The operation to increase the penis size

Many men are unhappy with the length of their sexual organ. First, they try to solve the problem in-house with the help of techniques such operations. A few are able to achieve the results that you want. And to those of you that pump and injectors will not solve the problem, it is the most radical methods of to resort to plastic surgery.

The operating of the intervention, it allows to increase sex organ and make it thicker, due to the extraction of the hidden part of the body to the outside.

The operation is considered to be a quick and easy procedure. Her go under a general anaesthetic. The doctors cut the ligament to the sexual organ and the release of as much as 2.5 inches hidden part of the penis. About the same as it can be a extended talk using a penis extender. The seams are cured by 10 to 14 days, a new, fully formed, within a period of 90 days.

The features of the operations of the

the surgery of increase of a member

The part of the penis of 3 to 5 cm hidden in the pubic area. The surgery of increase of a member, it allows you to increase the penis size with the help of sectioning of the ligament. It's deployed to a special array, which provides you with the fastest way of growing of the connective tissue. Even the dissection of the ligament and stimulates the regeneration of cells.

This allows you to train for a new position of authority, and attach it with the help of a new and healed ligaments. After the operation, you also have to use an extension, due to the fact that the link stays in the appropriate place, and it's not going to go back to its original place. To get it, it will only be possible around the turn, a new compacted connective tissue.

Also, operations are carried out in the thickening of the penis. They are considered to be the most simple, such as the one carried out by injecting the fat in the tissue of the patient.


Prior to performing the operation that requires a thorough examination to identify the possible reaction to the allergens in and whether there are any counter-indications.

The patient meets with a surgeon, specialist in urology, provides blood and urine tests. The blood of the men testing for HIV, hepatitis b, as well as to determine blood group and rh-factor.

It is not possible to do the surgery is when all of the following diseases:

  • The problems in the system, genito-urinary.
  • Worsening of chronic medical conditions.
  • Many of the diseases.
  • The problem with the clotting of the blood.
  • Diabetes, Diabetes mellitus, and cancer.

If all the tests are normal and there are no contra-indications have not been disclosed, the surgery of increase of a member, it's assigned to at any given time. Before the operation you can eat and drink.

In the course of the proceedings

In the operating room of a man, do you do full anesthesia. Her body relaxes, and he slowly falls asleep, but the doctors have to cook it to the time of surgery. For 40 to 60 minutes, doctors are able to dissect out the surface folds. Here, it is very important that it does not affect the second ply, the most powerful one.

Next, make a vertical incision is made in the area of the scrotum. The stars of the procedure, the doctors look at the monitors, it allows you to take short cuts, and later, the scars were minimal.

The recovery period

If, at the time of surgery, were mistakes made, or the patient bad been prepared for the procedure, during the filling period of time may cause some complications.

In the first few months after surgery you can open up the bleed in the area of the cut, the wound can get infected. Also, the patient may feel pain during an erection, a decrease in the sensitivity of the head, and of swelling is maintained for a longer time than it already is.

The most common complications are:

  • The angle of the penis in front of you or down during an erection.
  • The weakness is that a member is when they try to hide it.
  • The reduction in the deformation, and the deformation of the trunk of his sexual organ.
  • Problems with achieving an erection.

To prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to carefully choose the clinic and the surgeon. It is worth to rely solely authenticated by the physician, who is thoroughly familiar and have a penis enlargement technique.

As much as you can to increase the membership of the operation

To raise I talk to operational as possible, of 3 to 5 inches, depending on the physiology of the patient, and in the construction of his / her authority. But, if you don't get in the recovery period of the extension of the penis will return to its normal size.

After the operation member is increased to 1 to 2 cm, to 1.5-inch (2.5 cm) give her machine a couple of months. It is used every day, first for 1 to 2 hours, gradually increasing the time up to 8 hours.

Depending on your methodology, you can change the size:

  • 1-inch — injection;
  • 1, a 5-inch — new, tools
  • 3 cm), and muscle implantation.

In some cases, resorting to surgery

The medical doctor ascribes to the operation in all cases. If a man has a normal penis size for a body, but it is assumed to be the your small is due to psychological factors, the doctor will intimidate them from operating. For these clients to show you the video of the event. As a man, in person, to see what they do during the procedure, he or she often refuses to do this.

But there are also cases in which the doctors insisted that the surgery was carried out to increase the

  • the defect in the urethra;
  • improper construction, or a curved member;
  • the seal fabric;
  • the anatomical construction;
  • the extra subcutaneous tissue and adipose (fat) tissue;
  • concealed or webbed sex organ.

Surgery to increase the penis with different methods, and the value of

the operation

The operation is a surgical procedure to enhance the male member. In recent years, this procedure enjoys a high popularity among the representatives of a strong half of mankind.

It's a treatment for practically they do not cause any complications, it is performed very quickly, and he is released to home, quite literally, the next day, after it had been carried out in the surgery for penis enlargement. However, for patients with problems of erectile function, to perform an operation that is not permitted.

