The food of Casanova: the 10 products of male power

What products are aphrodisiacs, we have already learned. And here is how about the food, which not only makes the desire, and serves as a certain prevention of the levelling power of the male?

Driven by this idea, a scientist at the Center for health in Britain, as you once did a search of foods that increase the potency. Dr. Malcolm Carruthers't know what testosterone is to men of strength and confidence. He also aware that, after thirty most of the guys start the problems with the power. You can practice relaxation techniques and sports. But there is still a balm-Savior for the sexual life. This is the food. Male magazine online MPORT calls of all food, that, as says the british scientist, will help you to feel more confident in bed.

The grapes

the grapes

Eat red grapes. This berry increases the motility of the sperm. Malcolm discovered that the bark of the red grape contains resveratrol, a substance responsible for the activity in the protein. In support of scientist researchers from China found that 10 grams of the mass of this grape have a positive influence on the ability of certain organs to produce sperm.


For your masculine activity more useful tuna fish. Contained therein vitamin D increases the level of testosterone in the blood by 90%. After this the food on the bed and you will be unbeatable. In addition, the scientists from the University of health in Austria, came to the conclusion that the tuna also has a positive effect on the molecules of DNA in the sperm. It remains only to think how to eliminate the smell of fish from the mouth before a meeting with the girlfriend.


Our modern nutrition by far the most useful. The cholesterol that you often use, to block the vessels. This is the case of a vessel of a body, which you use the service during the sex. Try changing the ration of food, which will be the most plant fats. For example, the avocado. This exotica not only contains vitamins, but healthy fats, that healing vessels throughout the body. Including and fertile body.


International center of studies of impotence performed experiments. As a result, the scientists came to the conclusion that pomegranate improves the power. 47% of men who are constantly drinking the pomegranate juice, significantly improved the male strength. It is the drink you can buy in any supermarket.

Deer meat

Vegetarianism is helpful, diet that quickly lose weight. But, sitting in fruits and vegetables, by far, not to go. This applies especially to the bed. Man for the production of sperm need protein. It is not news that meat is one of the richest sources of protein. Any fruits here and there can't be. But with the meat it is also necessary to know the measure. Many times, she is very fat and contains many other items that can harm your face of men's health. Researchers from the University of Utah said: the more rational the quantity of proteins and nutrients olenino.



Garlic contains cortisol. It is the element responsible for maintenance of energetic resources of the organism. How do you think that is, through which the energy of the semen to actively and intentionally moves to the uterus? All right, and the cortisol is still one of the important sources of motor skills in protein. Eat raw garlic.


Honey contains nitrogen oxide and boron. Such chemicals increase the blood flow in up to 50%. Eat a teaspoon of honey once a day and you will not bother erection problems.


The university of Pittsburgh recommends drinking 200 ml of milk each day. A protein found in milk is a source of testosterone, and not only the amino acids required for muscle growth. Also milk displays estrogen is a female hormone, which age accumulates in your body.


Kim Pearson, a professional nutritionist from the University of Connecticut to recommend there are three eggs per day. This is the norm, that it will not harm the cholesterol your heart. But it is the egg white is the first building material, from which the body produces sperm.


Kale is the queen of all vegetables. Young, often eat cabbage, if you are concerned with the size of the chest. Because you also must not neglect so popular the product. In addition to vitamin and nutrients, cabbage such as milk, helps to show the estrogen in the body and increases the activity of testosterone. Even the guys from the name of the Rockefeller University eat 500 grams of cabbage every day.