Food to increase potency in men — we choose the most useful of them!

To healthy foods was effective, remember some principles: principles
  • It is recommended to consume foods that contain vitamins A, B, e, And fats groups of omega-3. They are found in vegetables and fruits.
  • To increase the production of testosterone nuts. Especially effective are the pistachios and peanuts.
  • Go hungry during the diet, is not possible. The man needs strength, and, therefore, the food should be healthy, helpful.
  • Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, necessarily, like what snacks.
  • Alcohol, fat and fried dishes, it is better to give up. Negatively impact on sex work.

A great deal of attention to meat, fish, products. They must be present in the menu right. From beef, chicken, veal, prepare the meatballs, croquettes.

Are allowed in the diet of seafood: they also contribute to improve the erection.

Must be actively used sunflower oil, flaxseed, olive oil. Add to salads. These products contain substances which help increase your power.

Its effect on the body

Specialists highly advised to follow the doctor energy to increase the power.

Such a diet complex that affects the male body:
  • Increases the sexual desire.
  • It increases the power.
  • Normalizes sexual.
  • Feeding the body with vitamins, becomes stronger.

Improves the well-being of man in general: he feels the force, the energy. Disappear, fatigue, and irritability.

Healthy foods enhance the excitement, it will make a sexual act more long and sensitive. Without medicines, drugs, sex work, the system will be restored.

The man dealing with the psychological problems: you will be confident in themselves, will be able to meet the soul mate and yourself. The diet revitalizes the body, in general, prevents the development of serious diseases sexual.

Sample menu

The diet is quite diverse, it may not be very strict.

Nutritionists recommend taking based on the following menu:
Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Oatmeal with fruit, pomegranate juice A vegetable soup, croquettes of veal, mashed potatoes, tea Wheat cooked mackerel, simmered kale, jam
Tuesday Omelet with herbs, green tea Vegetable stew, shredded beef, walnuts, honey, berry (drums) Buckwheat porridge with tomato and cucumber, tea
Wednesday Salad of grated carrots, a slice of cheese, juice and citric acid Rice with broccoli and chicken , a handful of grapes, tea Fresh cheese with pieces of banana, apple juice
Thursday Boiled egg, salad leaves, tea Potato gratin with minced meat, beet salad, a compote Rice porridge in milk with pieces of fruits, berry (drums)
Friday Buckwheat porridge, a slice of cheese, tea Chicken soup, boiled vegetables with fish, green tea Cheese casserole with strawberries, yogurt
Saturday Fruit salad with natural yoghurt, ryazhenka Braised cabbage with pieces of turkey, vegetables, jam Beet salad with garlic, tea
Sunday Oatmeal, apple and grape juice Soup, buckwheat porridge with bubulae chops and broccoli The ricotta with raisins, strawberry and a spoon of honey, apple juice

It is recommended to include in the menu of food products, which increases the potency in men, such as meat, fish and cereals. The priority of vegetables, fruits and berries. As a snack, ideal walnuts, honey, chocolate and dried fruits.

Useful berry: raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry. Dairy products are not prohibited. They are perfect for breakfast, snack. Must pay attention to the food to increase potency in men, such as cheese, yogurt, curdled milk, ..

To improve the potency should consume juices of citrus fruits, grape, apple and pomegranate. Useful jam and green tea. Coffee best to give.

List of permitted and prohibited dishes

In the diet should be present: dishes
  • Oils: olive, sunflower, flaxseed.
  • Fruits: citrus fruits, banana, apple, pomegranate.
  • Vegetables: cabbage, beet, garlic, all types of onion, a carrot.
  • Meats: beef, veal, chicken, turkey.
  • Fish: flounder, tuna, salmon, mackerel.
  • The mushrooms.
  • Fruits: strawberry, raspberry, black currant.
  • Dairy products: cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, sour milk, ryazhenka.

And if there are feeding products, immediately, that increase potency in men? To get instantly result, you should eat dishes with spices varied: they will strengthen the sexual desire. Useful broth st. john's wort, cumin, ginseng. Will also help nuts: cedar, pistachio, hazelnuts.

The menu also includes chocolate, honey, prunes, figs: they contribute to the strengthening of the erection. They are ideal to snack. Despite the variety of menus, some products remain prohibited.

The diet should be excluded:
  • Candy, cakes, sweets.
  • Flour.
  • Semi-finished products.
  • Salinity.
  • Smoked.
  • Sweet drinks.
  • Dishes fried.

From the menu, eliminate the sauce, mayonnaise, potato chips. The sausages, the products of fast food are prohibited. Limit the salt consumption: up to 4 g per day. Rate of sugar within the 30-day g.

Nutritionists advise us to give up soy, products with caffeine: they also lead to a reduction in power.

You must exclude alcoholic beverages. Of them allowed to be consumed in small amount only red wine: it can increase sexual libido.

The recommendations on time of compliance

To request to improve power, the recovery of the male libido remember, some of the recommendations of the experts:

  • The vegetables consumed best fresh, more vitamins. After the heat treatment, they lose their major part.
  • If a man smokes, it is best to abandon the cigarette. Negatively impact on sex work.
  • The diet will be more effective, if the man will now move very, inscribed in the gymnasium. The workout and a healthy diet are beneficial to power.
  • Before you sleep, it is helpful to drink kefir or curdled milk. The dinner should be approximately 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

The menu should be more varied, not to harass the man, and brought more benefits. For example, if breakfast is chosen, porridge oats, in a day you can cook it in the milk, and the other in the water. It is recommended to switch salads. with various kinds of vegetables.

Hunger strike for these foods are prohibited. To avoid them, the food they consume every 2-3 hours, snack on berries, nuts, fruits. Thanks to this, the body will recover faster.

Contra-indications, advantages and disadvantages

Nutritionists recommend following this fluid, it has many advantages:

  • A varied menu that is not boring.
  • There is no need of fasting, the diet is easily tolerated.
  • Do not have side effects.
  • Quick result.
  • Well-being of the whole organism.

The only disadvantage is the fact that it is necessary to change to a different nutrition, to give up some usual products.

You must first become accustomed to healthy food and food products, the potency in men.

Contra-indications for this type of power does not exist. It is useful, it brings only a positive effect. We recommend that in the case of diseases of the digestive tract, to consult with a specialist, the additional adjustment of the diet.

The recommended duration, and the outbound rules


Does this diet for a month. During this time, she increases the potency, restores the proper functioning of the male genital system. exit

Out of the diet it could only be recover, restore libido, erection. Gradually, increase the portions, plus a small number of prohibited products.

However, if you continue to eat properly, you get to avoid the re-occurrence of problems with potency. Junk food, it is best to avoid.

Increase the power with the special power is possible. Following commendatae food, a man very quickly to restore erection and sexual desire. Would be able to avoid the intake of tablets.

A healthy food lead to incredible results, will prevent the development of diseases of the genital system in the future.