How to increase potency in men at home

Everything is useful to know how to increase potency in men at home the inclusion of food and remedies in your diet. To increase the sexual desire it is helpful to pay attention to your diet, physical training and life style. An alternative to these methods make the application of the people of the revenues, rates, medicines with guarantee of composition and special tools that help to enhance potency in men.

What is power

What is power

In Latin potentia " means the capacity for action. In medical practice under this is understood the possibility of men qualitatively to commit a sexual act , sexually satisfy a woman and have a child. The concept of power includes several components:

  • sexual desire;
  • erection ;
  • ejaculation ;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse .

What affects potency in men

The reduction of each part included in the concept of power men, of the following factors:

  • cardiovascular diseases - high cholesterol , the bad functioning of the heart reduces the erection;
  • diabetes mellitus ;
  • obesity ;
  • changes related to age men can reinforce the reasons of rape;
  • the oncology, multiple sclerosis , Parkinson's disease , spinal cord injuries ;
  • depression, alcoholism, smoking ;
  • strong stress, psychological problems able to strengthen your problem;
  • Vitamin D, by its chemical nature is a steroid hormone. The reduction of their concentrations in the body leads to impairment of the functioning and of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular, and, of course, for procreation. Гиповитаминоз of vitamin D is associated with a decline in testosterone production . When you do this, the decrease of sperm quality ( decreases the amount of mobile and viable sperm ), which can lead to the development of male infertility. Therefore, to preserve the health of men and power it is important to regularly take vitamin D , for example, in the form of tablets, Ultra-Д. They contain 25 mcg (1 000 IU) cholecalciferol ( vitamin Д3 ), thanks to the form of tablets, Ultra-D, you can take at any time, you do not need to washdown water.

Which increases the potency in men

In addition to treating physical or psychological increasing the power men of any age can stabilize in the following ways:

  • the drug therapy. Viathine ensures a true example of the erection , which persists throughout the sexual act. In addition Viathine greatly enhances the orgasm. Drugs well established itself in the countries of Europe, and recently appeared in Russia, at an affordable price. Viathine well tolerated, not addictive. The doctors actively prescribe in case you have problems with potency and allow for the combination with a moderate amount of alcohol;
  • vacuum device the hollow of a plastic cylinder to increase the flow of blood in the penis ;
  • the injection of drugs - papaverine, phentolamine, prostaglandin to increase the blood supply;
  • the instant action of creams, ointments;
  • the review power, the exemption of beer;
  • surgical медикаментозные implants help to enhance the erectile function, when the other methods do not work.


Folk remedies

The most popular is a question to sexual assault: the products that increase the potency of men? Normal feeding is essential for the normal functioning male sexual system . According to the recommendations of doctors, the food men should contain 30% of fats for the production of hormones, proteins, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin Е. Useful to include in the diet the following foods to the power:

  • with the phosphorus - brewer's yeast, bran, pumpkin seeds, almonds, beans, cheddar cheese, the mushrooms, the parsley, the celery, the meat.
  • with zinc - oats, rye, eggs, beans, meat, liver, oysters, ginger root, turnips, olive oil , seaweed;
  • with vitamin E - a whole-grain bread, nuts, soybeans , sunflower oil , sunflower seeds , spinach, peanut , banana, beef and lamb;
  • a small amount of tea, a coffee, a couple drinks of alcohol will not hurt to the blood flow to the genitals of the male sex .

Folk remedies

One of the techniques of the folk medicine uses the following mixtures and infusions of herbs to increase potency in men:

  • broth nettle dioecious in the amount of a tablespoon in a glass before meals to stimulate the urinary functions;
  • a mixture of nettle seeds, red wine and honey to increase the power;
  • herbal tea with ginseng and honey or tincture of the root of plants;
  • an infusion of thyme to a cup of drink in the day comes to sexual deviations;
  • dry pieces of root аира;
  • a mixture of honey, carrot juice, red wine, ginger and walnuts;
  • the drink warmed up white wine, orange juice and lemon, honey, mint, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

How to improve the power

Suffering from sexual dysfunction you are interested in learning how to increase potency in men natural ways. Popular responses to this question are the review of food in correct use, moderate exercises and special exercises for the stimulation of the urinary system. The men useful to follow the standard received the alcohol, get rid of excess weight, stress, and nervous outbreaks. Should improve the quality of sleep, and only when already there is the effect of all of the ways to take the pill and stimulating power.

Methods to improve the

Doctors urologists, and андрологи include the following basic factors, which are able to amplify the power in men:

  • power;
  • folk methods;
  • the financial year;
  • the administration of drugs;
  • psychotherapy;
  • in addition, men are advised to check the hormones.



TOP 5 products included in the list to stimulate the libido. Behold, to increase the power men nutritionists advise:

  • camel-stomach - is accepted in dried form or in the form of alcohol tinctures half an hour before the sexual intercourse;
  • oysters are rich in zinc and amino acids rare, stimulate the production of testosterone and increases sperm volume , it has its need of raw food, ideally, be caught in the spring;
  • flounder is a fish that contains zinc, amino acids, vitamins a and e, it is best to cook it in steam, extinguish or bring to a boil;
  • cooked mackerel - another good fish for men through the contents as part of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, is able to amplify the power, increase the amount of sperm through iodine;
  • turnip - vegetable you can consume raw or boiled form, mixed with honey, mashed carrot or коровьим milk.

Greater power folk media

Between the tips, how to increase potency in men, popular methods are popular therapy:

  • the mixture of nuts and honey - take a tablespoon after eating 2-3 times per day, the course in a month, you can eat instead of snack;
  • the tea with the addition of cloves, ginger or turmeric normalizes erectile function;
  • two tablespoons of st. john's wort pour a glass of hot water, insist hour, strain it drink 50 ml three times per day;
  • four tablespoons of roots of turnip rub it with six tablespoons of sugar, boil 15 minutes, insist eight hours, drink three times a day one tablespoon before a meal;
  • the tea of the cones of the hops drink half a cup two or three times per day the course of a month and a half for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

How to train power

How to train power

Good techniques on how to increase the power, they are exercises specific entry in the diary of the gym men. Half an hour of running classes per day increase the erection to five times. Here are some useful exercises to resolve the problem of the violation of erection:

  • 10 seconds of standing, sitting and lying force your muscles of the perineum , representing what remains of the stream of urine when you empty the bladder;
  • stand erect, with the hands slide back down, step on, as high as possible by lifting the knee;
  • stand up, little, knees bent, contract and relax the glutes, representing an agreement between them and the stone;
  • run on the spot, without taking socks from the floor, only for the jump;
  • lie on your back, half-bend of the knees, lean with your feet on the floor, lift the pelvis;
  • lying down, move a little your legs, force your muscles of the perineum, between the anus and the testicles;
  • sit in the chair, mentally imagine wheat grains on it, try to "mount" your muscles of the buttocks .