The essence of the method consists in the fact, in order to conceal some joints. For the anatomical structure to speak of, and a part hidden in his pubic area. It remains in question especially in the joints, which are cut during the procedure.

This allows for the display of one of its members to the outside 1-2 inches. After that, a man comes out of the anesthesia, he is a member of the don's special with the device, the extender, which will be used throughout the filling period. This will create a new set. The member, therefore, will always be longer than the 3-to 5-inch.

The thickness of the sexual organ with the help of the operation

There are cases, such as when I'm talking about the men you have, the length of the normal, however, it is necessary to fix the width. The doctors say that this is going to help you change the sex life of a man. There are various methods you can use to thicken the member.

Fat grafting is an operation to increase the penis, in which the hypodermis refers to the fat tissue. At the same time, carried out the liposuction is to remove fat in other parts of the patient's care. The fat is then introduced across the whole of the membership of the special needle. This procedure also enables you to make speak to with thicker, about 1 cm.

This is not considered to be the most complex, and to get a lot easier, and quicker, than abdominal surgery.

However, the effect of the thickness does not remain for ever, for this reason, when the return of the organ to its original form, and the manipulation needs to be repeated.

The transplantation of the tissue, the muscle is considered to be a highly complex operation. For this reason, you need to in a fabric of that charge, of the arm the fascia or to the abdominal wall. This material imposes on the around-the-cock-and-file, the it vessels. This manipulation will allow you to increase the diameter of the body 3 to 4 cm.

The prosthesis

The prosthesis is made for the change of sex, and for certain medical purposes. Just for the sake of the enlargement of the penis, the prosthesis does not apply.

The prosthesis is applied, when it cannot be reversed, and the cause of the impotence is:

  • atherosclerosis of the arteries of the limb;
  • the fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa;
  • Peyronie's disease;
  • complications of injuries of the penis.

The treatment I speak of the classic method when these conditions will give a positive result. So, the doctor will make the decision for implantation of a device, a device on the male sexual organ. The prosthesis is then injected into the cavity of the body. They are semi-rigid, and water.

Elastic implants are priced cheaper, and if you like the long stem case, which settled in the area and the location of the cavernous bodies, after to the length of the review. Such a prosthesis allows you to maintain this erection.

You can also set up a pole with a memory effect. It consists of a metal rod from a special alloy, which allows the penis to make it animated and with the state of wakefulness, relaxed.

By increasing your muscle mass after the procedure

Such a situation refers to a mini-surgery. It is a very expensive procedure, which makes the penis very large. For the operation to go on for 3 hours, under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make the incisions a member of the circle, and pull it out at the bottom.

After that, the volume of the entire fabric is overlaid, is taken from the axilla the fascia or to the abdominal wall. After the tissue has been fixed in the flesh of your foreskin, pull it back and sew it.

The first of the week, and the man is in the hospital, under the supervision of a medical doctor. The pain is in the groin area can be maintained for 20 to 25 days, for this reason, it is important to maintain your well-being. The disadvantage of this method can be called to war and the long period of rehabilitation, and the opportunity for development of side effects.

Probably, the most important effects of radiation therapy for prostate cancer

This is a very dangerous disease that is cancer of the prostate. When the disease pathogen cells are formed in the heart from the body and to inhibit the activity of the male reproductive system. The disease has a significant impact, these include, infertility, coma and even deadly. In doing so, the physicians are striving to get rid of all the cells of a malignant tumor of the prostate gland, and to save the patient's life.

By far the most effective and common treatment for prostate cancer is radiation therapy. The treatment are independent, and in addition to the operation. When I locally in the form of a cancer to radiation is a technique that is the only option, in spite of the consequences. The essence of the radiation of the methodology lies in spreading the evil cancer of the prostate, guided by the radiation and a dose to be acceptable. After radiation therapy, procedures for the development of the tumor stops, and they are dying in the pathogen cells.

Essentially, there are two types of treatment for prostate cancer:

  • remote influence of the external radiation);
  • in the brachytherapy (internally and to the impact of ionizing radiation).
the increase in the member

The effectiveness and necessity of a particular method of radiation therapy procedure is determined by the individual characteristics of the patient, and the likely complications of the disease, and "t". if you are Not worth a drop in the risk of a deterioration of the patient's cancer, and it is therefore up to the destination, it is worthwhile to make the diagnosis, determine the probability of such a treatment. Prior to the completion of the sessions the doctor must arrange for the number to the patient, informing them of the possible complications and consequences. Prior to the transaction (say, of the radical removal of the prostate gland, prostatectomy), in the prostate gland, as well as, and after that it will be assigned to a course of chemotherapy. The procedure effectively stops the development of pathogenic cells, cancer tissues, and organs.

The effects of radiation from the directional radiation for prostate cancer may be different. In some cases, the side effects are minimal and go after the end of the treatment. But, in practice, there are situations and serious, when the negative effects of exposure to radiation, it affects the strongest, it is given the medical treatment to stop (dig) no adverse effects. But, they are at times irreversible.