How to increase men's potential quickly

Everyone has a moment when they ask a question: how to increase their potential and avoid unpleasant surprises in bed.

Stress, problems at work, "goats" on the road, not surprising when returning home completely exhausted, a man can not prove himself at the highest level in terms of sexuality. However, do not rush to cancel the plan for tonight, below we will give some ways that can help you rise from the ashes and surprise your lover.

You just need to know a few tricks, after which the inner freshness and cheerfulness will return you to the game

Forget how difficult today is and how many problems you face, now you just have to concentrate on the time specified in all weapons.

Nutrition to increase potential

A special dinner is required. Take fifty grams of almonds and raisins in equal amounts, stir and eat. You can drink it with warm water and honey. These ingredients are wonderful sources of glucose, which will fill your body with the energy it needs in the shortest possible time. Make it a rule to eat thirty grams of almonds every day, in the shortest possible time you will see how your male strength improves.

The substance found in almonds has a relaxing effect on the body's blood vessels, has an effective effect on improving blood circulation in the lower part of the body and helps increase potency in men.

Sleep is the key to success

You may be aware that a lot of human intellect has made it a method to use the short-term method of sleep and sleep for 10-15 minutes to give the body a little rest and gain strength. Utilize the wisdom of scientists and creative people who have gone down in history as outstanding personalities.

good rest to increase potential

There are two things to consider:

  • Sleep no more than 20 minutes;
  • You should set the alarm clock so that all efforts are not in vain, if you sleep all night and miss a meeting with a girl;

Lie down and close your eyes from any light so as not to disturb you or distract your eyes. Give yourself the mental attitude that you need to sleep as soon as possible, after which you will wake up full of strength and enthusiasm. Again, do not go back to what happened that day and reflect on tomorrow, concentrating on the fact that you need to gain strength.

Lie down comfortably with all parts of the body completely free. Relax the muscles in your eyes, face, arms and legs. Feel the hot current circulating throughout your body like seawater. Watch your breathing. You should not try to adjust your breathing rate with deep breaths and slow breathing. Give your body complete freedom and you will feel how after a few seconds you will start breathing calmly and evenly.

Awakening is an important thing, an excellent way out is to wake up a few seconds before the alarm goes off. But waking up at the alarm clock will be acceptable, the main thing is to remember that sleep should be short-lived. Do not despair if you have not been able to sleep. The main thing is that you give your body rest and relaxation after all the nerve events on your work day.

Exercises to increase potential

Wake up and do some light exercise to wake up for a while. You can not take your muscles seriously, otherwise you will waste all the energy you are trying to accumulate carefully while waiting for sexual continuation at night. Perform various sets of push-ups, squats, or pull-ups. Choose exercises that you can do easily and simply.


The last step, after which you will feel happier and ready to hit your partner, is a contrast bath. Different water temperatures will refresh you and give you freshness, which will lead to the release of strong testosterone, which is essential for you to surprise a woman. Now you are ready to continue the evening by accompanying a girl and the fatigue is gone. Get in a good mood and keep moving forward to conquer the beautiful half of humanity.