good, because for its application practically does not have contra-indications, which allows widely apply it in the kitchen. The only disease in which there is no smell jade – green.

Methods for the application of salsa some. Can be in equal proportions to mix the dried parsley and the cilantro, and use a mixture of a spoon of soup during the meal. As an alternative, you can take both plants in the form of fresh. To apply also.

The second option – 60 g fresh finely with the parsley mix 100 g of rose hip oil. The berries need to pre-pan, and also for grinding. Add 250 g walnuts, you can take as nuts, and peanut, there is no difference.

Also will need 300 ml of wine and honey. All the components of a mixture with the greatest care. To support this precise composition in a cool, dark place for 12 days. Periodically the composition need to touch, not giving the hazel and the grass sink.

Take obtained the precise composition of a tablespoon half an hour before eating 4 times a day. This recipe is excellent will not only help resolve problems with the power, but also to strengthen the body in general.

St. john's wort for the power

This herb is good help in the recovery of energy in men, it is used as an independent component, as part of a special charges. The result of the application of st. john's wort has a positive effect and on sexual function and overall sexual health. Unlike other, similar to the action of plants, this herb to the power enough to quick action, in just a couple of weeks st. john's wort is able to establish the power.

Course on the basis of st. john's wort promotes the recovery of power, helps arouse sexual desire. Through the initiative, impact on the nervous system, st. john's wort helps to fight against stress, relieves fatigue, restores vitality, he is able to fight and depressions, improving the mood.

Through chur engage onStAAMI and decoction at the base of st. john's wort should not be, because, very often, their application can lead to reaction.

This herb in its composition contains toxic substances. Its concentration can be very large, especially if the grass set up in an area of environmental unfavorable situation. Also st. john's wort can cause a sudden jump in blood pressure, which is extremely dangerous for high blood pressure.

st. john's wort

To adjust the power, you need 10 g of st. john's wort (a suitable dry and fresh grass) pour a glass of boiled water. Insist half an hour. Then strain and drink 50 ml three times a day for a quarter of an hour before a meal.

You can prepare a tincture in vodka. For this, you will need 40 g of the herbs and half a cup of vodka. Place the mixture in a cool, dark for 10 days. After coe to remove since it is unnecessary to grass, to drink the infusion need to 30 drops three times per day, this should be done by a quarter of an hour before a meal.

Nettle improves the power

This herb is open and assemble your not going to be difficult, especially if we consider that it is extremely useful in the recovery of potency and sexual function. Its properties the nettle is forced to greater saturation of vitamins, it strengthens the libido and has action of anti-septic on the body.

Take teas and mixtures to the base of the nettle can not all, because it has a number of against-indications. Due to improve the coagulation of the blood, you can not take them for men with more than 45 to 50 years. The trend to an increase in pressure — is also an obstacle to the acquisition of medicines to the base of the nettle.

Kidney disease, in particular, the nephritis, the presence of stones – also convincing of which is reason to give up the nettle. Arteriosclerosis and increased cholesterol, it is also counter-indications to the reception.

If there are the above diseases has not, then, with safety, we can apply revenues to the base of the nettle for the benefit of their own health. Miscellaneous revenue, you can take a tablespoon of the chopped herbs and pour her a glass of boiled water. Let onStto hepatica at the time.

After straining, you can drink 2 tablespoons of infusion before eating three times per day. As well as the stinging nettle is fast enough to help achieve the result, the drink does not need more than a month. It is then necessary to take a break.

Another option, 75 g of seeds of pepper red wine medium sweet. The last will need 500 ml. the Wine along with the seed, boil and put to cool in a cool place in the day. Can be placed in the refrigerator. Drink the infusion during the month of teaspoon before going to sleep.

The burden of power


Herbs rates are also an effective way to build a working urinary and function. They are good because they help connect a positive effect of various herbs, positively impacting on men in a more efficient way which reinforces the power. These fees can prepare your own meals, pre-collection, or the purchase of a gram of pharmacy. You can buy ready-to-eat rates.

There is here, and traps. The fact that during the winter break contains a large amount of herbs, you need to carefully examine the indications and contra-indications of each. You can also search for a doctor to find out the genesis of power. After all, the reasons can be many. Of inflammatory processes, the urinary system and even depression. Thus, in the case of infections, you must choose rates based on the yarrow and st. john's wort.

If the source of a failure of sexual function resides in the division of disorder, it is a necessary component of a collection should be a thorn, hawthorn, lemon verbena, and ginseng.